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  1. I sent you a private message and also posted the answer here, I hope all is well What I managed to understand is the following: the puppy had to find the cheese in the objects that you left ... then: the objects found by the dog (puppy) 1.- CD-Regal / CD-Rack: Estante para CD 2.- Decke / Blanket: Manta 3.- Tisch / Desk: Mesa / escritorio 4.- Becher / Cup: Taza (hellblau/Light blue) 5.- Hundebox / Doggy-Box: caja para perros 6.- Stuhl / Chair: Silla 7.- Schuh / Shoe: Zapato 8.- Sofa / Couch: Sof 9.- Hunde-Napf / Doggy-bowl: Cuenco para perros
  2. Lo que logré entender es lo siguiente: el cachorro tuvo que encontrar el queso en los objetos que dejaste ... luego: los objetos encontrados por el perro (cachorro) 1.- Estante para CD / Estante para CD: Estante para CD 2.- Techo / Manta: Manta 3.- Mesa / Escritorio: Mesa / escritorio 4.- Taza / Taza: Taza (celeste / celeste) 5.- Dog box / Doggy-Box: caja para perros 6.- Silla / Silla: Silla 7.- Schuh / Zapato: Zapato 8.-Sofá / Sofá: Sof 9.- Dog bowl / Doggy bowl: Cuenco para perros
  3. I cannot understand German, it is possible that I have subtitles to be able to translate it into the language of my country
  4. the duo (MAGANA ROMAGNA) has returned with new firsts, from those days of 'Il Cammino di Gigi D'Agostino', it will be a great CHRISTMAS gift Magna Romagna Advent Calendar Dal 1 al 25 Dicembre 2021 su Youtube ! Un disco al giorno fino a Natale, non fa mai male Istruzioni per l'uso : - Iscriviti al canale Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/c/MagnaRomagnaHistoryChannel - Imposta i promemoria sui video del calendario dell'avvento - Attendi Natale Bonus: - Ogni 100 nuovi iscritti al canale un disco in free download nell'anno nuovo , porta un amic* !
  5. I hope you find it and it may be possible to share it ... thank you
  6. I want to participate ... add me to your list please
  7. This is still valid? I think I was too late to find out
  8. do you have official or unofficial?
  9. Hello friends, greetings from BOLIVIA, I would like to know what this contest consists of, when they do it, where do I register, since I would like to win CD's by Gigi, Maxwell, Luca Noise, Mr Dendo, etc.
  10. from time to time I listen to them again, I have kept them for many years
  11. Ich habe eine andere Version gehört, ich denke, es ist ein Remix in der TANZ-Version
  12. Hallo Freunde, Grüße ... kannst du mir helfen, die Vollversion zu bekommen ... gmail: calebdeejay2016@gmail.com
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