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  1. Sure, is the same, but you should add 1ora o 2ora 😉

    For "Il cammino":

    For "Quello che mi piace":

    Where DD is the Day, MM the Month, YY the Year and X the first or the second hour.
    Il cammino is since 18/07/2007 to 20/07/2009, QCMP is since 10/10/2009 to 26/12/2009.

    As Phil said, m2o recorded a few "puntatas" wrong (like 09/01/2008 with swapped parts or 24/01/2008, is literally cut at the beggining or others are duplicated).

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  2. vor 9 Stunden schrieb vaki:

    I also read a lot of negative comments on YouTube and on the Facebook pages of Italian ex fans. Gigi is sick, but he still publishes music for his fans. There are good songs on the album, maybe 8 which are really good.  8 out of 20 is not a bad rate. 

    criticized by Italian fan-turned-producers who don't have a single good album.  Maybe there is envy in it, right?


    the weakest songs on the album are mostly those in which Luca Noise worked.  eg 100% "La Passion", “Se non fossi..” , Lunatica Cosmica” , “ L’amour” , 

    I don't know why this is because Luca used to be much better.  It ruins everything these days.


    3 songs are again just taken songs.  Works of Mondello; “ soy Libre “ , “stella danzante” , “celebrator”. 

    all in all, you should be happy and support that he is still active. Another album or EP will arrive in 2 months anyway.  And I read that there is also a new song with artist La Vision.




    It's been a while since anyone said the songs were made by Mondello. Gigi must be biting her nails waiting for the copyright claims... oh wait, it was GG who had to delete some songs from Facebook?

    I always read the same thing but there is no proof.

    "Yeah, Mondello uploaded it first!"

    Ah, in that case we should give the credits of some songs by, for example, Zeta Reticuli to a youtube user called Gigi_italo_fan96 for having uploaded them first, is that right?

    It doesn't make sense. Enjoy that we have official versions (cutted, to be honest 😅).

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