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46 minutes ago, Sottosopra said:

Before or after Psico Dance... what do you think? :lachen:

Well.. I hope before  - because he mentioned label (Saifam) and - the most important reason -  Gigi is impossible to beat in "album delays" discipline :) 

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guys the PsicoDance project is somewhat officially dead... it looks like mondo reale 2.0 as I wrote months ago regrettably, Gigi won't speak about it again without explaining the real reasons of release cancellation.

Of course his fanatics will continue to follow him like a divinity, without caring about this other big joke after soooo many years!

Time Records has made a bad figure as well in this sad ridicolous story!

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There's new Dj Maxwell Official YouTube channel (he posted videos from it on his Facebook page, so it's really official).

There are a lot of videos, some old, sone new remixes and some old live videos, for example:


Check his channel for more his stuff!

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