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Weis ja nicht ob jemand mitgehört hat...hoffe aber schon... mixxing war ned so ideal aber nach fast einem 3/4 Jahr Pause wollte ich mir halt selber ein Geburtstagsgeschenk machen....und für Euch gibts deshalb die Playlist zum nachlesen...GG....

WEGEN TECH. PROBLEMS WIEDERHOLUNG AM DONNERSTAG 05.02.2009 18:00 - 20:00 www.megaone.de Sender MEgaBPM





18:00 PM

Mixxa and Seleccta by Coolestice

1. Gabry Ponte – Don Giovanni

2. Jizm0 - Game over (Tanzen Bubble Mix)

3. DJ Maxwell - Tu Vivi Nell'Aria (Extended Mix)

4. Tonylaca – Musicomane

5. DJ Roby Pinna And TJ Fastor - Slave To Space (Al Ma Mix)

6. Tobix - Apri Le Tue Mani (Car Mjet Dinamic)

7. Control C - Estate (Original Mix)

8. Molella – Atmosphere (Yesterday mix)

9. Basshunter – Russia Privjet

10. Dj Francy M. - Deja Vu (Half word feat Dj Francy M. Original Mix)

11. Leonard T. feat. Maia Lee – Go (Tbm Dj Extended)

12. Paulo Roberto - Solamente Un Gioco (Extended Mix)

13. Noa - L'Attimo (Marco Skarica Remix)

14. Orion - Kiss Me (Italo Extended Mix)

15. Abel Almena Presents Millennium - Time (Dj Pijalis remix)

16. Veronyka - Make Me Fly (DJ Power Mix)

17. Moda Phun - The Secret Is (DJ Torny Extended)

18. Prezerdj feat. Emy – Don´t tell me a lie

19. Favara feat. Torny – Solo con te (Original mix)

20. Dj Barbas feat. Ivette - Another Way (Siculand Remix)

21. Akon - Lonely (DJ Angelino Cassa Harmonica Extended Remix)

22. Peter Dj - We Fly Togheter (Peter Dj Danza Mix)

23. Skyscapers - Paradise (Topmodelz Mix)

24. K.I.V. - Gira Tutto Intorno A Me (Dario Synth Vs i-M@T Remix)

25. Floorfilla - Komputermelody (DomyP 08' Remix)

Greetz with Beatzzz

Edited by coolestice
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