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"from my personal cassette collection. no exact date written on the cassette. -.-"


damn, sounds very good compared to those fanmade liveset cassettes back in the day (ultimo impero and such). *g*

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Just now, henk_jan said:






Damn! I think I am trippin right now! Just watched Tenet for the second time, come on to YouTube to see Gigi posting videos of him playing Lento Violento’ish sounds in 1994, and in my mind the only rational explanation is Gigi has inverted himself, traveling backwards in time and creating Lento Violento in the past!

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1 minute ago, hlennarz said:

well it's just him playing tracks slower than what they were recorded at.

flashback 04:

Voyager - Baseball Furies (Gigi Di Agostino Remix)

Yeah I know. That movie just does things to your mind, especially after a glass of wine. So my initial thought was that, and for a second it seamed reasonable 😛 

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Schade, dass die Sachen jetzt wieder nur auf Youtube rauskommen.

(Da hofft man fast es ist nur nicht besonderer krimskrams bei). Cuore Innamorato ist aber schon ein schöner Track der es verdient hätte. 😕

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vor 11 Stunden schrieb hlennarz:

Cover of:


No, it's a cover from "the days of Pearly Spencer"... See quote from Gigi below:


Per chi volesse ascoltare l’originale di David McWilliams, Autore e interprete di quest’Opera bellissima meravigliosa ❤️❤️❤️ ...........qui il link:


David McWilliams




C’è anche una versione di Marc Almond... a me piace molto:


Marc Almond










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vor 15 Stunden schrieb gemini:

Ich weiß nicht ist das von Caterina Caselli von 1968 nicht älter 



Wie im Infotext unter dem Video hier zu lesen ist, handelt es sich bei ihrer Version auch nur um ein Cover von David McWilliams "The day of Perly Spencer" (1967).

Und ich meine, Gigi schreibt ja auch in seinem Text, das er sich an dem Original (erstaufführenden Musiker) David McWilliams orientiert. Aber auch ne schöne Version von Caterina Caselli.

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