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The Arcane Charmers - Arcane ( Italo Dance Album Tipp ! )

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01) The Arcane Charmers - Italodance Will Never Die (Album Intro Mix)

02) Hoxygen & Max tst - Close To Me (The Arcane Charmers)

03) Hoxygen Feat. Krystal Em - Bounce (The Arcane Charmers Fm Vision)

04) The Arcane Charmers Feat. Linda - Look Over You (Original Mix)

05) Hoxygen ft. Linda & Shiva - Somebody To Love (The Arcane Charmers Remix)

06) Hoxygen Ft. Krystal Em - My New Obsession (The Arcane Charmers Vision Remastered)

07) Hessencia - Clochard (The Arcane Charmers Remix)

08) The Arcane Charmers - Everything (Original Magic Mix)

09) The Arcane Charmers - Favola (Original Mix)

10) Hoxygen Feat. Linda & Sheby - No Me Digas No (The Arcane Charmers Vision)

11) The Arcane Charmers - This Is What You Do (Original No Sense Vocal Mix)

12) Hoxygen Feat. Krystal Em & Scio - Only Smoke (The Arcane Charmers Remastered Vision)

13) Hessencia - Cosmo (The Arcane Charmers Remastered Vision)

14) Hoxygen Feat. Krystal Em - Fragile (The Arcane Charmers Vision Remastered)

15) The Arcane Charmers - The Witch Is Looking (Halloween 2012 Mix)

16) The Arcane Charmers Feat. Sheby - Dreamer (Original Mix)




Ein interessantes, richtig gutes Italo Dance Album vom Produzenten HOXYGEN in purem Italo Sound. Kommt demnächst.

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