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Magna Romagna / Moto Remoto / The Sbazzers

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Ziemlich geile Nummer...seit langem wieder mal was zum abgehen von Magna Romagna...schön treibend- so muss das!! Bitte bitte bald ne Vollversion davon :-)

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Naja, ob das nen Download wert ist...muss jeder selbst entscheiden. Ich finds relativ langweilig. Ich warte auf gute stuff...der abgeht...wie das hier!


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Tracklist from Facebook:
Gorillaz - Clint Eastwood (Tomma Demo Rmx)
Magna Romagna - Segui la Lepre
Tomma - Malgio Trip

Adeejay - Take it!
Betta Lemme - Bambola (Magna Romagna Rmx)
Steve Angello - Freedom (Slow Rework)
Edoardo Bennato - Il Gatto e La Volpe (Adeejay Bootleg)
ID - Puzzle Bobble Theme (GENYO Remix)
Ghemon - Quando Imparerò (Magna Romagna Rmx)
Imagine Dragons - Thunder (Mr Dendo Rmx)
Waldeck - Amicalement Votre (Tomma Remix)
Los Manolos - All My Loving (Tomma Dance Remix)
Magna Romagna - Buone Intenzioni
Mabel - Disco Disco (Magna Romagna Rmx)
Steve Angello - Dopamine
Jean Michael Jarre - Oxygen Part 4 (Adeejay Trip)
Coez - La Musica Non C’è (Magna Romagna Rmx)
Magna Romagna Vs GFU Feat. CYT - Un’Estate Senza Fine B/W Vuoi Ballare
L.E.O. - Jungle Life (Magna Romagna Remix)
Sygma - Memories (A1 Side)
PPK - Resurrection (Genna Remix)
Kenobit - Romagna Mia 8 Bit


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As you already night know, Magna Romagna has his own official Youtube channel. 


Almost everyday New video's are uploaded! 

Great account to follow. 

Newest update from today is the remix from Die Prinzen - Ich will Dich haben... 

And to be honest, I did not expect this remix was from the hands of Magna Romagna:wiegeil:


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