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Durch Zufall bin ich gestern auf eine neues FB- und Soundcloud-Profil von Andrex mit dem Projektnamen "Bad" gestoßen! Einige Titel kamen auch schon damals in den "Voulez Vous Danser"-Radiosendungen von DjDallas vor...

Da nun heute auch schon eine Ankündigung erschienen ist, mach ich mal diesen Thread auf, da uns neue Musik erwarten wird... vielleicht ja auch mal wieder was aus Cammino-Zeiten? Wird auf jeden Fall mal Zeit, soviel hat ja Andrex auch noch nicht in Vollversionen veröffentlicht! :)

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/andrexpresbad


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vor 6 Stunden schrieb kazin:

Facebook link don't works. And there is nothing on Soundcloud...

First time on GFU with a tablet... :tippen:

The link should work correctly now!
And of course there is nothing on Soundcloud, because the new music will come soon, like Andrex says on Facebook! ;)

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Es gibt Neuigkeiten!

Vor 10 Jahren habe ich diese Reise begonnen, angetrieben durch Stolz und Zufriedenheit, dank der Menschen, die mir immer ihre Wertschätzung für meine Arbeit gezeigt haben.
  Heute möchte ich sie mit euch teilen. Zum Verkosten für die Liebhaber. Das ist alles.
  In Kürze: "That Is It EP Vol.1"


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That was fast! :brav: From announcement to release under 1 week... he could be a example for Gigi... :mrbighead: 
The tracks are good, but most of them already known and partly even available in full length (with medium quality though). I hope for some unknown tracks in the next Volumes! :winke:Or some classics like "Ti Ti Ta", "The Godfather" or "Der März"... :liebe:
My favourites from Vol.1 are Spazio Tempo (aka "Travelling") and Inatteso!

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Yes, I'm hoping he will release something ureleased, but well known from Il Cammino. But EP is still good, I like Spazio Tempo (strange what it was titled "Travelling" earlier).

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Andrex haut jetzt alle Vollversionen raus!

...unter anderem The Godfather, Ti Ti Ta, Der März...


I've been thinking a lot in the past few years. I loved this project deep in my soul since I was 16 years old. The time passed and I tried in so many ways to keep up and spread this music, despite "agreements" and "big names" behind. It didn't work.
I always received back so much love and support from you all and I can't be more happy, but life changes, so did mine.
I'll never stop express myself through the music, I'll never stop enjoying speeches and reunion between "lento violento" fans and creators, I'll probably never stop producing and giving all my heart and my soul for the music, but definitely will be something different.
I want to give you my very last present, for all my supportive people.
What's inside? You will find all my "lento violento" ideas and projects, completed and high quality. No demo, no low quality, no incomplete ones.
I'm gonna also leave my usual PayPal contribute link, if you want and can express your thankful and support.


Support me on PAYPAL
Follow me on INSTAGRAM
Join me on TELEGRAM
Follow my music on SOUNDCLOUD
Follow me on FACEBOOK





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