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Found 4 results

  1. Bei 1 Stunde 15 Minuten und 29 Sekunden einsteigen: https://www.mixcloud.com/CLUB80sOFFICIAL/club-80s-on-radio-crash-25th-august-2016/ Tolles Remake des 80er Italo Hits von SQUASH GANG ! VÖ: 01.09.2016 KC RECORDS (KRISTIAN CONDE RECORDS)
  2. Neuer kommender schöner Italo-Song von SQUASH GANG-Sängerin CRISTINA MANZANO, produziert von TONY COSTA für GLOOBAL MUSIC.
  3. Neue Produktion des alten SQUASH GANG Hits. https://soundcloud.com/gloobalmusic/tony-costa-cristina-manzano-i-want-an-illusion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNjTJTJn_ys&feature=player_detailpage 80er Version:
  4. CD1 RYAN PARIS - PARISIENNE GIRL (Eddy Remix) TIZIANA RIVALE - ASH (Vocal Version) SQUASH GANG - HEY YOU (WHAT‘S COMING ON ALONG THE WAY) KEN LASZLO - DANCING TOGETHER (Vocal Version) ROBY & CLAUDIA - STAY (Extended Version) D.J. SAVAGE - WHEN WE IN ILLUSION (Special ZYX Long Version) MODE ONE - SOMETIMES SIBERIAN HEAT - IN YOUR CITY (Maxi-Version) NIKITA FOMIN - STRANGER (Dream Version) MIKO MISSION - LET IT BE LOVE (Original Mix) EDDY HUNTINGTON - LOVE FOR RUSSIA (Ruble Version) CD2 JOY PETERS - ASIAN HEART (Maxi Version) VYCK VYO - ANGELINA (Extended Version) BOY BLUE - ALONE AGAIN (Extended Vocal Mix) ELEN CORA - ASTRONOMERS IN CHINA (Maxi Version) RETRONIC VOICE - DANCING IN MY DREAM (Special Extended) DARIO - ALL THE NIGHT (Extended Version) MIRKO HIRSCH - SWEET SURRENDER (Extended Version) DYVA - JOY (Extended Version) MAGIC SYSTEM DJ - I WANNA TOUCH YOUR BODY NOW (Extended Version) THE SWEEPS - FACING THE NIGHT (Flashback Italo Remix) D.J. SAVAGE - RAIN OF LOVE (Maxi Version) DANIEL PETTERSSON - SEVENTH HEAVEN (Extended Mix) Sehr schöne 2CD mit Italo-Disco Hits von 2009-2012 Ab dem 24.08.2012 auf ZYX im Handel.
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