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    https://play.google.com/store/music/album/Federico_Romanzi_Asherah?id=Bzxzn62jo477ubulmu4rmae5etq Federico hat auch schon mal was besseres produziert!
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    From the "Fast Track" Set #2: "Chittebbic" by The Love Crew uses the same melody like "My Sicily ['Santo Mix']" by Daniele Mondello.
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    INTERVISTA CON DJ DALLAS (Simone Dalla Torre, *12.12.1983 in Torino) 1. Why did you choose the name “Dallas”? That’s easy! My surname is “Dalla Torre”… at school everyone calls me “dallas”.. teachers too.. so I have used “Dallas” as my “artist name”. :D 2. What are your favourite tracks from other artists, Gigi and also from yourself? It’s very difficult to choose one or more tracks and say “these are my favourites”.. they may change day-by-day.. but I like “complex” by gigi.. “melancholia” by wasted penguinz… “try” by pink at this moment.. but there are a lot of other tracks that I like.. the list may be very long! From myself I don’t know… the very first track gigi has played was “malocchio”.. the second one “magnitudo”.. I like these 2 tracks for the memories I have.. If I must choose one of my track hm… I think “berimbau” because I saw people go crazy for… and “piegati”.. 3. What is your job? I am a teacher and ICT Senior specialist in a school. 4. What is your favourite dish to eat? Of course all Italian food.. but I like everything… I like to “try” food with unknown ingredients when I’m not in Italy xD. I love meat… in every mode (specially steak) 5. What is your favourite TV show or film? I don’t watch tv.. I only watch something on youtube sometimes… I follow Gordon Ramsay because I love cooking :D 6. When and why did you start making music and which was your first success? I have start using FL Studio in 2002.. but the first “audible” thing comes out in 2005… The first “success” I thing was kickin bass… 7. How many tracks did you make altogether? Hm I don’t know.. there are about 100 unfinished tracks and demos.. I don’t know exactly how may tracks I made, I think 250…. 8. What is your inspiration when you want to create something new? A melody in my head, a vocal sample, a kick-bass.. a groove.. everything! 9. How do you see your own music and what does it mean to you? I know that my music is not perfect.. I made some mistakes when I arrange tracks or when I create melodies.. but my music Is a way to “go out from reality” for me… 10. How long does it take to produce a song? Depends on the song :D Some tracks like scherzi del destino, smottamento or others are born in 1-2 hours… other tracks like berimbau, chi sbaglia paga are born in 1-2 years of work… so… depends on the inspiration I have… 11. With who did you already work together and where did you get to know them? I worked hard with Dido (the other 50% of Rapporto Distorto).. we were friends and we decided to start making something together… I worked with Kikko too, but only for a few tracks… 12. What is the background/meaning of your album title „Worst“? When I put all my tracks online some people “flout” .. “revile” .. “insult” me, saying that I am a shit.. and stuff like this… So I am the worst person ever.. right? :D 13. You are using Fruity Loops. Do you have also experience with other programs and if yes, why did you stay with FL? It’s about 11 year that I use only fruity loops and I don’t have experience with other sequencers… I use ableton live too, but not for producing music… only for mixing… 14. Which VSTs do you use for bass, kick, leads and so on? The most used vst for my bass is “blue” by rob papen, and “nexus”.. There are a lot of bass that are sampled for other songs but the vst I use are blue, nexus, vanguard, albino and colossus :D All the kicks are sampled from other songs.. I don’t know how to make a kick xD 15. Which idea stands behind the project “Rapporto Distorto”? It’s easy.. when me and dido started working together we choose the name Rapporto Distorto because there are the words “rapporto” (from me and dido) and Distorto because of the hard music we made :D 16. How did you and Dido work together and what was his part in the tracks? We work by sending the projects to each other… One puts the idea, the other puts the sounds, one puts the groove, the other puts the vocals… ecce cc… Sometimes Dido puts great ideas in project and I “extend” the idea to a full song… 17. How did your attention on Gigi D’Agostino, and especially your “collaboration” with him, start and how did you feel when you heard your tracks for the first time in his sets? How was the relation between both of you? I was a fan and a friend of Gigi for a lot of years.. when I have start producing music I have give him some cds with our song… I have a video of the first time I heard a track by us in a set… I will upload it soon so you can see with your eyes. We were very good friends some time ago… 18. Did Gigi just use your tracks how you made them or do you two even worked together on some tracks (and if so, how did you work together)? No, Gigi used my tracks exactly I made them. There is no collaboration on any track between me and Gigi. 19. What was the cause to turn away from Gigi and finally release most of your tracks? There were lot of times that I asked Gigi for “visibility” for my tracks (put in on youtube, say that tracks was mine, publish them on a cd or something like this, I only want people know what are my tracks) In about 1 year I have no significative responses so I do what I want with my track. I have no signed contract with anyone.. I don’t have taked money from him so … tracks are mine.. I do what I want.. 20. What do you think about the people who still believe that your tracks are made by Gigi? Are you annoyed about the constantly comparison to him? People can believe what they want.. I don’t care about it.. There is a lot of people that consider gigi as a king and believe only what he say.. so this is not my problem :D 21. What do you think about Gigi as a musician and also as a person? I think Gigi is a big business man and.. nothing else…. 22. Where would you like to play as a DJ sometime? Everywhere :D but I like to play at the “intro” of an hardstyle event.. it could be great with my music :D 23. How do you see the future for Lento Violento / Slowstyle? I don’t know… is a strange situation… the person who say “si sta propagando a macchia d’olio” is the first one who tries to obstruct the expansion of the genre… the other producer are too “small” to make something “big”.. so I think this genre will be for just a few people… 24. Why are you releasing many tracks for free? A lot of them are bootleg, remix or contains vocal samples that I can’t use, if I put my tracks on itunes, juno ecc ecc… the only way to make you have it is releasing them for free :D 25. Will there be a new radio show of you? No, I don’t have time to make a new radio show :- I prefer spending my time making music and let you hear it in download.. or in a “live” stream like the 3 I’ve made recently… 26. Which way do you want to go with your music… do you want to stay in this genre and would you like to collaborate with a singer? Absolutely I want to stay in this genre! I have a singer but I don’t like sung songs so I never use him :D 27. With who would you like to collaborate someday? Hm.. everyone has great ideas.. but don’t know how to realize them… or with a rapper to make a song together :D 28. What do you plan for the next years? hm.. playing at the intro of qlimax or hardbass is a good thing?? :D ...Anything you want to say in the end? ;-) This was my first interview! Thank you all for your questions… :D Bye! Grazie per l’intervista! Sottosopra, for GFU-Community
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