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  2. Unfortunately I lost a lot of stuff thanks to Myspace accidentally deleting everything. I know there are some websites with backups of audio from myspace but nothing from the artists I used to follow. That's a bummer. Anyway, the version of Come Gabbiani in this release will be available in high res audio, 24 bit / 48 kHz (which is even better than the Movimentolento version). I'm particularly happy about it since I'm a bit of an audiophile myself Still have to find my movimentolento sets though. Hope to find them soon on my HDD!
  3. Thank you Rafael! I really like your musical production, looking forward to listen your new release
  4. Mr. Rafael, entschuldigen Sie bitte, aber wäre es Ihnen möglich, Ihre zwei MOViMENTOLENTO-Sets zu teilen?
  5. Ich erinnere mich, ich glaube, ich habe einige MySpace-Audios, dass die Seite leider Ausfälle hatte und viel Material von vielen Künstlern verloren ging
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  7. Hi Rafael, nice that you share new Lento Violento/Slowstyle material with us. I love your magical sounds, your songs invite me to dream into another world. 1000 thanks for releasing new songs.
  8. Hi everyone! So, I'm going to release a new collection of rare, unreleased material from the golden era of slowstyle / lento violento. The collection is the second volume of Age of Clocks (the first one consisted of even older stuff): Here's the tracklist: 01. MONTREUX 02. MAROCCO 03. LA BOCCA DELLA BALENA 04. EVERDREAMER ON THE MOUNTAIN 05. BENESSERE 06. K2 07. PROTECTION (un passo alla volta mix) 08. WOLVES 09. MILLENNIUM 10. NEL PERSEMPRE 11. HOPE BONUS TRACK: 12. COME GABBIANI (livingston mix) (which is the first version ever of Come Gabbiani, the one I put on Myspace many many years ago!) See you soon with more info!
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  10. Did anyone save these audio samples...?
  11. Weitere neue ITALO DANCE Single von CARLO OLIVA auf DOS.
  12. Habe gerade von Bandcamp Rafael Lenz eine Nachricht erhalten!!! Cool das Rafael Lenz noch etwas aktiv ist: COMING SOON AGE OF CLOCKS VOL. 2 (The Musicarcobaleno Sessions, 2009-2014)
  13. Express Viviana - Far Fable > Lento Violento Man - Ok Man (vocal Samples)
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  15. I will check my old HDD later today, if I find something I'll share it with you all. Edit: sadly I have only Movimentolento compilations, no single live show
  16. Excuse me friends here I share some episodes of MOViMENTOLENTO I hope there is no problem sharing here... If you need any help maybe I can help you Link download *gelöscht*
  17. Yes, Rafael. Please send me a private message and send me a link.
  18. I have my two sets, if you want I can upload them somewhere!
  19. Neue ITALO DANCE Produktion auf STANDING RECORDS, Italien. https://www.junodownload.com/products/deejay-froggy-ill-be-around/5922268-02/ VÖ: 13.01.2023
  20. Neue ITALO DANCE Single von Carmine Buonincontri (DJ BONIE) KAUFEN: https://music.apple.com/it/album/non-so-come-finirà-single/1664149379 VÖ: 21.01.2023
  21. In guter HI NRG Tradition gibt es demnächst die neue ROFO-Doppel-A-Seiten Single. GUT !
  22. Da ist sie - die neue tolle Single von ITALO DANCE STAR RYAN PARIS Die B-Seite bringt einen bekannten Klassiker im neuen Gewand:
  23. Echte neue Italo Bombe auf I VENTI. Toll geworden. Und als Zugabe gibt es auf der Vinyl noch das nette CLOSER von ASYA.
  24. Derzeit in Produktion, der neue EUROBEAT Hit von ANYA: Anya - Lovely Crazy 90s Das Bild zeigt sie im Studio von Roberto Gabrielli am 21.01.2023 beim Einsingen. Die VÖ wird noch ein wenig dauern.
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