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Found 2 results

  1. Neuer Titel des Italo Dance Hit-Projekts MARVELLOUS MELODICOS ("The Sun & The Moon") Produktion: Bruno Le Kard Kommt am 30.03.2020 (digital) mit drei unterschiedlichen Mixen. Ich bin gespannt.......es soll auf jeden Fall ein Dancetitel sein, aber die Helden der damaligen Hits, Trivellato und Sachetto, werden kaum mehr dabei sein.
  2. NEU: 5 CD PACK : THE BEST OF ITALIAN STYLE ! CD:1 Nicht gemixt 1 JINNY “KEEP WARM” extendedmix 2 ALADINO “BROTHERS IN THE SPACE”grunge happy mix 3 DIRTY MIND “THE KILLER”killer mix 4 DEADLY SINS “WE ARE GOING ON DOWN” gone with the wind mix 5 SILVIA COLEMAN “ALL AROUND THE WORLD”u.s.u.r.a. mix 6 MAGIC MARMALADE “EVERYBODY GET UP” club mix 7 RUFFCUT feat. CAROL JONES “RUN TO ME” club mix 8 DIRTY MIND “WHAT TIME IS IT” silver mix 9 ANITA ADAMS “FOR YOUR LOVE” extendedversion 10 OPEN BILLET “YOU GOT THE DANCE” extended mix CD: 2 Nicht gemixt 1 U.S.U.R.A. “OPEN YOUR MIND”classic mix 2 X-SAMPLE “DREAMIN' IN BURISTEAD ROAD”club mix 3 QUASIMODO “I NEED LOVING YOU”keytotal trance mix 4 ANTARES “LET ME BE YOUR FANTASY”sputnik mix 5 DIRTY MIND “BACK TO FUTURE” accordion trance mix 6 SILVIA COLEMAN “INTO THE NIGHT (TAIRA TAIRA)” original mix 7 DJ PIERRE “MOVE YOUR BODY” extendedversion 8 RUFFCUT feat. CAROL JONES “FEEL SO GOOD” club mix 9 COPERNICO “GOOD MORNING” energy mix 10 PIERRE FEROLDI feat. LINDA RAY “THE BEAT” part 1 CD: 3 Nicht gemixt 1 DEADLY SINS “COME DOWN WITH ME”eternal mix 2 ALADINO “MAKE IT RIGHT NOW”alternativevocal mix 3 M.U.T.E.“CLAP ON TOP OF ME” attack mix 4 D.J. PIERRE “GET ON THE FLOOR” extendedversion 5 YANKEES “CAN'T FEEL IT”extended mix 6 BROTHERS DELIGHT “WHAT'S THE FUNK?”extended mix 7 MAGIC MARMALADE “LET'S DANCE”magic mix 8 BEBA SHEEN “I NEED TO TALK TO YOU”club mix 9 SKANKY “WHERE'S MY MONEY?” no money mix 10 MC CLAUDE “HIGHLANDER” immortalversion CD: 4 Nicht gemixt 1 HUMANIZE “DO YOU KNOW MY NAME” extended mix 2 INFINITY “DIRTY LOVE” directory mix 3 MARVELLOUS MELODICOS “SING OH!”zagalo mix 4 NEXY LANTON “YOU TOO”atmosphereversion 5 A.R.T. “EVERYBODY NEED SOMEBODY” extended mix 6 MAGELLANO “COMING UP”leadharmonic mix 7 MC T.A.D.“PARTY TIME”groove mix 8 OPEN BILLET “COULD BE ROCK” extended mix 9 ORANGE “BLUE IF YOU WANNA BE (MY ONLY)” ecu dance mix 10 DJ PIERRE “EVERYDAY”extended CD: 5 Nicht gemixt 1 ANTARES YOU BELONG “TO ME”full mix 2 DEADLY SINS feat. OMEN “TOGETHER”Extended” 3 DIRTY MIND “MAMAMELO”melo mix 4 D.J. D.LITE “JUST GROOVIN’”dance version 5 SYNTHESIS “HOUSE TIME”extended mix 6 KC ELEMENT “LIKE LIKE THIS”bueno mix 7 M.U.T.E.“SHE LOVES ME”original mix 8 SILVIA COLEMAN “ALLRIGHT”eclipse mix 9 KC ELEMENT PEOPLE “COME TOGETHER”eclipse mix 10 DJ ZUUL “IT'S THE DAY AFTER THE PARTY”onestep mix VÖ: 28.01.2014 !
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