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Zyx Italo Disco New Generation Vol.14

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1. Infection (Flemming Dalum Remix) - Yuhniversia
2. At The Disco (Also Playable Mono Remix) - Italove
3. Disco Music Energy (Extended Mix) - Stylove
4. Love Me Tonight (Extended) - Stockholm Nightlife Feat. Eliza K
5. Big Boys Don't Cry (Ext. Version) - Tom Hooker
6. La Balalata (Special ZYX Remix) - New Italo Sin
7. Bad Feelings (Italo Mix 2019) - Iamnotarobot Feat. Karl.p
8. Electric Kiss - Mr. Konrad
9. Waves Of Light (Night Mix) - Moderno
10. Kiss The Sky (Italoconnection Remix) - Peter Wilson
11. Alone (Italo Disco Remix) - Starcrew 84 Feat. Mirko Hirsch
12. Million Years (Flemming Dalum Remix) - Michael Fall

CD 2
1. Lie On Your Dreams - David Verona
2. Midnight Affair (Special Maxi Version) - Mirko Hirsch
3. Pain In My Heart (feat. Emphavioce) (Extended Mix) - Franck Choppin
4. Stay (Flemming Dalum Remix) - Bunny X
5. I Want Your Love (Salta & Roma Remix) - Flagio M
6. Forever Young (Flashback Remix) - Ken Laszlo
7. Only You And Me (Extended Mix) - Soulya Id
8. I Never Said This Before (Vocal Version) - Amaya
9. Sweet Night (Extended Mix) - Also Playable Mono
10. Feel L'amore (Eddy Mi Ami Remix) - Amaze
11. Star Girl (ZYX Extended Version) - Digitalo
12. Keep Trying (Flemming Dalum Remix) - Linda Jo Rizzo


VÖ: 01.03.2019, ZYX MUSIC

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