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  1. Simone Cristicchi - Laureata Precaria (Genna Homemade Remix) \
  2. Kazin: I have contact with Tomma and Genna that's why... I will check about the 2 titles.. will let you know Genna has a lot of unpublished tracks... too many... but also a lot of Work In Progress tracks (unfinished ones) Tomma uploaded on YouTube: Tetris Type B (Hurry Short Mix) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jN99-Rewj68
  3. First 4 songs by Tomma were really interesting David Jordan - Sun Goes Down (Tomma Remix) I Micronauti - Daitan III (Tomma Remix) Sum 41 - Pieces (Tomma First Vision Mix) Hirokazu Tanaka - Tetris Type B (Tomma Short Mix) --- Soon he will finish the Tetris Type B remix.. this one will be online soon :)
  4. yeah, old school set... back in time like the Il Cammino shows :D
  5. Great Vaki! Sottosopra, yeah first 5 minutes wasnt special... great set till now!
  6. great!! It will finish at 22:00 ... so you can get the full show!
  7. I will record this show :) not... audiocard just died
  8. Thanks for inviting us at the dinner, yeah cool :) DANKE!
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