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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all GFU members! I created a brand new Android app which makes possible to retrieve the current list of Gigi D'Agostino lives from the official page quickly. Download: REMOVED because of copyright claims by Mr. Gigi D'Agostino Supported Android OS: >= 2.3.3 (Gingerbread or newer) Features: Retrieve the list of tourdates / lives with the speed of light (discoteca, city, country, date) Multilingual GUI (English, Hungarian - hopefully more to come soon... :)) Ability to save the lives you'd like to be on / you were present on Random images of the maestro when clicking on a live (20 images atm) Calculate the days until an event / since the end of live Click on an item in the list for detailed informations ... more to come soon! ;) (e.g. online distance measurement, saving of the livelist, etc) Changelog: [10-12-2013] GigiDAG Live for Android 2.1 * Change: made all data scrollable inside Live Details * Fixed: added a mechanism to handle live datas with different separator sets * Fixed: extremely rare unicode characters could show up as question marks in the list * Fixed: an issue that could cause incorrect date in the live list in special cases * Fixed: the name of the disco could be retrieved incorrectly when it contained newline chars * Fixed: some other stability-related bugfixes [09-12-2013] GigiDAG Live for Android 2.0 * New: changed logo to a new one * Fixed: a date conversion bug that caused crash * Fixed: some minor issues [03-11-2013] GigiDAG Live for Android 1.3 * New: brand new transparent flag icons * New: show the state of a live event with an orange MON in the flag logo (in case the user attends to go to it) * Fixed: day difference between the events and the current date wasn't accurate * Fixed: localized country name wasn't correct in all cases Hope you like it - feature requests, suggestions & bug reports are very welcome!
  2. Hi fellow GFU members! I wrote a tiny file-system (wfx) plugin for Total Commander, which makes possible to retrieve the current list of Gigi D'Agostino lives from the official page easily & quickly. Download: Removed due to copyright actions of Mr. D'Agostino. Features: Retrieve the list of tourdates / lives with the speed of light (discoteca, city, country, date) Online distance measurement (the plugin automatically detects the distance between your city and every single live location) [you can see it in Size field] Different icons for active (future) and past lives (plus the past lives got -a-- [archive] attribute) Properties: double-click (or press Enter) on an item to see its detailed informations in a dialog window Automatic save & load of past tourdates How To Use: You can install the plugin by pressing Enter key on the downloaded zip file inside Total Commander, it will automatically ask for installing the plugin. After installation a dialog appears, which asks for your City, and the used Metric (km / miles) - this is only needed to retrieve the distances between your city & the tourdate locations with the help of a Google service. You can tick the "I don't want to use online distance measurement", if you'd like to turn this feature off. After installation you can find the plugin by clicking on the "Network" drive in Total Commander - it is listed as "GigiDAG Live". Double click on it / press enter to see the list of the lives. More info: http://www.ghisler.c...ndex.php/Plugin Important Note: The very first query to get the list of lives, distances etc (right after installation) may take 3-5 seconds (according to your download speed), but the plugin is capable of "learning": it will check the distance between a given city only once - next time just read it from a local configuration file, to make it even faster. The average query time is about 1.5-1.8 seconds on a relatively quick PC with ~4Mbps dl speed. Changelog: RC (Release Candidate) New: More pluginst.inf localization strings (DEU, ITA, HUN) New: Show the actual (future) lives in the Root directory of the plugin New: "01 - Past events" directory - list past events/lives inside this directory New: "02 - My lives" directory - list only the lives on which the user was / will be present (will be ready for final 0.6) Fixed: crash on clicking "Properties" item (Alt + Enter) when the cursor is on a directory Fixed: improper display of City / Province field in the Properties dialog in case of multiple brackets Fixed: couple of other things [*] Fixed Access Violation error in case of empty lists [*] Fixed order of tourdates Small core bugfixes Some code-cleaning Screenshot: Click here to check the screenshot. Heavily tested under Total Commander 7.57a & 8.01. Hope you like it - questions, suggestions & bug reports are very welcome. =) P.S.: Excuse me if i opened it in the wrong forum category, i wasn't sure about where to put it.
  3. Live - der neue Eurobeathit vom italienischen Label GoGo's Music. SANDRO OLIVA - MACHER VON GOGO'S Ein echter Knaller - leider ist der Sound der Aufnahme nicht so gut.
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