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  1. OMG after I gave it a go to look super dumb and sung it to my friend over messenger audio, I think I found it!!! Im curious if anybody can figure out what is this based on the information posted above (and have it ever been released?), lets do a challenge!! (and we could keep posting the best lento tracks in this topic, unreleased or not) Anyways IMO this track is easily one of the best hardest lento violento tracks composed by Gigi (?) probably... Hope some of you guys gonna say that it has been released somewhere in full quality.
  2. Hello guys, I was wondering what is the title of the hard lento song that is stuck in my mind since waking up this morning, the lyrics goes by: - Aaa a a aaa a Aaa a a aaa a Aaa a a aaa a Aaa a a aaa a (and theres a snare following the rhythm of the vocal cut + one short, high, synth sound at the end of the vocal) And i wonder if its released, I tried to find but I just cannot, even though I checked all the recent lento releases on Spotify and all the YT uploads of Gigi...
  3. Trip A Colori Cannot understand why they've cancelled the release and how it still made out to some of the stores, but really glad it did... Though would be much better to support them by listening to it on Spotify... hoping for re-release later maybe with another name? (or Part 3?)
  4. 30 second samples (from the yandex link, if its not working for many of you because of proxy reasons) - attached 1. Bullit 2. Trip a colori 3. Warlock bullit.mp3 trip_a_colori.mp3 warlock.mp3
  5. Wow haha, nice catch @kazin. Though to me it rather looks like the title might be misnamed instead, and we are maybe looking forward for one more "Noetica Trip" release soon (based on the version names of the tracks). Like last year the Message from Space:
  6. https://music.apple.com/us/album/circo-uonz-2-b-side-2014-2015-ep/ Samples are already available to listen
  7. Omg YES, THIS one is perfect idea! A video collage about messages from us fans to Gigi, its much more personal and could potentially reach out to him much easier on youtube. But we need to do our best and we could even collab with the CasaDAG in this idea, maybe somebody here can speak italian and drop the idea to them as well? Also guys you know why its a really good idea... do any of you remember Gigi's project back in time, the "We Are The World" ? His idea was that he shared a simple melody amongst us fans, and he wanted to collect our voices (where we are saying/singing a little piece of lyrics) and then hes mixing it all together in a single track of his. That one didn't (yet) came to realizations (at least not that we know of), but now we can do the reverse: WE ARE the world by GFU & CasaDag & Gigi Fans all around the world. I can mobilize the Hungarian community as well, there would be a dozen of people to record english message for Gigi. We can put italian caption / translation on the bottom of the video easily. Lets do it guys. We dont need to waste time, it might even be done before Christmas. I'd like to make it happen already. Can also help in editing as well if needed. Superb ideas... I knew this community is one of the best. Hug guys... lets share some of OUR best with Gigi, our love for his music, for the whole thing he made for us through decades...
  8. Guys.... I feel pretty much down because of these news. I feel like I want to give something back to him, now this is the time for US to help him through that hard period,... whatever thing he is fighting with... His music was there for me after many breakups... it was there for me when I was just feeling down for whatever reason, when I was anxious, helped me before my graduation. Or whenever I was simply happy or when I just had some questions about life, every time I needed to "sink down" to the deepest levels of my mind and just explore my thoughts, Gigi and his music has always helped me through SO MUCH whatever I had in life... In my mind he was always like somebody untouchable, like some kind of a superman or a God of Music, now just got to realise he's just as much human as we are, sadly also prone to be affected by whatever kind of human illnesses. Reading in multiple italian article sources (hopefully not true) that hes having battle with cancer makes me have a lump in my throat. We just cannot lose him. This world needs him. Nobody produces same kind of music with the heart & soul he does, nobody ever got near to him in those terms. Gigi is unique and irreplacable. There might be many good artists around, but only one Gigi Dag, the music with his passion, his love for the beats and humbleness for the music itself... Get better Gigi please, we need you back to the boat captain. Guys, I wonder what can we do in this kind of situation as fans, how can we give back some of the love we got from him through his music? Let's figure it out together. Should we all post some of the stories about situations his music helped us through? Or the friendships we got thanks to his music? He's still too young... life is unfair... Come on Gigi!! We are with you.
  9. Just noticed this epic hit few days ago Theres such a dark vibe in this track, love it! I have four words for you. ... AAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII LOVE THIS COMPANYYYYY
  11. I have a feeling that SlowerLand Vol. 2 is coming
  12. STATIONNNNNNNNNNNNN finalllyyyyyyyyyy ... we are at the station ... SCREAM omg!!! Is it Xmas again?!?
  13. Seriously guys, whats that with most of the tracks being like 1:58 or barely 2 minutes long? The track just starts but it already ends... did Gigi mention that theres an upcoming release containing full versions? If so, where did he? Also, whats the point of releasing demo versions if the full versions are also coming? Im ultra super confused now about this "release"...
  14. Romantic (L'Amour Mix) Gigi D'Agostino & Luca Noise If I could turn back time I'd do it again... If someone said to choose I would do the same... Over and over never be tired to say I want you... So you are in my dreams again... Obsessions sweet and clear you blew away my fear... ... the fear of never see' you again Because my mind is always set... on you... I whistle walkin' down the street Cuz' when i think of you My happiness is true This love is like a symphony My memory will never stop to play... If I could turn back time I'd do it again... If someone said to choose I would do the same... Over and over never be tired to say I want you... (x2) In the dark you are my firefly... Mesmerizing with ... your light The beauty of this mystery... Rocks on and makes us fly away together... (x2) #correction_needed
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