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  1. Bluestar

    Scialadance - Ways Vol. 1

    And "Il Mio Canto Libero" and as @Schlonte said, "Mad World" would be SOOOO freaking awesome!! Just Gigi please, don't use too much flanger on it! (not sure why did he started it so heavily as he does it now) My waitlist for further releases: Let yourself go Trust In Me 10/10 (!!!!!) Gli Anni (feat. Davide) Welcome to paradise (Gigi live 2005) Can't take my eyes off you (feat. Diana) (haha, these 2 are never going to be released, no way) The Reason [Diana & Davide Cantano GGDAG rmx] Keep on dreaming… :')
  2. Bluestar

    Lento Violento & Astro Musico - Treno Lento

    Maybe in the first weeks of January. Btw to me it sounds like an unmastered selection of some old tracks + some added flanger effect and its done (kinda like Fastolento, tracks without intro-outro). I don't have high hopes at all now... but of course we can still be surprised.
  3. Bluestar

    Lento Violento & Astro Musico - Treno Lento

    Coming before or after Psico Dance?
  4. Bluestar

    Scialadance - Lemon Tree (Gigi Dag Mix)

    Its also interesting that LENTO VIOLENTO is not an active trademark now O.o… maybe thats why Lentonauta comes? while "Gigi D'Agostino" as a trademark is still active and registered, but not "lento violento": http://www.wirtschaft.ch/markenregister/GIGI+D+AGOSTINO/MODUSART+SERVICES+AG/Morbio+Inferiore/52531/2017/ Interesting...
  5. Bluestar

    Gigi D'Agostino & Luca Noise - Psico Dance

    I don't think the version what Gigi plays differs really much from this, apart from its a little bit slower in BPM (about 5-10%), and I wouldn't call it a remix, but just an "edit" of this track (Gigi only plays the first part, and the last "lento-ish" part on his lives, also the part before the first drop has been cut, but thats all).
  6. Bluestar

    Gigi D'Agostino & Luca Noise - Psico Dance

    I remember that topic from very long-long time ago (if we're talking about the same one), someone asked Gigi about mastering, and he replied like "mastering.. what is mastering?" :D Not sure if he was joking though. Anyway, what did I just find: I'm a little bit sad because I thought its definitely Gigi & Luca's production, that has to be on Psico Dance once released. But it appears I was wrong… :D Do you guys know this track?
  7. Bluestar

    Gigi D'Agostino & Luca Noise - Psico Dance

    Its exactly what he said: he cannot MASTER the tracks by himself alone, you can really say that given by his previous releases. :-) Thats where Luca (also) kicks in to the picture. Gigi is a musical genius for sure, but nobody is capable to do everything on his own - but as we know Gigi, he is probably not the one who is going to admit it. Also he may not find the final product good enough, remember that he must be in a very hard situation: - the new disc has to be a REALLY good one for the old fans as well (last non-mixed release came about 10 years ago) - … but as Gigi definitely wants to be on the top once again (and as an artist you need to redeclare yourself from time to time), the sound also needs to be pretty much different to what he did before at all --> here comes the now-popular PSY style (when Gigi kicked in back in time, the eurodance/(italo)dance/club was hugely popular, now it isn't at all, so this PSY style - which by the way, resembles a lot of things to lento - comes very handy) - also, he don't just want to "release something" (as he does with his not-that-new lento stuff, to drop some candy for the fans in the meantime), but to release something for the future, sounds which (at least some of 'em) are/could gonna be "hits", or at least a compilation which doesn't get forgotten so fast :-) - mastering is a pretty hard thing, and Gigi definitely doesn't like that part of the music production at all (listen to "No words" on youtube, thats Gigi on his own). When you play a track live on a booming sound system, nobody is going to analyze the sounds with eager ears (also you can't even do that in a disco even if you want to), but instead just enjoy the party. Now when you release something you have to make sure everything sounds totally and 10000% percent fine on most of the audio systems/headphones etc, just as you imagined, with having the most potential, big boomy bass where it needs to be boomy bass, and also crispy highs at the same time. Thats a really, really hard thing to do! (btw: listen to the "Dynoro & Gigi - In My Mind" track on Spotify, and then quickly switch to "Lento Violento - More", back and forth - you'll hear a clear difference and inferiority of Gigi's sounds regarding dynamics, punchiness and mastering technics at all - it just really, really lacks them. The track "More" could have a lot "more":) potential in itself, but Gigi is struggling to get it out from the track, you can say it. ) - last but not least, pretty sad thing but it may be his last release (given the fact that he struggles to release anything everytime...), so it really counts what is gonna be on that disc, given it may be a "closure" to his musical career (at least in physical compilation CD format). (also, this mastering topic is quite interesting, because its really a two-handed sword: if you can create great music, but you can't master it properly, then you simply fail in today's music world - its just not enough. In this case you have to give out your music from your hands to external music production/mastering agencies, and they may do it for you for a pretty high price, but the mastering may also alter the whole sounding of a given record while they process it. In easier words, it may be "A" when you dream the song itself, and after a finished mastering, it may become "B", a totally new track, even though it was "just" normalized here & there by a team, having some more vibrancy added, etc etc, so the track itself is basically the same, but sounds totally different to ears - of course, at least now it sounds "fair", so just as it needs to be heard on a CD - but as an artist, its not how you'd like it to have it released, because its not what you wanted. Its a pretty interesting topic btw, and I think to narrow it down, basically we must be waiting because of two things: - Gigi doesn't want to let a team master his productions, but he wants to do everything by himself / Luca on their own - he & Luca has just finalized some of the tracks which they'd like to put on the disc, and those tracks wasn't even nowhere when Gigi said "coming in the next weeks" back in January :) I think we gonna have a completely other tracklist than we'd have in January :D (with the previous one having much more lento stuff, and the new one having barely any lento/maybe no lento at all - and that also explains his many lento releases & album for the fans -)
  8. Bluestar

    Gigi D'Agostino & Luca Noise - Psico Dance

    Gigi posted about Psico Dance on Time Records FB page (with his personal private FB) original post: https://www.facebook.com/timerec/posts/10156244246307771?comment_id=10156249434447771&comment_tracking={"tn"%3A"R6"} =
  9. Bluestar

    Youtube / Facebook / Soundcloud Kanal von Gigi

    Whaaat.. new CasaDag logo! :-) Something is in the air?
  10. Bluestar

    Gigi D'Agostino & Luca Noise - Psico Dance

    Youtube search on: "Gigi D’Agostino live zero summer club brano con Intro a violino" Seems like some new Psico Dance-material ;) Also you can hear the intro of the In My Mind remix of Gigi towards the end of the video. Also worth a search: "Gigi D’Agostino live zero summer club non conosco il titolo" :) Its a new version of this track, Gigi already played it on a Festival about 1-1.5 month ago, in a bit different version (with more kid-like vocal, and more psi-trance) (IMO that sounded more powerful than this one, but who knows which is going to be released).
  11. Still one of my favourite from the new vocal lento tracks =)
  12. Bluestar

    Gigi D'Agostino & Luca Noise - Psico Dance

    @Erdbeer Wolf
  13. Bluestar

    Gigi D'Agostino & Luca Noise - Psico Dance

    and its down again
  14. Bluestar

    Gigi D'Agostino & Luca Noise - Psico Dance

    It just re-appeared on Discoteca Laziale! ^_^ Release date: 06/07/2018 https://www.discotecalaziale.com/scheda-prodotto.aspx?art=8019991790106
  15. Bluestar

    Lento Violento - The History Of Lento Violento

    One thing is for sure, Gigi was playing it live in 2010. I've saved this sample from GFU(?) if I remember correctly. I don't know if any of you remember where did it came from/who uploaded it under this codename, can't find it now. :-) It just flashed in my mind that I've heard this previously on GFU :D Islamadag.mp3 (2010-06-20)