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  1. When I hear that futurenoise (what an uninspired name btw) compilation i can understand why Gigi would not want to be a part of it.
  2. You can find this type of defending behaviour in almost every fanbase. It's sickening. On the one hand they say: "you can't judge Gigi, cause you dont know why this happens!" But at the same they exactly do the same by defending him at all cost, all while they don't know any inside information either. This is the same behaviour they condemn in others that "attack" Gigi. So why should you defend him then? you don't have a reason either. What you can do is just observe what happens, and draw conclusions from that. Yes, there can be things happening behind closed doors which fans don't need to know about. But fans surely don't need to be cut off when they are ventilating their frustration either. There are a lot of people who have had enough of Gigi always leaning on his charisma, never admitting he is wrong. Everything disappointed fans say is based on what we have seen in history, never opening up about releases being canceled and his actions on his forum against critics etc. These defending fans still like to believe in the fairytale that is called Gigi D'Agostino. Well, fairytales aren't true and Gigi is just a businessman with a low ethical consciousness.
  3. i like it. it seems like this type of song would be on a Benessere v2 type compilation <3
  4. although it was a little synthetic and digital, there were hints of Gigi's songwriting talent again in todays valentines upload. I actually liked the songs this time as they had some swing and soul from the past. (still digitally sounding however.) If the songs are this level, then musically I can accept it. Although I do hope he will go back to his old bassline synths too. I hope we can expect more 06 / 07 songs on Youtube in the future too.
  5. No, i do like some songs released after 2010. But the Ieri & Oggi releases have not been qualitatively what they could have been. Although my concerns are more based on some of the '16 '17 uploads on the GIGIDAG youtube channel. I agree that on the 2010 version of 'work' there has been more attention to the orchestral piece. But it sounds way too digital and has much less of an impact. The bassline is very bad. It's as if he lost the original files or something, and now remade it completely. way too clean. I guess on this song it is a matter of taste. 2006: http://picosong.com/Emtb/ But you can't tell me you like songs like the pioggia e sole vesion: 'no words'. I literally have no words for how bad it sounds.
  6. To be honest I don't have much confidence in this album. There are a few reasons for this: - Co-Musicians & Quality of the music Gigi's older work was sometimes co-produced and mastered by other musicians. The songs on Benessere or especially the Underconstruction remixes like Deeper / Drifting Sideways / On the Radio are made with much more attention to musicality and finesse than anything released after 2009. Above that, music used to be from a MUCH higher quality than everything that was released after 2009. The older releases that i name above were made in a time where there was still money to be made in releasing a CD, and bringing music to the public. Therefore, more attention automatically went into creating a good product, inviting good producers to work with Gigi. Now it's commercially less viable to release a CD, especially when you are working with other producers whom you would have to pay! This is why the productions seem to have gone downhill. - Too Digital! It seems that Gigi's music of recent times is pretty badly produced. (no offense, Gigi, but come on...) All the sounds are extremely 'digital' sounding. Gone is the distinctive vintage synthesizer sound that made Gigi's music so unique compared to the other dance music on the market. The synths have been largely replaced by 'popular' 'Nexus' type preset synthesizers that you often hear in cheap EDM songs. Also the Kicks (bassdrums) used are very flat, lacking punch and do not sound good at all. I'm beginning to think that Gigi in the past never really produced his music completely by himself, OR only now is learning to produce music with the newer software available. (In that case he would need to move back to the old stuff he/they used.) It seems Gigi is unable to recreate that distinctive sound he had, or he doesn't hear the difference. More likely, however, is that he just assumes his audience won't be too critical about it, since there are so many positive youtube reactions on TERRIBLE songs like 'Neoclassic'. Personally I couldn't believe what I heard when stuff like that got posted on youtube. But all in all it fits the pattern we are seeing, when the record label that announces the release is actually a house/EDM label. - Authentic Gigi? Along those lines it's even possible that some random house DJ (let's say a type like 'Christian Marchi') or any other random producer in the background is producing his music at the moment. Which would be a valid conclusion since the techniques used to produce the music through the years have been changing so much. You can hear it even in all the lives. It seems like Gigi is forcing himself to 'go with the new ages' and hereby losing his identitiy completely. The new sounds are so EDM inspired. This is not Gigi, and to me, the music has lost it's soul, only to be replaced by a much less emotional plastic sound that you will find in terrible songs like Holes in the sky and more 2016/2017 uploads. Another example is what happened to the 2006 version of 'Work' VS the 2016 version. It became completely soulless. The song is just not what it used to be, but there are many many more examples like this. I can only hope that I am wrong and that all the experimental new-style stuff posted on youtube is just a placeholder for the good songs like the remix of Cappella - U Got 2 Be, Can you feel it, or Kosheen - Catch remix & Mosquito Tanz. But there are dark clouds on the horizon, and it would be no surprise to me if the album will be a big disappointment. That is, if it ever will be released. Oh well, fortunately we still have the Il Cammino's, but I am very saddened that the music has lost it's identity.
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