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I would like to make EPs flac to 12' vinyls that were not originally released in physical form. 

yes I know, pure zyx idea 🤣👍🏻

the problem is that I don't know how to work with graphics. photoshop etc. The front of the cover is often given, but I can't do the back.

In the first round, I thought of "Lento violento - Dark".

can someone make me a rear vinyl cover that matches the front? e.g. the titles of the songs could also be read. I know that time is precious, so if it's only a few minutes and you feel like it... thanks

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If you want to get a custom vinyl cut, use this austrian service:



I tried 3 different manufacturers, but the record I received from dr.dub was the best BY FAR (select "audiophile cut" during purchase)


Their service was also SUPER friendly. It's rather expensive, but worth the money imo.

They offer a lot of customisable options. 33/45/78 rpm , colored vinyl, custom matrix etchings, even locked groove loops and such.



The record sounded absolutely dreadfull. Very low in volume, extreme wow/flutter and a constant 50hz mains hum.



"Kunaki". They are by far the cheapest option, but you get absolutely 0 customer service. The record sounded "meh" and if you don't fill both sides with 20min of audio you can clearly tell it's a bootleg since the tracks will only be on the very edge of the record with a massive runout. There is no engineer taking advantage of the record surface.

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