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  1. That's why I said Elisir and L'Amour Toujours are "harder to come by" but not impossible to find. The L'Amour Vision on DJ Selection 84 is a misprint. From what I remember it's actually the "gigidagostino.com" mix. Or it was mastered from mp3. Can't rember wich of these issues the release had. *g*
  2. Another sealed Gin Lemon EP came up for only 600€ https://www.discogs.com/sell/item/2358223606
  3. so the UK La Passion single credits are wrong then?
  4. Diese quietschige Stimme hat mMn auch deutlich noch männliche Züge hörbar.
  5. Der Login über Facebook ist derzeit anscheinend nicht möglich. Desper hat mich angeschrieben, dass er sich momentan nicht anmelden kann
  6. Ohne Vocals ist der Tracks nichts halbes und nichts ganzes. Genau wie damals das Release von Dendo's "Eden". Ich hatte es aber nach dem Preview schon befürchtet, dass Sie da die Rechte nicht bekommen haben... Naja, vielleicht kann jemand mit ein wenig Skill ja eine Vocal Version "bootleggen". *hust* Edit: Meinen Kommentar "Zu schade, dass ihr nicht die Rechte an den Vocals bekommen habt :(" haben Sie zumindest geliked. *g*
  7. https://www.ebay.de/itm/134072925161?var=0&mkevt=1&mkcid=1&mkrid=707-53477-19255-0&campid=5338765348&toolid=20006&customid=DE_11233_134072925161.146077042987~1901091447514-s_{gclid}
  8. Beim hören von Who Let The Dogs out dachte ich mir an der Stelle halt sofort "MOMENT!" Was Cammino Cammino angeht muss ich noch abwarten bis ich die CD in meinen Händen habe
  9. it says 1995-2015 likely because of "Well in the Bell" being a modern take on "Giallone Remix" (though that was released in 1994. Close enough I guess). Trasmission came after Again 10000%. You can hear how Gigi used a filter to distinguish the cut where the main portion would have started. also, he didn't play Trasmission live until just shortly before his illness. "Saltarén" is an entirely different track that just includes one melody of "Welfare (I Wanna Tanz)". It wasn't just slowed down/sped up.
  10. yeah. I tried to create a full version of the again tanz mix. unfortunately its kinda ruined by this slow version being super loud & distorted once you speed it up. *g* it's around 3.5db louder than again on ieri oggi 1 Oh well, I can at least create "Trasmission (Mantra Dag Psico Loop Extended Mix) (No Fadeout)"
  11. It also sounds slowed, like the trebble is kinda mushy. Typical artifact. Edit: + it was boosted by ~4DB so sounds kinda distorted when you speed it back up..
  12. Wow, Gigi can release extended versions and not stupidly cut versions? Blasphemy!
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