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  1. Jep, verstehe hier einige Votings auch 0.
  2. Ja schon, aber das ist ja kein Remix oder irgendeine cooperation mit Gigi. Daher nicht gelistet.
  3. I think the work process went more like this: Pensando Esplicando Mix -> 'Benessere Mix /WIP Ribadisco Mix' -> Ribadisco Mix
  4. No, Paura E Nobilta is not the Ribadisco Mix. Just compare the 2 main Parts starting from 3:00 😉 Seems to me like it's a "WIP" version of the Ribadisco mix, back when it wasn't finalised. And yes, Sostanza Noetica is indeed a longer mix that sadly wasn't released in full anywhere. Same goes for Toccando Le Nuvole.
  5. Der Name taucht auch außerhalb Wikipedias auf. Mindestens schon seit 2016. Interessant.
  6. I noticed this too. Another example: The "Radio Edit" to Gin Lemon on the ZYX CD also has the channels swapped. But it even happens with official Releases. "On Eagle's Wings" has the channels swapped between Compilation Benessere 1 and L'Amour Toujours II. Also, the Bla Bla Bla "Abbentenza Mix" on the ZYX releases has a way longer fadeout. Like +5 seconds of actual audio information compared to the track from other labels. (6:48/6:53)
  7. Gigi reist dieses Jahr weit hinaus nach Litauen:
  8. Elisir: S 00000588 (eBay 12-2019)
  9. It's the Gigi & Pandolfi mix BUT with an additional beat put on top.
  10. Thx, + "Wellfare ('Mix Italo Boot Mix 2005') https://www.discogs.com/Various-Italo-Boot-Mix-2005-Volume-2/release/1271541
  11. Afterclub - Gigi's Violin https://www.discogs.com/Various-Hard-Dance-Compilation/release/2485853
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