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  1. hlennarz


    I don't expect Gigi to have any sort of schedule judging by the past. ;)
  2. Ordered some Gigi CD's from ZYX official web store to see if any of these are reissues with changes. Some are. But the Silence UC1 was the old digipak release, still sealed. I thought, "well at least I now have a new untouched one" ... but something seems off here: WTF ZYX? who knows how many of these false combos are around and have been sold by them to unsuspecting customers... but how did a later released CD end up in a sealed initial digipak from an earlier CD? do they store them seperately and combine + shrinkwrap them just before shipping?
  3. "La Tana Del Suono vinyl" Hm, maybe Moving/Muovendo and B side Locomotiva? Locomotiva sounds like it came from the same time period and style of La Tana Del Suono. And yes, Inkas on La Musica Che Pesta was a thing. Suono Libero first had the Siento remix on it planned before it ended up on Potenza Adeguata. I do remember the "E Altre Storie" subtitle being added later (and there being a different cover where it had "Dove Passa I Futuro" instead). But there was a 30 tracks only tracklist as well? Isn't "Funky Beat" just the track "Shaun Baker - On A Helium Trip" ? I remember seeing that track labelled "Gigi D'Agostino - Funky Beat(s)" on places like Limewire, lel
  4. This was the first tracklist. The songs had previews in German "Media Market" stores where some songs that did appear on the final album had different versions: 01. Baby Soul -> Either the infamous unreleased track or "Total Care". I found conflicting information here. 02. Angel 03. Time To Play -> Wellfare 04. The Rain 05. Dreaming -> Together in a Dream 06. Blue Eyes -> I Wonder Why (Not the version from the final release. From what I read possibly "Non Giochiamo F.M.") 07. Sonata -> "Cantando Ballando" version 08. Silence -> Mix from Gigi's old Homepage, basically an extended of "Vision 5" 09. Complex -> Either "Vision 5" or "Breve Ma Intenso" 10. On Eagle's Wings 11. Summer Of Energy 12. Canto Do Mar 13. Another Way 14. Bouqet De Trandafiri -> Akcent - Buchet De Trandafiri (Gigi D'Agostino Dondolandomix) 15. L'Amour Toujours 16. Runeni? (Basically Gigi having no idea what the song was called again and writing what he thought he heard :P) -> Akcent - Azi Plâng Numai Eu (Gigi D'Agostino Remix) from Benessere 1 17. Goodnight -> entirely sung by Marani, no Diana vocals. 18. Welcome To Paradise -> Tanz Version 19. Momento Contento 20. Good Bye -> Nothing Else
  5. The very same thing that happened to: - Il Grande Viaggio Di Gigi D'Agostino Vol.2 - Silence Album - First Tracklist "L'Amour Toujours II" - Underconstruction 1995-2005 - First Tracklist "Some Experiments" - Laboratorio 4 - "Stay" vinyl - "Those Were The Days" Vinyl - Lento Violento... Dove Passa Il Futuro (- The Very Best Of - ZYX Compilation with DVD) - Mondo Reale - Psico Dance - "Happy Go Lucky" EP - Circo Uonz 2 - B Sides (2011 - 2015)
  6. hlennarz


    Hm, bis auf die beiden wohl sehr alten Werke (mit dem Beat von "Marimba" und das Stück davor) mMn die schwächste Ausgabe bisher.
  7. hlennarz


    I'd wish he would rather continue the "Tuttodag Random 1 Hora" series. These fade-in/fade-out sets are kind of annoying to listen to. Mostly not full songs but neither properly mixed into a nice set either. 😕
  8. hlennarz


    Ich kann zwar ungefähr herausnehmen was er da schreibt, aber wie wäre es mit einer Übersetzung? (Englisch reicht)
  9. hlennarz


    Diese Tracks im Democharakter, die so wohl nie auf einem Release erscheinen werden könnte er aber auch gerne in voller länge spielen.
  10. hlennarz


    Das Cover von Resurrection scheint ihm ja zu gefallen, wenn er es in beide Folgen packt...
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