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  1. hlennarz

    Youtube / Facebook / Soundcloud Kanal von Gigi

    Nun auch in Vollversion. Finde den Track eher mittelmäßig. Aber naja.
  2. hlennarz

    Vorschläge, Ergänzungen, Fehler z. Thread GIGI DAG

    + "Carillon (Gigi D'Agostino Remix Edit)"
  3. Nattürlich nicht. Auf der CD waren ja auch Stücke anderer Künstler (Robert Miles, System F) die von Fremdlabels lizensiert waren.
  4. what a joke. but hey, with "Monoposto", you can pay for a 0:33 track ...
  5. https://www.junodownload.com/products/gigi-dagostino-words-are-so-easy-to/4016372-02/ Keine Vollversion des Tracks, sondern lediglich der Ausschnitt aus "Ieri e Oggi Mix Vol. 1".
  6. https://www.junodownload.com/products/gigi-dagostino-stay-with-me/4010522-02/ Keine Vollversion des Tracks, sondern lediglich der Ausschnitt aus "Ieri e Oggi Mix Vol. 1".
  7. hlennarz

    Lento Violento & Astro Musico - Treno Lento

    Da ein Großteil der Songs hier von minderwertigen MP3 gemastert wurde enthalte ich mich jeglicher objektiver Meinungsäußerung...
  8. Zitat: • Treno Lento , Astro Musico - Sali Scendi 2018 [???] D.H.S. - House Of God (Azzido Da Bass Remix) 2001 [Stokes]
  9. Zitat: • Lento Violento - Over The Rainbow (Dark Mix) 2019 [Garland] Gigi D'Agostino - Marcetta 2004 [Morricone]
  10. hlennarz

    Vorschläge, Ergänzungen, Fehler z. Thread GIGI DAG

    *Update* Treno Lento, Lento Violento, Scialadance releases hinzugefügt.
  11. hlennarz

    Lento Violento - Dark (E.P.)

    Hat er bei Over the Rainbow schon 2005. Aber die Version dürfen wir ja nicht haben. Naja lassen wir das.... ;)
  12. hlennarz

    Lento Violento - Dark (E.P.)

    Actually Senza Ragione was mastered from lossless, other tracks are lossy or their basetrack is lossy with lossless elements on top. It's a mess. *g* Cosmico would be one unfortunate example, but "Lost" isn't lossless either. Only Over The Rainbow, Wild & Senza Ragione are.
  13. hlennarz

    Lento Violento - Dark (E.P.)

    also, right after the melody part of "over the rainbow" there is a dumb, unnessesary, STUPID fade where he skipped like 10seconds of the original song. Was it really nessesary to remove 10 F**** SECONDS !!? + fade in/out. THX ALOT... "EXTENDED PLAY" MY ASS ! (+ insanely loud, undynamic, brickwalled mastering lately...#loudnesswar) Sorry if i'm being quite pissed about such a "minor" thing. But this is a song I would have paid him 3 digit to release and then he needs to mess with it in such stupid tiny ways that make NO SENSE on a digital release that isn't limited to 80min. ESPECIALLY when it's called a freaking EP. For god sake Gigi, if you release a 13 year old song, one we thought would never see the light of day again, then at least give us the full, real deal and not "oh, let's make a tiny little change here and there" and what not. Otherwise create a new mix, like with "Walking" on Suono Libero, but not a "2.0" cut... The only time he ruined a song I loved even more was with what travesty he did to "El Condor Pasa" with speed change, massive cuts, missing intro... Or way back when he didn't release the full version of Con Il Nastro Rosa... with double- & double lenght melodic part + vocals. Of course WILD gets an uncut, full lenght "Mega Mix" as should have been every track on an EP... WTF...
  14. hlennarz

    Lento Violento - Dark (E.P.)

    Ich dachte man könnte Senza Ragione nicht noch schlechter machen. Naja, geirrt...
  15. hlennarz

    Lento Violento - Dark (E.P.)

    OVER THE RAINBOW !!! Ich glaube es nicht... nach all den Jahren... ich bin den Tränen nahe