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  1. I think the base is similar. At 0:36 the bass.
  2. who can have these in the videos?
  3. https://www.casadag.com/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=1996
  4. I hope someone will share it. radio programs are free. No copyright. Anyone could die and record it. it is incomprehensible if a fan hides it from another fan who wants to listen to it. I met such people 15 years ago on a Hungarian fan forum. I didn't understand then.
  5. Hello A few years ago I also asked here on the forum. There are a few people who have all the episodes. But they don't share it. I didn't understand the reason either.
  6. No but Circo Uonz not a lento style project. rather Techno, Trance , Acid , House , Tribal ... experimental
  7. but it is not part of Circo Uonz Ep. maybe treno lento 2? Luca used the name Astro Musico there
  8. this mix is fantastic. Gigi is strong again.
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