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    Irgendwo auf einer Speisekarte Italiens...
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    Das Problem ist eher, dass er die Scheiben nur zusammen im Paket anbietet. Wie hoch sind die Chancen, dass jemand von den 80 noch keine besitzt ? Zudem "Condition Good to excelent" "Good" hei├čt aus eigener Erfahrung bei Vinyl wohl ca., dass der Hund davon jeden Tag sein Trockenfutter gefressen hat...
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    No, he did send me a video with the disc playing. It's the regular "Radio Edit By T.O.Y." I think Gigi used this version on "Live at Altromondo" so maybe thats why the disc says "Gigi D'Ag" Maybe this even is Gigi's personal copy. I mean there was that one time people stole a bag of CD's from him / he forgot them in czech republic back in the day. That would explain the other leaked tracks from that era (Amorelettronico Mixes, early version of his "On The Radio" Remix and so on.)
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