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  1. I don't expect Gigi to have any sort of schedule judging by the past. ;)
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  2. Only episodes 05 and 06 came 7 days after the episode before, other time gaps were for example 1 day or even more than 7 days. Gigi uploads it, when he wants to...
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  3. Der neue Titel von CAPPELLA lautet HAPPY FONK, produziert von VISNADI. Ein paar Sekunden kann man hier hören: https://www.facebook.com/cappellaofficial/videos/3015812278725598/?locale=de_DE
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  4. Gigi always act like this, don't know why some of you are surprised of this behavior! however often when he seems quiet means that an EP/Album release is coming around the corner....
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  5. If he even return to uploading Camminacaso. TuttoDag, The History of Lento Violento, Casadag Radio, GD Lab, Gigi Dag Radio, etc.. All of them are now abondoned.
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  6. Wow, damit hätte ich im Leben nicht gerechnet das Maxwell nochmal Lento Violento Songs veröffentlicht!!! Sehr gut!!!!
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