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  1. I didn’t even know that it’s possible to block a PayPal address. Or has he set it in his shop directly? 🤔 If so, it could be simply overcome by using a different e-mail address, as you can attach more than one e-mail to your PayPal account, though he’d still recognize you by your name and the address. 😁
  2. The other picture however looks like the title is stickered and the side description is still hand written, so it still looks like a white label.
  3. But there is still some degree of transparency judging from your pictures, they are not opaque. There are coloured records that you cannot see through at all.
  4. What makes mp3 sound bad is lower in the audible spectre, it’s not that hi-pass filter unless it is very low, below 16 kHz. So no problem in my opinion, though usually audio is high-passed at 18 kHz or higher. But honestly are you able able to hear 17 kHz or higher frequencies? A year ago I was able to hear a 17 kHz pure tone only with one of my ears, today I struggle to hear that not pushing the volume too high. 😉
  5. I also considered playing the record wet when digitizing it, I already tried it on some records in the past but only with cheap conical styli.
  6. It’s not noisy if it’s been denoised in the remastering process. 😁 Seriously, in my opinion it sounds even worse, it’s heavily post-processed, declicked and denoised, there are lots of artifacts also low frequecies are reduced, it doesn’t sound good at all. Your vinyl sounds likely the same if there is not much added surface noise of the disc itself. My old denoised mp3’s with pretty aggressive setting sound much better, really. The recording may be from 2017, but the “remastering” could’ve been applied recently, I don’t know what the tracks on his old website sounded like, whether they were pure transfer or somehow post-processed, as well. Is your copy visibly scratched or was it dj-(ab)used? If it’s just clicky with a stronger surface noise, I think that it’s normal here. I’ve come across three copies myself and had two other recordings from other people and none sounded really good. I think that this pressing was not that great when it came out.
  7. Just come across a YouTube video that shows another possible variant of this record, meaning the original one. It has white text as opposed to the more common blue text on the black background, the first letters look to be red coloured by hand which leads me to think it’s not been just discoloured in an app.
  8. Of course, I agree with you. The notes were not clear and made buyers to believe it was either a white label or a pre-release test press copy which could’ve even had a different run-out revealing a previous cut like my white label of City of Night does. I myself wouldn’t imagine a modern personal reissue, either. Maybe the price is justified, 50 bucks for the production costs, 50 for Daniele, 50 for Gigi, and the last 50 euros for the costs of shipping and handling. 🤪 Btw. no copies for sale now. Sold out?
  9. Will you keep your copy anyway or will you return it since you’ve been offered this option? Another quality issue is that despite being a possible mp3 sourced recording, of course it’s practically unprovable, it might’ve been just low-passed, the sound could’ve been also post-processed, like auto declicked, denoised which potentially even further decrease audio quality if not used wisely. We can’t tell from the YouTube video, it sounds pretty bad there, but it is just 480p, so the audio track bitrate must be quite low too. Those high bitrate mp3 files that used to be offered on his website could give us some idea about the sound. If the original audio tracks are not available anymore, he could’ve tried to re-record these tracks, that wouldn’t be the same as the original but certainly a nice approach in my opinion, and of course being clearly stated to be a reissue. Daft is right that it’s against the Discogs policies to sell something under a different entry, e.g. you cannot sell a cassette under a CD or vinyl release page with a note like “WARNING: This is a tape, NOT a CD/LP”. Actually such listings may be reported, but I understand not everyone is keen on submitting a release they just want to sell and I’m personally fine with that if sellers are honest and clear about that in the notes, some sellers even warn you after you place an order, so they can cancel it if you overlook their notes and don’t want it. There is a reasonable argument for heavy weight vinyl, 180 g or even 240 g, that is they are less prone to warping, but if they do, they are nearly impossible to straighten, though I personally don’t put much faith in these techniques. It certainly doesn’t sound any better, though some audiophiles belive it.
  10. There is also a white label of “Tin Drums” being offered, so I’ve just wondered for a while if it couldn’t be the same, both of them have been submitted by pulsebox-music. However, that one is not listed as new and it’s cheaper. Also if you compare your and his images, your one has a completely flat label, likely stickered, while the originally submitted pictures have those two circles, one small closer to the centre hole and a bigger one closer to the outer edge, those submitted photos look like a pressed record.
  11. I’m curious how you’ve got to know it’d been made by Berliner Vinyl Werk since the record has no matrix. 🤔 I also quite don’t get that price, I understand it costs something to make each copy that has to recorded in real time and to get something for the music itself. Maybe he doesn’t want the originals to lose their value, otherwise I don’t know. 🤨
  12. I guess it will be based on the inside part of the CD booklet. Anyway, let’s hope ZYX has been taking their time for a huge tracklist revision which we all ask for. Where the heck are the tracks like Another Way, La Passion, L’Amour toujours, Bla Bla Bla? We crave for another greatest hits like release. 😝
  13. I think that the release has been postponed. I ordered a few items directly from ZYX and they sent to me everything except for Gin Lemon E.P., they sent me an e-mail saying “We will send you a partial shipment via DHL. Missing items will be sent to you automatically as soon as they are published.” I would expect them to say they would send them as soon as they were back in stock if it were just currently unavailable, which happened to me in December when I placed an order and took “The Essential Gigi D’Agostino” compilation just out of curiosity which of the two versions they’re selling nowadays, in that case they removed the title from my order saying it would be back in stock in January.
  14. I wonder if this a few years ago one of the most sought after release sells out like Hollywood did. 🙂
  15. O Surdato 'Nnamurato by Magna Romagna Into Nowhere by Magna Romagna Ascolta (Starter Mix) by Magna Romagna
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