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  1. You can still paint one of your walls in black to get an optimal contrast.
  2. A friend of mine who bought it from Amazon received it in a proper packaging, got it from the second batch after it had been sold out for a while (also his number was quite high like your second one). I guess people complained when they received their first copies, some might have even returned it, I wouldn't wonder, so they changed the packaging. I somehow got used to bent covers, writings on center labels and artwork after years, though I still can't stand it on CD's, these have to be perfect.
  3. My copy has the number 0207. Have you bought the second copy because of the condition of the cover as it arrived to you?
  4. The picture of the back cover has been added on Amazon and in the end there are three versions and it is limited to 1000 copies. EDIT: As I wrote about the Instrumental Mix being on vinyl exclusively in the post above, that may be the reason they have withdrawn the digital release with the Extended Mix from sale, as they decided that they want it together with the Instrumental Mix just on vinyl, who knows. TIME 841 12 8 051361 273406 LOGO SIDE 01. “HOLLYWOOD” EXTENDED MIX THIS SIDE 01. “HOLLYWOOD” 02. “HOLLYWOOD” INSTRUMENTAL MIX
  5. And I hope it’s gonna be vinyl exclusive and the pressing will sound as crackly as possible and with lots of surface noise. EDIT: I’m joking, of course. Though I personally think that the instrumental will be just on vinyl, but who knows. We’ll see.
  6. http://www.jackals-forge.com/bodystory.html for blood cells in capillaries (which can be 1 cell thick in diameter) but replacing the particles with the real original blood cell geometry. Jonathan Stroud once again came up with the goods, writing a solution which would have been impossible in terms of rendering and dynamic computation using any off-the-shelf software. He devised a setup which took a model of branching capillaries, automatically created a central curve for each "tube" to form a network of branching paths. Particles were then fed down the paths in single file but with
  7. Bought. Have you noticed on the IBS site, that intro111 has posted above, there is also the tracklist, allegedly an instrumental mix is supposed to be there besides the extended version. Hollywood (180 gr. White Coloured Vinyl) Artisti: Gigi D'Agostino, La Vision Supporto: Vinile LP Numero supporti: 1 Etichetta: Time Data di pubblicazione: 31 luglio 2020 Compilation EAN: 8051361273406 1 LA Vision & Gigi D’Agostino “Hollywood”(Extended Mix) 2 LA
  8. Shlould it not meet a certain number of sales before they offer a CD-R version of an mp3 release? I feel that I read something like that somewhere years ago, which would make sense since not all mp3’s are offered as CD-R’s, it’s actually a small fraction of those.
  9. You’re right, I haven’t noticed this difference before, I just knew about the low-pass filter (0:51-1:13) and the instrumental part from Pensando ballando mix (1:44-2:26) both that became the part of the new Ribadisco mix, so it’s like the two mixes spliced together in the end, the beginning of Ribadisco mix and then followed by Pensando esplicando mix.
  10. Well, Benessere1 is a DJ mix, there it is understandable, as it was likely played on CDJ players then going to mixer and then recorded (likely exchanged L/R cables), actually I’ve just listened to that and the whole mix seems to be affected, I’ve compared these songs “Paura e nobilta’“ pensando esplicando mix, “Tangology”, “Sostanza noetica”, “The rain”, “Summer of energy” and “On eagle’s wings” which appear also on other releases. Btw. Paura e nobiltà is actually ribadisco mix there, probably Gigi decided to change the mix name when he released LTII do differentiate it from UC2 version which
  11. It’s not much about quality as such, but has anyone ever noticed that ZYX Music releases have the left and right channels swapped in a number of examples? I’ve known about Bla Bla Bla for quite a long time … Today I also noticed that the channels are swapped in Radio edit and Extended mix on New Year’s Day single. Guitar, Purezza and and the last track New Year’s Day (5:40) are OK, though. It also concerns the digital Media Records release (which is actually released by ZYX Music), French and Australian CD’s are entirely OK. Concerning Bla Bla Bla, on the CD (ZYX 9030-8) all three songs ha
  12. Is it a completely different mix which we don’t know or just a different cut of an already released mix on the singles?
  13. And that’s why ZYX received 192 kbps mp3 masters for 2003/2004 CD’s (UC1, UC2, Gigi’s Goodnight, Cuore matto, Soleado …) You know, for Germans it’s more than good enough. (Though it’s weird, the German vinyl Cuore matto seems to be made of lossless files unlike the CD.)
  14. Bought all the three copies, going to resell them and make some money.
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