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  1. I think about digital releases... Is there any technical reason to compresse to 80 min?
  2. However, outro (daba bada da....) suggests that this is Davide.
  3. Web-mixes versions much much better (maybe without My Dreams), but ok, let it be...
  4. Slower version of Hymn is the best here! CAPOLAVORO! One of best song ever!
  5. By the way, when will he learn that "( text )" is a mistake? Annoying manner...
  6. hlennarz has right that Gigi makes idiotic, totally nonsense cutes, but is it really a reason to take offense? You can simply have both versions on your computer...
  7. Vocoder... the same person...
  8. How many Gigi's tracks do you have (official, unofficial, radio rips.... )? Only honest answers welcome . I have 1654 .
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