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  1. Il Cammino Puntata 22 (2006-02-04) ... 05. Hunter - Rock On ['Il Folklorista Trip']
  2. Osservo ... again stupid cut... Cammino version has full intro. Other cut at the end.
  3. Really? Cammino version is my favourite Gigi's song all time. New version is tragic...
  4. Do you have a link to this special demo samples by Gigi on CasaDAG.com ? Clearly, there is no full / HQ version of Mad World but there is an acceptable quality
  5. Hello Everyone last time on YT and similar services appeared songs like "Ti Amo Un Mare", "Gli Anni", "Mad World". Does anyone know where they come from? How is it possible that they exist, if Gigi has no radio show (or I don't know something)?
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