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vor 6 Stunden schrieb hlennarz:

also gibt es davon immerhin mehr als eine CD... :lol:

Also, nach den 15 Have's auf Discogs zu urteilen ... *gg

PS: jetzt fangen viele an, Ihre Anfragen in den Komments zu schreiben ... (obwohl interessant ist, wie viel einer bereit ist zu zahlen 😄 )

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A friend of mine who bought it from Amazon received it in a proper packaging, got it from the second batch after it had been sold out for a while (also his number was quite high like your second one). I guess people complained when they received their first copies, some might have even returned it, I wouldn't wonder, so they changed the packaging. I somehow got used to bent covers, writings on center labels and artwork after years, though I still can't stand it on CD's, these have to be perfect.

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Here are some corrections and additional information.

Laboratorio 2:
S 00003528 (Zabuyaque) Distributed By Global Net

Laboratorio 3:
S 00000066 (Zabuyaque) - wrong tracklist
Btw, does anybody know if all the copies with the wrong tracklist had the “dosaggio corretto” sticker over the sealed case?

The Greatest Hits (Reissue):
G8 0004221876 (Zabuyaque) [Super Jewel Box]
Until now I haven’t known there is also a jewel case version.

Underconstruction 2 - Silence Remix (NM 1041702):
S 00023618 (Zabuyaque)
It’s the Noisemaker Benelux version, not the Italian one.

Cappella - Hyper Mixes:
S 00002667 (Zabuyaque) [blau]

Angels' Symphony:
S 00007895 (Zabuyaque) [correct tracklist – barcode 8 019256 001152]
There are two versions of the Italian BXR release.

Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby 2001 (EastWest Records GmbH, Germany):
S 00039413 (Zabuyaque)
It’s the EastWest pressing, not the Noise Maker.

Luca Noise - Moonlight Shadow:
S 00000514 (Zabuyaque) [light grey]
S 00001928 (Zabuyaque) [white label]

And also a new addition
Gin Lemon EP (normal - black vinyl):
S 00005136 (Zabuyaque)
My previous copy was one disc only (with a promotional sheet and a photo inserted), this one contains all the three records, though a promo sticker is applied on the label of the 3rd disc, maybe the black records were intended as a promotional stuff but why they have higher serial numbers on the SIAE sticker? It makes sense that a promo release precedes retail ones.


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