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Dj SannyJ Vs Luca Zeta - Coming Back To You

Matador Dj

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Das Lied heisst ausserdem Im Coming To You

Hier die Lyrics :

“I’m Coming To You”

There’s your thought in me

Sweetest memory

My heart is beating strong

I'll be soon at your home

It's a new day

I'm so happy again

Now I'm feeling fine

I don't tell you more lies


If you believe in me

I can hold you tight

Living by your side

I’m coming to you

together forever with you


my heart is in your hand

Come into my life

There will be no strife

I’m coming to you

together forever with you

Quelle : www.lucazeta.de.vu

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It will contains:

1. Original mix

2. Electro Noise rmx

3. Valenziano rmx

4. Italian Raiders rmx

5. Overland rmx

6. (bonus track) "Dreaming Of Christmas"

7. Acappella track

With the acappella track people will can release a remix of the song and the

better remix that will arrive to Disco Planet Records will be published in

some forthcoming compilation made by Disco Planet Rec.


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Electro Noise und Italian Raiders Remix finde ich auch sehr fein !!!

Nur lustig das damals der Valenziano Remix "Power Remix" heissen sollte !

Jedenfalls geiles Teil, ein Muss für jeden Italo Fan !

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