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Gigi and the last-minute cancelled shows


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Now he also does it in Italy...


I just don't understand what could be the reason of his behaviour, is he sick? Is he afraid of something (panic disorder, anything else, who knows)?
Why the hell would he do such things as cancelling a 21.000 EUR already paid show, where the stage is fully done and ready for concert. And he cancels it just in the last minutes, saying some "technical reasons" occured, sounds bullshit enough.

He did it in Hungary as well, this summer - (brough down the show from his site hours before the event, though HE was already at Budapest [HU] by car - it was just a huge luck that I noticed that he brough down the live from the site, notified the organizers and thus they could still handle the problem by immediate action and somehow managed him to play...)

He did it in Hungary in 2013 (Deja Vu) as well, leaving after 40 minutes instead of 1.5 hours...

He does it all the time in other countries as well...


I just can't understand...

( many of the peoples are saying that he don't even like to return the money back to the accounts...
i really hope that this is not the real case... i wouldn't like to think of Gigi like that, although i know that he's not the best person ever existed, but that would just be too much...)



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