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  1. Romantic (L'Amour Mix) Gigi D'Agostino & Luca Noise If I could turn back time I'd do it again... If someone said to choose I would do the same... Over and over never be tired to say I want you... So you are in my dreams again... Obsessions sweet and clear you blew away my fear... ... the fear of never see' you again Because my mind is always set... on you... I whistle walkin' down the street Cuz' when i think of you My happiness is true This love is like a symphony My memory will never stop to play... If I co
  2. All nice and fine, but the Bolbottio slowed-down to this extent really works on lives only, I think Even Gigi has played this track with a little bit more tempo on lives as well. For my taste I did a +20% tempo change on that track, anybody interested PM Anyways my favourites so far (can change): Stronger Dance Ondeggio Borbottio (with the +20% tempo) In The Beginning Stai Mosso Surprising and nice release! I just wish more of the unreleased tracks to follow...
  3. Don't Say Gigi D'Agostino & Luca Noise When I'm alone at night and the streets are empty I can feel you When I turn off the light Theres a presence in my mind... I tried too many times to go on without worryin' about it Sometimes I make it right Other times I'm not that kind... Who believes in fairytales... And the time will heal it all ... The truth is that I really miss you so... Don't say... it's wrong Spend the night together We can ... belong ... Do this thing forever... No matter what we're setted, Our hearts are speakin' Don
  4. You Will Shine Gigi D'Agostino & Luca Noise lyrics Like... the shadow in the sun... the presence of your soul lets me feel That you're always by my side... You never let me go, whenever I may fall You will shine Like the brightest of the light... ( on repeat now for the past few days ... )
  5. I just re-discovered this recently released gem, the vocal cover of the Semplicemente... So wonderful and totally fits on the current happenings of the world and this virus stuff and all, the hopeful recovery going on everywhere, while still having the fears in the hearts... .... ...
  6. from "Gigi D'Agostino Collection, Vol. 2" https://open.spotify.com/track/2L525Q8NcFAuAz7oxlQkjm?si=xYzLsNOpTV2wSIcVHuhbeA Sun Is Rising Gigi D'Agostino ("Semplicemente" cover) The words you say to me... they can mean so many things, to me they're like the breath of every thought... Again the shines of light, in the silence cames to flow, another day is getting to be sent. Here the wind is blowing... OUTSIDE ... there's a world thats... able only to keep out so Fight enough... ... out tears and fears We should help each other to b
  7. probably what i feel is like a hole i cannot fill patiently i wait to be the next in line to hold the key(?) shoot me down because i know i haven't found a way to heal this wound thats raisin until my brain(?) and always let me down until i know that i have found a way to heal inside the sickness with some (?) away.... i will be able to go back where its all had begun please let go its not my goal but i can get enough of it shoot me down because i know i havent found a way to heal this wound thats raisin until my brain and alway
  8. Instant buy… an awesome addition to the "E.P." folder of Gigi He really did a nice job there… also you can note the "Club Mix" version naming for "Keep Your Head Up" - it suggests Gigi himself is proposing the track for clubs as well. ... and after Psico Dance comes out he's going to rock all the clubs again. If it ever comes out, he will surely do! Until then, waiting for more of these wonderful EP's / singles… its really wonderful...
  9. @musicista_bavarese: I think you must be right, "I'll give an advice out" sounds correct to me The more I listen to "Gigi's Time", the more I think its an absolute masterpiece... its a very well-composed and delightful piece of art from Gigi... hands up for the production.. I like how things are going now... as the lyrics says "don't be afraid to ask for more" - Gigi we're really asking for more here!
  10. Maybe you're right, but from a language perspective it doesn't seem to be correct, it'd rather be "I'm givin' advice out", isn't it? The other one is also questionable from the same point of view: "Its doesn't" looks not so valid to me, "It doesn't" rather is. (but currently I can't listen to it, going to check it soon)
  11. Eh... Bortolotti's(?) action can also be seen on Spotify (Latest singles section: Words are so easy to say) lol... dunno what is it good for..
  12. @hlennarz: Thanks, I just corrected the "hand to hold" part! However I'm not sure that the other one would be "leave and fight", given the whole song and its lyrics is full of positivism, what I can hear is "live and fight" (as in context "don't give up, you need to live and fight!"). Absolutely no idea what could the only unknown line be But I can also hear "sought", even though I'm not sure it really is...
  13. Whenever things are going wrong don't give up, hold it on Whenever things ain't looking fair, my hand will be there... Its just a matter having doubt I'll give an advice out I could be right or even wrong... … well, just lets go on… Feels life... made to live and fight… into… We will make it through. Keep your head up lots of surprises are... in store Keep your head up, don't be afraid to ask… … for more. … theres no end to hope… oh no... still needs some correction (thanks to @hlennarz, @DJ Maldestra and @musicista_bavarese)
  14. Hope it is also going to be released soon, this track is instant buy in FLAC format.
  15. ^^ The best version of this track Really glad to have this in full version on Gigi's channel (its been a long time that he posted anything on his main channel).
  16. My TOP 5 (almost the same as Phil's favs): Locomotiva (10/10) Passo Dub (the synth part is the best :D so funky track! ) Royals (well done!) Ghirlanda Cosa Rap Strange thing: "Stornello" was one of my favourite from lives which I've waited so much to be released, but it just somehow doesn't kicks ass, I dunno why… maybe the melody is repeating a bit too much, I don't know. Feels like missing something. Its a pity, otherwise there is a lot of potential in this track, which is absolutely cool and very (really!) well-done.
  17. Sad but I have to agree. No dynamics at all, thats what came to my mind when listening to it too (with some exceptions)... unfortunately. I think some of these tracks would be so-called "B Sides" if Gigi were to upload them to youtube as he did some years before -tracks which have been created years ago and been abandoned since, and now brought back to "life", a bit mastering here and there, some extra effects and boom, it can be distributed. Well, I'm happy to have it released, but a bit also sad, because this is not the way it lived in my/our mind. (also WTF at 5:27, Gigi suddenly fades t
  18. Hell yeah, I was hoping for this track to be released on "Treno Lento", actually I was almost sure that its going to be on it - but not At least now its there, better later than never! Nice track! What do you think, which track should be the "Dark" one? May we already know it from somewhere or its going to be a completely new one? ^^
  19. And "Il Mio Canto Libero" and as @Schlonte said, "Mad World" would be SOOOO freaking awesome!! Just Gigi please, don't use too much flanger on it! (not sure why did he started it so heavily as he does it now) My waitlist for further releases: Let yourself go Trust In Me 10/10 (!!!!!) Gli Anni (feat. Davide) Welcome to paradise (Gigi live 2005) Can't take my eyes off you (feat. Diana) (haha, these 2 are never going to be released, no way) The Reason [Diana & Davide Cantano GGDAG rmx] Keep on dreaming… :')
  20. Maybe in the first weeks of January. Btw to me it sounds like an unmastered selection of some old tracks + some added flanger effect and its done (kinda like Fastolento, tracks without intro-outro). I don't have high hopes at all now... but of course we can still be surprised.
  21. Its also interesting that LENTO VIOLENTO is not an active trademark now O.o… maybe thats why Lentonauta comes? while "Gigi D'Agostino" as a trademark is still active and registered, but not "lento violento": http://www.wirtschaft.ch/markenregister/GIGI+D+AGOSTINO/MODUSART+SERVICES+AG/Morbio+Inferiore/52531/2017/ Interesting...
  22. I don't think the version what Gigi plays differs really much from this, apart from its a little bit slower in BPM (about 5-10%), and I wouldn't call it a remix, but just an "edit" of this track (Gigi only plays the first part, and the last "lento-ish" part on his lives, also the part before the first drop has been cut, but thats all).
  23. I remember that topic from very long-long time ago (if we're talking about the same one), someone asked Gigi about mastering, and he replied like "mastering.. what is mastering?" :D Not sure if he was joking though. Anyway, what did I just find: I'm a little bit sad because I thought its definitely Gigi & Luca's production, that has to be on Psico Dance once released. But it appears I was wrong… :D Do you guys know this track?
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