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  1. Great album. I have a feeling they saved something for Atto Terzo 🙂
  2. Luca Noise shared his essential plyaylist on Spotify:
  3. Love this version sooo much too... Sad what I only heard a cut of it in poor live quality 😞 Also, few years ago I found live video with Complex acapella Gigi playing somevhere. Wow, what a masterpiece! Just vocal, effects, some pads - and that sounds sooo atmospheric... Sad we never see this version out...
  4. New release from GFX909: Bootlegs - Volume I https://gfx909.bandcamp.com/album/bootlegs-volume-i
  5. https://play.google.com/store/music/album/Federico_Romanzi_Dreamer?id=Buzr2glgivikzn6owhtm55hm6pa
  6. Magna Romagna presented Christmas Megamix! (links in comments) TRACKLIST : 1. Dengue Dengue Dengue - The Enemy 2. Tomma - Voyager 3. Petra Veres-Kovacs - Singing Peace (Bence K Remix) 4. Mr. Credo - Чудная долина (Adeejay X Genna Remix) 5. Magna Romagna - Troubles 6. Lighthouse Family - High (Cover) (Magna Romagna Remix) 7. Federico Romanzi - Saltarello 8. Tones And I - Dance Monkey (Magna Romagna Stranger Mix) 9. Tomma - Make It 10. Sabrina - Boys (Summertime love) (Adeejay 'bailando' remix) 11. Federico Romanzi - Libertà (Magna Romagna Remix) 12. Mia Martini - Minuetto (Magna Romagna Remix) 13. Symon - Matrioska (Magna Romagna Remix) 14. Alien Cut Feat. Nidawi - Wake Me Up 15. Trinchetto - I Menestrelli (Extended Teckno)
  7. So, if I get it right, all tracks from first version of LT2, were sended to ZYX because they released Gigi's stuff worldwide at that time. Then Gigi changed tracklist in last moment before printing CD's. So that means ZYX still have all those unreleased versions of LT2 songs? There alse was a sampler of Some Experiments/Disco Tanz: https://www.discogs.com/Gigi-DAgostino-Untitled/release/12182390 Seems like there was same situation. And all those unreleased tracks are still exists somewhere in ZYX. Wish there was a chance to ZYX to release all that Gigi's stuff somehow...
  8. I asked Fede on Facebook: there is no any bonus for buying physical copy of the album. But it's the best way to support Fede!
  9. Fun fact: tracks Christian Express - Imperium and Christian Express - TXT also has Luca Noise as author.
  10. A didn't know about L'Amour Toujours II pre-release tracklist, can you share it?
  11. Release Date: 19.12.2019 Tracklist here.
  12. I wish there were a post here on GFU with all Gigi's announced, but unrealeased stuff, with all avaliable info, including dates, covers, tracklist, etc...
  13. By, Gigi posted on Facebook lyrics for Cambia La Tua Viata:
  14. Wow! Just wow! That's what I call the album which I wished to take my hands on 10 years ago! But it's a great album even in 2019. For me at least :) Btw, is there a reason to buy .flac this time or Gigi again exported tracks in .mp3? :)
  15. Wow! Just wow! I can't believe it! I was longing for Malinconia/Madness since 2003... And now it's here... And here we have fade out again 😩
  16. Well that's a nice surprise! I was looking for Smoderanza, but well... it Gigi and Luca album anyway, so I'm glad anyway :)
  17. Wow! In the beginning that was "didn't get a single thing, but that was awesome!" kind of video :) But I get it somewhere in the middle. Thank you for the job you're done with the competition! ♥️
  18. There are some interesting Lento ineditos in recent SHOCK LENTO by Alien Cut:
  19. - henk_jan - Yunsung - Martin_DK - Wally44 - kazin
  20. Seems like it's not available in US then, since I use US account.
  21. Hmm. The album is not available in Spotify no more... 😯 https://open.spotify.com/album/44K7pVW7akt7ABTcu18woo
  22. Harmonic structurte is not enough for me to consider one track as musical citate of other track.
  23. Great song, especially harmonic part with vocal and bass. But melody is so simple and generic, like I'm listening to third-grade Eurodance song from 2000-2003 😞
  24. https://rafaellenz.bandcamp.com/album/i-love-this-company-2019-reissue
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