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  1. Thank you for this remix! I like how old school Gigi's sound is mixed here with your's synths and song structure. Love this work!
  2. Here is latest release from LentoLEXX: Night Sky And here's my anniversary mix for the Danca Lenta Records label. I produce Slowstyle/Lento under the name LentoLEXX for last 2 years, but initially I started to produce music more than 15 years ago. There are a lot of unreleased tracks, covers and demos - this is what I have done for the last 15 years and want to share with you
  3. Add me in list please! I want to participate
  4. kazin

    DJ Duda

    Wow! He found Dj Ross samples and synths... Almost all of them! Great work!
  5. I should admit: your covers for these mixes deserves to be on official Gigi's releases. They are awesome!
  6. DJ Bum Bum - Believe melody part is almost the same like in Gigi D'Agostino - In My Mind (Gigi Dag & Luca Noise Pervert Mix) Also both tracks based on the same chords progression.
  7. In two words: this is for 95% release of my dreams. I still miss few unreleased Mondo Dag tracks from Il Cammino and hate fade out moments, but overall - this is one of the best (if not the best) Gigi's release in last years. Grazie, Gigi
  8. 2000-2003 by far best mix for me (probably bc I love this period tracks more then previous one)!
  9. Hello there, Pioggia e Sole! Long time no see! P.S. Even thought this is self-citation, I like it :)
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G22NvFPclqE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JccQAPSUOog
  11. https://luigielettrico.bandcamp.com/album/wave-function-vol-1
  12. Lol. Seems someone from Russia made this fake-release.
  13. Now I tell how I remebmered these times. 1) Mondello worked with Gigi on some tracks, Gigi even posted info on his forum about a sub-label named NoiseMaker Hard, where Mondello co-produced tracks should be released. 2) A bit later in 2007-2008 Mondello on his MySpace posted a lot of links to a LV demos, which were on his official site. There was a 30-minutes LV mixtape on his site also. He also claimed there will be a Hard Slow Style (HSS) Compilation released soon (in 2008 I guess), there was even a cover for the compilations, but sadly I can't find it now. At that time I downloaded all Mondello tracks from his site/MySpace, I even saved the list on html-code from my file downloading soft with links and titles of these tracks: 3) There's no clear evidence what all these tracks are made only by Mondello/+Viviana (if you have any evidence - please post it here), but yes, you can clearly hear they have they own special sound. The reality is we don't know the truth about Gigi/Mondello work relations, we don't know how they were working on these tracks - maybe there was 100% Mondello+/Viviana ghost production, maybe 80%/20% Mondello/Gigi, maybe something else. I wish we had a glimpse of information about all these and many other tracks, but as far as I know there is no 100% confirmation what ALL the tracks were made 100% by Monderllo/Viviana solo.
  14. Love this chords progression, it's just 1 to 1 like in one of my favorites lento tracks Love Factory - Sometimes The Dreams Come True
  15. Ok. One question here: why just not release Gigi D'Agostino & Luca Noise - Girl instead? And - for a fans of VIZE & Emotik sound - Gigi D'Agostino & Luca Noise - Girl [VIZE & Emotik Remix]? I guess the answer is.... money
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