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  1. Mr Dendo started crowdfunding company for his "The Story Untold Project". The goal of the company - € 3,000.00. There are a lot of fan stuff there you can buy!
  2. https://play.google.com/store/music/album/Mr_Dendo_The_Story_Untold_2?id=Ba57wtzi4rxpssxztkoho565n6u
  3. Seems like: 2. Mr Dendo - Randomanza 6. Mr Dendo - Intrigo 7. Mr Dendo - Lentamente 9. Mr Dendo - Barzelletta 11. Mr Dendo - Cuore Forte 12. Mr Dendo - Andiamo
  4. Sneak peek of the second volume of The Story Untold tracklist:
  5. Check D&V tracks Culla, Piano Style, Full, In Memory Of Sic and Silence. I feel/hear there same vibe/structure/samples.
  6. I didn't get where the person from Discogs get his info. Without a proof (even if his info is correct) it's pretty strange to post such things on Discogs. I think Soy Libre is by D&V, not Lentonauta, so yes, I can go and update release info on Discogs. But without any proof, it doesn't make any sense.
  7. Confirmed tracks: Gente Lentamente, another version of Eden, Barzelletta.
  8. So here's the official announcement form Me Dendo about the second part of "The Story Untold":
  9. As for me: Soy Libre is veeeery similar to Mondello & Vivian (D&V) tracks. Vivo Per Lei is from Mondello free pack from 2013. Going in Doing has all typical Mondello samples and basses/synths/effects. La Tonta ( Distortion Mix ) also has Mondello sounds/bass/synths and vocal sampling.
  10. Federico Romanzi is planning to release 2CD-compilation of his tracks... And asking for help to fill the tracklist: Also, we now know that there will be SPM and JMM from Istinti Sonori/We Are Spaghetti Trip Set!
  11. If I translated Gigi's comment correctly, there will be more Lentonauta "parts" to be released in the future.
  12. Meantime, Mr Dendo and Federico Romanzi working on something new:
  13. Well, guys, Mr Dendo posted on Facebook about month or two ago what he recovered partially his old broken HDD where was all the old stuff produced by him. He also mentioned what he couldn't recover Obama's vocal samples for Yes We Can, that's the reason he released it under new title. Btw, this is the first EP of his old suff he planned to release, so I'm sure his second EP will be also mastered from lossy-format.
  14. It's out now! https://play.google.com/store/music/album/Mr_Dendo_The_Story_Untold?id=B5mide6jax3jleh7zcdy7y6scli
  15. Awesome release. No more freaking fade-in/fade-out parts (is Gigi really reading this forum?), no more strange "cutted" versions of tracks, just two great full-length tracks. ♥️
  16. Here is my small collection. The only one licensed CD here btw)
  17. Thank you, Sotto! Hmm. It's hard to remember at that moment, I'll check my CD's when I went back home from work. Still remembering that, yeah... Russian post is worst post service ever. 👿
  18. Just received my first in years physical Gigi's CD - Lento Violento E Altre Stroie. Bought it accidentally on local vinyl and CD's online shop, payed for it ~850 RUB (11 Euro) + 2.5 Euro for delivery.
  19. I must say I love every track more or less. But all of them seems awesome to me! Counting down the days till release...
  20. Here are 2 official Spotify playlist from Gigi: Funky Afro Disco Wave 60/70/80 - Lento Violento > Gigi D'Agostino https://open.spotify.com/playlist/58wKmUzrsiyNiMvGFSOZPu Lento Violento Gigi D'Agostino https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6R8RAlU86jl2LBCxsUxhJR P.S. It's Gigi himself who made this playlists, not Spotify!
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