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  1. Just a funny find: Stefre Roland - My Face and Lento Violento - Furiconda both have matching notes in bass and similar bass pattern 🙂
  2. Wow. So glad see Gigi playing Live... Can someone share full video with me via PM? Instagram is blocked in my country sadly. EDIT: thank you for sharing!
  3. I hope Gigi's set will be slightly longer then Bob Sinclair set was (4 minutes).
  4. Great news! I'm really glad Gigi feels good once again! So fingers crossed on March and Aprill releases. 🙏
  5. I thinks it's: That I don't wanna last --> But I am(?) wonderlust
  6. I do not understand him too. But I think the point here is Gigi's mood and condition at that moment. You can't understand the creator, since he have his own motives and his own point of view on these tracks.
  7. Btw, I noticed similar moments in Domani and Sostanza Noetica. One melody is pure major, while another starts in minor and ends in major, but both melodis have similar patterns. Key in both tracks is the same or it's a parallel keys. Also Bella Stagione sounds like it was composed in same period with Domani and Sostanza Noetica.
  8. Here are some thoughts about the album. The one and only track I skip all the times is Colorful - it's boring and hurt my ears >_< Suoni Del Sole is good lento track with eastern vibe I like a lot. Goodbye Bonsoire... That song is so simple and poppy and yet I can't stop humming it. It gets into your head and won't let go, so yes, 10/10 from me. Gigi did it again (at least for me). I'll Be with You is not a bad track, but I prefer instrumental version more. Fly in to the Night is another great hit for me. I like the mood it creates. Tuki Tuki is INSANE! I mean for the first time I heard it I thought: "What the F$$K is this?!". But the more I listening to it the more I like that "childish", somewhat reckless vibe of this track. 9/10. This Words of Love version is strange. I like vocals here, but overall sound and synth is not my cup of tea, it's pretty flat and "rustic". I hope there is another version of this track somewhere on Gigi's HDD with more rich sound and samples. The I Can See version here is not that bad, but I prefer Smoderanza 1 version more. I really love vocoder vocals on My Dreams, it's a good track overall, but I miss original vocals here a lot. Far West is just a BOMB! Awesome track, 10/10. Lentanova is a good filler track for me, but nothing special. Amor Valiente is also good and powerful track, but can't say I would like to listen it a lot. Mente Caminando is a total filler track for me. Sole Nuvoloso is interesting. I like it thought at one point while listening I want to skip it already 🙂 Around Down is just great! Another 10/10 from me. Fisafonica is ol' good one and I like it ends just in time, ideal track length for me. Intorno creates beautiful atmosphere around, I like it a lot. I'm not a huge fan of Stelle, it's a skip track for me most of the times. Fiero Pensiero is great, this track have perfect length, it didn't get boring and ends on a peak of it's grace. Giramondo, Bella Stagione and Domani are not bad tracks at all, but they just didn't fit my current mood at that moment. I will gave them a chance a bit later. Overall I like Smoderanza 2 more than the 1 🙂
  9. I rate it as the expected continuation of the first Smoderanza 🙂
  10. If there will be Sunglusses at Night on this album, I just hope that will be not the second version of Sunglusses at Night, which had chords progression swapped vice versa, which ruines whole haromony of the song >_< As for me, I'm looking forward for more Psy-trance style tracks like Io Suono Le and La Danse [GDLN 1038 Mix]
  11. All songs sounds great except Colorfull... Wow, such bad vocals/harmonies >_<
  12. Google-translating this part makes me feel awesome!
  13. What a great news! 🙏 No matter how old he looks, what matters is how young he at his heart, you know what I mean.
  14. Hmm... Yes, it was 63:43, and now it's 59:58.
  15. Just found a small musical quotation (or maybe I think so) in Tiziano Ferro - Sere Nere (Promiseland Remix) and Gigi D'Agostino - Silence (Vision 3). First minute of Sere Nere remix and intro part on Silence (Vision 3) have similar semitones and harmonies.
  16. Latest release from LentoLEXX is out. Chill and a bit melancholic vibe of first days of autumn on the beach... Here's Sulla Spiaggia: https://i.ibb.co/LSqgrHK/CS6255612-02-A-BIG.jpg Listen here: Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/0nlgaMTEwwbbbgK5kyCbNg Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/album/sulla-spiaggia-single/1701381984 SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/lentolexx/sulla-spiaggia Juno: https://www.junodownload.com/products/lentolexx-sulla-spiaggia/6255612-02/
  17. I still can't watch Mr Dendo Year Mix because of this: Video unavailable It contains materials from the SME partner. He blocked the video in your country due to copyright violations. Anyone else have same issue?
  18. Do ZYX have a specially trained person there who does all these mistakes and fails? 🙂
  19. Latest release from LentoLEXX is out today! Here's Cloudhopping: https://i.ibb.co/gb280GQ/maxresdefault.png https://promocards.byspotify.com/share/034129bfa1053d3c5823a8f4af0d21a864e9496e (sadly cover image link didn't shown for me, looks like forum engine is no longer show images links as images)
  20. It's La Batteria Della Mente melody... two years prior it was released by Gigi. Nice found!
  21. @hlennarz didn't know there was the first version of LT2 tracklist! Do you know any info about it?
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