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  1. Of course it's not Il Cammino version, because Il Cammino version is by Gigi & Pandolfi.
  2. Mr Dendo posted "first draft of cover" for song/album/remix called "Sherlock Holmes":
  3. Magna Romagna Official YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0M5BNOQSuZvU5Z8U8h8Bfg Margna Romagna Official Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/magnaromagnaofficial/
  4. I feel I became addicted to those daily tracks and mixes from Gigi. If he didn't release anything after all theese... well this be really sad and unlogical to me.
  5. I think by adding Smoderanza on YouTube after so much time and without any signature of Happy Go Lucky EP in video/description Gigi says: 1) here's your last track from the EP you asking for, 2) there will be no HGL EP anymore. Maybe there will be something better - new album or compilation with Luca Noise? Time will show.
  6. This is Smoderanza spectrum analysis. Can someone explain which value of kbps this spectrum is showing? 128 or 192?
  7. Well, shure it's not the same melody, but the mood and melody synth are pretty similar :) Magna Romagna - 'Testing Live Radio' Show (20.09.2019) (note: tracklist will be corrected) 01. Thalía, Natti Natasha - No Me Acuerdo [Magna Romagna Guadalupe Mix]02. Magna Romagna - Gangsta Dance03. Federico Romanzi - Don't Care04. Mahmood - Soldi [Benny Benassi Remix] 05. Dolla feat. T-Pain And Tay Dizm ‎– Who The F*** Is That? ['Magna Romagna Bootleg'] 06. ??? (Magna Romagna Track 2) 07 Stylus Robb – Ininna Tora ['Magna Romagna 'In The End' Bootleg'] 08. ??? (Deep House) 09. Lento Violento & Astro Musico ‎– Locomotiva [Mega Mix] 10. Magna Romagna ‎– I Passi Che Facciamo 11. Magna Romagna ‎– Centotredici [2006 Version] 12. Moto Remoto ‎– Scusa 13. ZUNTATA ‎– Let's Go to Pao Pao Island! (BGM1) ['Remix'] 14. ??? (Something from Magna Romagna Live Sets 1) 15. Duo Bucolico ‎– I Tempi D'Oro [Magna Romagna ''Bagni Renato'' Mix] 16. ??? (Magna Romagna Track 3) 17. ??? (Something from Magna Romagna Live Sets 2) 18. 883 ‎– L'Ultimo Bicchiere ['Magna Romagna Bootleg'] 19. Magna Romagna ‎– Bagarre [Radio Edit] 20. Orietta Berti ‎– Fin Che La Barca Và ['Magna Romagna Trip'] 21. Magna Romagna ‎– Via Aerea 22. Boots Randolph‎ – Yakety Sax ['Magna Romagna Remix'] 23. Timbaland feat. Keri Hilson & D.O.E. ‎– The Way I Are ['Magna Romagna »This Is The Industry« Bootleg'] 24. Bruno Mars ‎– Just The Way You Are [Tomma & Genna Insiem Amigos] 25. ??? (Solitudine) 26. ??? (Something from Magna Romagna Live Sets 3) 27. Dj Ross ‎– Floating In Love [Tonite! Extended Club Mix] 28. Gabry Ponte ‎– Sharm Café 29. Mr. Magic – Lawrence D'Arabia [Extended Version] 30. DJ Dado ‎– Where Are You? [Edx & Leon Klein B2B Original Mix]
  8. https://play.google.com/store/music/album/Magna_Romagna_Atto_Primo_EP?id=Beu6bagmsqo7wkmkykwuotn3jye 1 Bagarre (Radio Edit) 3:53 2 Bagarre (Extended Version) 6:36 3 Centotredici (2006 Version) 5:20 4 Treno Estremo 3:50
  9. Magna Romagna testing live radio right now:;stream.mp3
  10. Btw, as we talking about Centotredici... I wrote about this before already 4-5 years ago in Tracklist tread. The melody of Centotredici is from Madonna - American Life refrain, here's the link with timecode (1:06):
  11. New info about first Magna Romagna EP. The title is Magna Romagna - Atto Primo EP. It will contains of 3 tracks. More info on Italodanceportal.com news site.
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