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  1. I Got To Stay Funky
  2. Well he couldn't produce the track without into/outro part. It could be simply beat+snare+hat+cymbal part, but sure it exists on his HDD or at least in Apple Logic project.
  3. Scialadance – Miracle 2019 [Stipe – Mills – Buck] R.E.M. ‎– Miracle 1999 [Stipe – Mills – Buck] Scialadance – Oceano 2019 [Cacciapaglia] Roberto Cacciapaglia ‎– Oceano 2007 [Cacciapaglia] Scialadance – Lemon Tree 2018 [Freudenthaler – Hinkel] Fool's Garden ‎– Lemon Tree 1995 [Freudenthaler – Hinkel] Scialadance – More Than Words 2018 [Cherone – Bettencourt] Extreme ‎– More Than Words 1990 [Cherone – Bettencourt] Scialadance – La Serenissima 2018 [Reverberi – Giordano] Rondo' Veneziano ‎– La Serenissima 1981 [Reverberi – Giordano] Scialadance – Forever Young 2018 [Lloyd – Mertens – Gold] Alphaville ‎– Forever Young 1984 [Lloyd – Mertens – Gold] Scialadance – Sweet Child O' Mine 2018 [Guns N' Roses] Guns N' Roses ‎– Sweet Child O' Mine 1987 [Guns N' Roses]
  4. So I've listened Scialescion for about 10-12 times already and I'm ready to write all of my thoughts. Il Mio Canto Libero. Not a fan of the original song, but I think Gigi make it better. I love all sounds chosen for drums, love the bass sound. For me, a small minus is the pretty big duration of the track and repetitive in the last part. 7/10 Io Vagabondo. After the first few listenings, I didn't like it at all. I've listened original and it sounds pretty boring. But some time after I've started to play chorus melody in my head again and again and again... So now I really like this song! :) 8/10 La Lontananza. Love it since Il Cammino. Simple and beautiful one. 8/10 Hotel California. Absolutely unexpected piece. I've listened original so many times in my childhood, so I was afraid Gigi could ruin the magic of this song. But he didn't! It's great Marani singing, it's sound based on Happiness Is You etc, but a bit slower in terms of BPM. And some parts of the song became darker. I like it very much. 8/10 Vita Spericolata. I've listened to it many times, I've listened to the original one. Well, I can't say it's a bad song. But it doesn't make my "bell to ring". Probably just not my kind of pop song, at that moment at least. 7/10 Ramaya. I didn't expect what piece will be ever released, because for me for years it was an ending theme of Il Cammino. Another unexpected thing, what this version is slightly shorter (for about 12 seconds) than Il Cammino version. Anyway, it's a good little instrumental track, but I've listened to it so many times before so I just don't' want to listen again сonsciously. 6/10 (Do You Have) The Force. I love it, and I love the original one. Gigi also makes his version sound pretty old-school, reminds me of Why Not a bit. Awesome, in one word. 9/10 Miracle. Original still a mystery for me (I'm sure Gigi covered it). The sound overall is the same as in La Valse D'Amélie. And the melody pretty sure could fit some movie. For me, it's pretty simple. But I love the final part, it's pretty epic. 7/10 Mad World. I've heard a full live rip of this song some years ago, also I'm not a huge fan of original, so for me, it's just an "ok" track. 6/10 Knights of Cydonia. This is a masterpiece. I love original, I love Gigi's cover. I love this raw screamy synth. And I love this epic final part. 10/10 A Question of Time. After the first listening, I just thought "WTF with this melody?! WTF this synth?!" But then I've checked original by Depeche Mode. And I started to look on this song at a different angle. Pretty catchy track with the interesting structure of the final part. 8/10 Anastasis. I was surprised it's a cover of Rockets track. I've listened to a lot of them In my childhood, but never heard this melody... It's a great track, I love the mood and the atmosphere it creates. 8/10 Bigmouth Strikes Again. Wow, just wow. So catchy song, this awesome old-school sound, beautiful voice of Marani... It could be 10/10 if it was a full extended version without fade-in and fade-out part. Who knows why, but Gigi decided to release it in such abridged version... That's sad, but I love it anyway. 9/10 Chanson Balladee. Pretty sweet little "filler". I love its pseudo-Renaissance structure of melody and how it was built. Gigi did a great work with synths for his cover. 8/10 Live in the Morning. Still can't get what is this track doing on this album. It's perfect for any Lento Violento release, but here... Well, it feels pretty strange. But the track itself is not bad at all. Funny thing is the name of the track. You can clearly hear "The night become morning, morning became a day", but Gigi heard it like "Live in the morning" :) 6/10 No Controles. Pretty beautiful rework of original song. I dislike a kick sound here (it's very punchy for me), but overall it's a great cover, with a lot of small details. 7/10 Oxigèn, Pt. 4. It's hard to spoil something when the original version is so beautiful. But here Gigi outdid himself. He did fantastic work and create a masterpiece which is better than original for me. Love it since Il Cammino, love it now. 10/10 Just wanted to say this album is by far my favorite one overall digital and some physical releases by Gigi. Overall: 132/170 = 7,7/10.
  5. Scialadance – Il Mio Canto Libero 2019 [Battisti – Mogol] Lucio Battisti ‎– Il Mio Canto Libero 1972 [Battisti – Mogol] Scialadance – Io Vagabondo 2019 [Salerno – Dattoli] I Nomadi ‎– Io Vagabondo [Che Non Sono Altro] 1972 [Salerno – Dattoli] Scialadance – La Lontananza 2019 [Modugno – Bonaccorti] Domenico Modugno ‎– La Lontananza 1970 [Modugno – Bonaccorti] Scialadance – Hotel California 2019 [Felder – Henley – Frey] Eagles ‎– Hotel California 1976 [Felder – Henley – Frey] Scialadance – Vita Spericolata 2019 [Ferro – Rossi] Vasco Rossi ‎– Vita Spericolata 1983 [Ferro – Rossi] Scialadance – Ramaya 2019 [Simone – Regal] Afric Simone ‎– Ramaya 1974 [Simone – Regal] Scialadance – [Do You Have] The Force 2019 [Cuitad – Hayat] Droïds ‎– [Do You Have] The Force 1977 [Cuitad – Hayat] Scialadance – Mad World 2019 [Orzabal] Tears For Fears ‎– Mad World 1982 [Orzabal] Scialadance – Knights Of Cydonia 2019 [Bellamy] Muse ‎– Knights Of Cydonia 2006 [Bellamy] Scialadance – A Question Of Time 2019 [Gore] Depeche Mode ‎– A Question Of Time 1986 [Gore] Scialadance – Anastasis 2019 [Maratrat] Rockets ‎– Anastasis 1979 [Maratrat] Scialadance – Oxygene [Part IV] 2019 [Jarre] Jean-Michel Jarre ‎– Oxygene [Part IV] 1976 [Jarre] Scialadance – Bigmouth Strikes Again 2019 [Marr – Morrissey] Smiths ‎– Bigmouth Strikes Again 1986 [Marr – Morrissey] Scialadance – Chanson Balladée 2019 [Luciani] Antonio Riccardo Luciani ‎– Chanson Balladée 1977 [Luciani] Scialadance – No Controles 2019 [Cano] Ole Ole ‎– No Controles 1983 [Cano]
  6. I don't think any remaster is necessary, agree. But I've found out what there are no any Decibel EP in Google Play or Spotify now... Seems like they completely abandon the "Spaghetti Trip" alias and re-released some old stuff under current artist name.
  7. New track from Dj Maxwell & Carlotta:
  8. Well there are different versions of Disco Misto, Tradimento, Febrology and Prepotanz. Also I like what they do and want to thank them for the music they create. So I'm gladly give them money 🙂
  9. And is OUT! https://play.google.com/store/music/album/Mr_Dendo_Federico_Romanzi_Disco_Misto?id=Bx63bgfm6atgogvah4l35jppxj4 Trackist: 1 Venere 4:21 2 Disco misto 5:07 3 Tradimento 5:08 4 Febrology 4:21 5 Prepotanz 5:29 6 Pensiero 4:02 7 I marinai non hanno paura delle sirene 4:43 8 The Cage 4:14 9 Sentenza 5:24 10 Treno grigio 4:14 11 Panico 4:36 12 Oscurità 4:18
  10. No one can see videos till release date. Mr Dendo posted cover in good quality and stated this will be Volume 1 and it will consist of 12 tracks. Poco Tempo, Mosca Matta, Svaghen and other tracks will be on Volume 2.
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