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  1. Lol. Seems someone from Russia made this fake-release.
  2. Now I tell how I remebmered these times. 1) Mondello worked with Gigi on some tracks, Gigi even posted info on his forum about a sub-label named NoiseMaker Hard, where Mondello co-produced tracks should be released. 2) A bit later in 2007-2008 Mondello on his MySpace posted a lot of links to a LV demos, which were on his official site. There was a 30-minutes LV mixtape on his site also. He also claimed there will be a Hard Slow Style (HSS) Compilation released soon (in 2008 I guess), there was even a cover for the compilations, but sadly I can't find it now. At that time I downloaded
  3. Love this chords progression, it's just 1 to 1 like in one of my favorites lento tracks Love Factory - Sometimes The Dreams Come True
  4. Ok. One question here: why just not release Gigi D'Agostino & Luca Noise - Girl instead? And - for a fans of VIZE & Emotik sound - Gigi D'Agostino & Luca Noise - Girl [VIZE & Emotik Remix]? I guess the answer is.... money
  5. Sure it will not be an album. I'm 100% sure it will be another commercial EDM single like all the tracks VIZE produces, just check his production.
  6. Hollywood (Nex Mixes) is a release name, it's not a "category or tag/lable". Edit: just clarifying, the word "Album" in all music services meaning release category name. It could be a single, EP, or really LP.
  7. Interesting version of Hung Up - sounds, like it was pitched down with vocal from 120 bpm to 111
  8. @Desper-D you can check current found titles on screen below
  9. We have this and much more info about YouTube unpublished tracks in Il Cammino Trackislt thread, starting page 55 and onwards.
  10. I would like to share mine list, but there will be some unreleased yet tracks.
  11. Sounds like good old 2004-2005 Onironauti track.
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