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  1. Techno Squat is Elena Tanz and Stefano DI Carlo music project. They first compilation will be released in the end of June and titled Slow. Music style: Lento Violento. Preview:
  2. Magna Romagna Live 07 (20-06-2014) 'Randomic Live Show' 05. ??? - (Bagattella) --> Mr. Credo - Chiudnaya Dolina ['Magna Romagna Bootleg']
  3. Is anyone recorded Mr Dendo's DendoStyle show from 06.04.2017 on Radio Emotions?
  4. Some tracks sounds great. And Stefano DI Carlo singing is pretty interesting too.
  5. Hm. Gigi D'Agostino - Desert sounds very close to Popularnaja Mehanika - Pure Rose.
  6. Can somebody translate this article? https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1700484690262932&set=p.1700484690262932&type=3&theater (Image here: ) As I can roughly get, Gianfranco Bortolotti says Gigi will release new album this year. Edit: I've got the text: With help of Google Translate I've got this:
  7. Cuore Forte and l Trip Del Vagabondo (Dark Night) are awesome bonus tracks! Hope someday they will be able to buy in digital stores...
  8. @hlennarz can you tell, is Cuore Forte is one of already known tracks or it's a new one?
  9. Dallas released free EP (chek it on his FB page): Tracklist: 01. Rapporto Distorto - Fuck You02. RAM - Get Back (Dallas Edit) www.djdallas.net/releases/NYE_E.P.zip
  10. I get all the info from SIAE, the same site you linked, in 2014. You can find alternative titles on the track page. I think we need to remove all the titles which were already released (Affaticamento Muscolare, Get Out).
  11. Update: Big Daddy is Artista Non Pervenuto - Big Daddy from Il Cammino. Child is Brian O'Donnell - Bad News ['Il Folklorista Trip'] from Il Cammino. L P is listed as L & P on SIAE database. Strada is listed as La Strada in SIAE database. Torre is listed as La Torre in SIAE database. Leaving Me is listed as Leaving Me (Your Eyes My Heart) in SIAE database. Indifferenza is listed as L'Indifferenza in SIAE database. On Stage (Di Agostino / ??? / Leoni) --> On Stage (Di Agostino / Galli Alessandro / Leoni) I Think You Slow full cast: SERRA GIAMPIERO Compositore Musica (C) DI AGOSTINO LUIGINO Compositore Musica (C) SCALAMBRIN MARIO Compositore Musica (C) SPAGNUOLO ORESTE Compositore Musica (C) SCALAMBRIN MARIO Autore del Testo (A) SERRA GIAMPIERO Autore del Testo (A) SPAGNUOLO ORESTE Autore del Testo (A) Spazzacamino (Di Agostino / ???) --> Spazzacamino (Di Agostino / Galli Alessandro) Some addons from me: Gigi Melody (Di Agostino) (Codice ISWC: T-200.489.956-0) Ti Amo Un Mare (Di Agostino) (Codice ISWC: T-912.785.076-4) Troverai (Di Agostino) (Mr Dendo - Troverai) (Codice ISWC: T-903.210.920-9)
  12. There are 3 bonus tracks on the CD!