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  1. kazin

    Datura - Eternity 25 th Anniversary (Italo Dance Tipp)

  2. kazin

    Scialadance - Ways Vol. 1

    Also, Narcotic (with vocals) and Nothing Else Matters cover could be on Vol. 2 (if it ever will be released thought).
  3. kazin

    Dj Maxwell

    Well.. I hope before - because he mentioned label (Saifam) and - the most important reason - Gigi is impossible to beat in "album delays" discipline :)
  4. Something new from Gigi & Luca is coming soon...
  5. kazin

    Dj Maxwell

    Dj Maxwell - "The Dark Side of the Future"......Mini Ep. Vol. 1.... Coming Soon... @djmaxwellofficial@simone_ermacoraSaifam Music@dance
  6. kazin

    Scialadance - Lemon Tree (Gigi Dag Mix)

    Yes, seems like Lentonauta also Gigi's project: https://domain-status.com/www/lentonauta.net
  7. kazin

    Scialadance - Lemon Tree (Gigi Dag Mix)

    Well, this track sounds very good. I like all the details, background synths, vocal effects, panning and mastering overall. I wonder if there a Luca Noise hand on it?
  8. kazin

    Scialadance - Lemon Tree (Gigi Dag Mix)

    You can also buy it on Google Play.
  9. Federico is re-releasing his classic tracks now on BandCamp . Look what he says: there will be new stuff from him soon!
  10. WTF?! Really? That's ridiculous!
  11. kazin

    Gigi D'Agostino & Luca Noise - Psico Dance

    Great post! One thing I still don't get. There are a lot of professional music engineers out there (and I'm sure Time records has them in they stuff team). Why doesn't Gigi ask for the help of professionals? About a year now he's just waiting for... I don't know - maybe a divine intervention?
  12. kazin

    Gigi D'Agostino & Luca Noise - Psico Dance

    I just didn't get one thing. Gigi has no "personal problems" for releasing Lento-stuff. Gigi has no "personal problems" for releasing previews of his non-lento tracks on Youtube, playing them live for years and announcing an album. Gigi has no "personal problems" while contacting with Media records and then Time records for publishing Psico Dance. But he has "personal problems" for sending master of CD to record label. And it doesn't matter he is not the only one author/producer (Luca Noise also) of CD, and it doesn't matter what fans are already tired of waiting. But why his "personal problems" are so much more important than all this and what are they?
  13. kazin

    Lento Violento - Fastolento

    Holy f*ck. The whole album without announce. That's Gigi I like.
  14. kazin

    Dynoro & Gigi D'Agostino - In My Mind

    Russian popular dance radio DFM:
  15. kazin

    Gabry Ponte & Pop X - Tanja

    Wow. Didn't expect such sound from Gabry Ponte! Overall nice song.