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  1. I would like to share mine list, but there will be some unreleased yet tracks.
  2. Sounds like good old 2004-2005 Onironauti track.
  3. Here are some tracks I didn't find in our list (except Ti Amo, it is in list):
  4. BTW, if anyone know a way how to ignore 100 search results restriction and search properly Gigis songs here please tell us.
  5. Some new SIAE-registered tracks by Gigi & Luca (since we sadly can't search Gigi-only tracks because of SIAE site stupid restriction on search results count):
  6. Well there are 2 good old tracks on this album - Una Famiglia Esemplare and True Love. But other tracks... especially with vocals... They really need more better production
  7. Thank you Schlonte! Add me to the list please: kazin.
  8. There's new Dj Maxwell Official YouTube channel (he posted videos from it on his Facebook page, so it's really official). There are a lot of videos, some old, sone new remixes and some old live videos, for example: Check his channel for more his stuff!
  9. Seems like Psico Dance is still have a chance to be released one day...
  10. I must say I've expected much worse from this album... But it fills completely for my current mood. Also I almost do not listened Gigi's mixes and Live's last 6 months, so a lot of these tracks fades away in my memory, so almost whole album sounds fresh for me. Also, only for 2 of 13 "short tracks" I feel a pity they are so short. All other tracks sounds absolutely good to me in term of length. Here's my quick summary:
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