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  1. Wow! Just wow! I can't believe it! I was longing for Malinconia/Madness since 2003... And now it's here... And here we have fade out again 😩
  2. Well that's a nice surprise! I was looking for Smoderanza, but well... it Gigi and Luca album anyway, so I'm glad anyway :)
  3. Wow! In the beginning that was "didn't get a single thing, but that was awesome!" kind of video :) But I get it somewhere in the middle. Thank you for the job you're done with the competition! ♥️
  4. There are some interesting Lento ineditos in recent SHOCK LENTO by Alien Cut:
  5. - henk_jan - Yunsung - Martin_DK - Wally44 - kazin
  6. Seems like it's not available in US then, since I use US account.
  7. Hmm. The album is not available in Spotify no more... 😯 https://open.spotify.com/album/44K7pVW7akt7ABTcu18woo
  8. Harmonic structurte is not enough for me to consider one track as musical citate of other track.
  9. Great song, especially harmonic part with vocal and bass. But melody is so simple and generic, like I'm listening to third-grade Eurodance song from 2000-2003 😞
  10. https://rafaellenz.bandcamp.com/album/i-love-this-company-2019-reissue
  11. Magna Romagna Live 06 @ GranDanceRadio (24-04-2014) 'Gabro - Genna - Tomma' 24. ??? - (Il Presidente) --> Antonello Venditti - Sotto La Pioggia [Tomma Remix]
  12. Gfx909 released his first album titled Melodies - Volume I om Basecamp: https://gfx909.bandcamp.com/album/melodies-volume-i
  13. Out now: https://play.google.com/store/music/album/Mr_Dendo_Sherlock_Holmes?id=B2yhrkshuir36hanhoosyh6upa4
  14. Of course it's not Il Cammino version, because Il Cammino version is by Gigi & Pandolfi.
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