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  1. I wonder did people on CasaDag asked Gigi about Yandex release?
  2. I take no offence, but I didn't choose where to be born. And, aside from the political situation, you wrong, we have great online shops
  3. Oh yeah, you probably can't buy anything in Russia via Bank Card bc SWIFT bank system doesn't work anymore in Russia >_<
  4. It's 300 russian rubles per month or about 5 Euro. But it's only for streaming, you can't download music directly - you need to find browser extension to download from YM. https://plus.yandex.com/
  5. No, only 320 kbps for Premuim users (I'm not using Premium sadly).
  6. Yep, seems Yandex have limitations of working with other countries except Russia and Turkey, use VPN to register free account and you will be able to listen full versions in 192kbps (you can even download tracks but you need to google for Chrome extension).
  7. It's released already - you can listen full versions now. EDIT: it was released on 25-th of August LOL
  8. But both releases have 2 in they title, also track Warlock seems the same on both releases. This looks more like Gigi or/and Luca decided to change tracklist in last moment and he/they forgot to revoke old release from streaming service... Or this is strange experiment and they wanted this release to be different on different streaming servces
  9. I found something strange. Here is Circo Uonz 2 - B Sides (2014 - 2015) on Apple Music with 4 tracks: And here is Circo Uonz 2 - B Side (2011 - 2015) on Yandex Music with 3 different tracks: WTF?
  10. No, absolutely not at all necessary. There are at least 2 different drum kicks in this track in Il Cammino. Since we never heard full track I think it's the same version.
  11. There will be also another release soon: Circo Uonz (B Side) Here is cover:
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