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Is Lento dead?


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Hey all

I was at my first Gigi Live after 3 years in the Fellini Club on Friday. Great location in general (very big, even though the main dancing area could have been bigger). Great atmosphere as always in Italy and also Gigi was very motivated as always.

Just one thing was missing: Lento. There were zero Lento tracks. The most Lento was a short section of his "new" Bla Bla Bla mix. Otherwise nothing. No Osservo. No "The name of my dj" (my favorite from 3 years ago). Only the new fast Lo Sbaglio and Pioggia e Sole versions. And instead of his Lento classic, he played some kind of more "clubbing"-sounding tracks which I also didn't know. I tried my best to make him play something (going so far as to showing him my nice LENTO VIOLENTO hoodie when I was in the second row :D). But yeah, didn't help. 

Anyway, still a great evening. I just wonder, how were your experiences lately? And would you also be disappointed or would it be fine with you if he plays no Lento if you go to a concert?

Not sure if this is a worthy topic, please feel free to merge it to an existing "live experiences" thread if necessary :D 

All the best!

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Well, I think Gigis Lento Violento Style is better than its new Psico Dance Style!

For me, the psico dance style goes too much in the direction of Goa and club sounds!

What I think Gigi with his psico dance compilation in some

Countries in Europe will be very high in the charts!

I think Gigi is experiencing with IN MY MIND and even if the PSICO DANCE

Compilation on the market is a second spring! ;)

I hope the Gigi on google play a lot of Lento Violento songs like for example

LOVE HAS BEEN WAITING and many GIGI CANTA songs released !!! :-)

Gigi is for me and will always be the biggest DJ on earth !!

Gigi forever !!!

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Hi Perret,

First of all, no Lento Violento is not dead...not at all!

Saturday last week I went to Altromondo Studios and Gigi played a hell of a set out there.
to ben honest, I think it was one of his best sets I ever heard!:yahoo: 
Besides For the first time in years I also saw Gigi was enjoying what he was doing, he laught and danced the whole time.

He played for about 5 hours, and the first two hours he only played Lento, like you can see in de the posted video above.
2 hours of Lento Violento in it's purest form, deep, dark, intens, i can't hardly find the words to discribe it, he just blowed off the roof!

I have spoken to many people from the staff of AMS, and they tolld me that Gigi also played like that on the 14th...So, no Lento is not dead!
Also please look at his Lento Violento channels on YouTube, Spotify, Googleplay store etc. he is publishing lot of songs.

Maybe the organisation asked him to not play a lot of lento, and Gigi has listened to thier request, like he also does with "back to the 90's festivals"

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Aaaah OK! Cool stuff! :-) So I seem to have gone to the wrong Live for my taste :D But it was nice anyway :-) I was just worried because the Live Videos I was watching lately were also not really full of lento, so I was really worried Gigi forgot about it when there was 0 Lento tracks at Fellini. But actually really cool set at Altromondo! Very deep, lucky you :-) So it seem nowadays you need to go even more to the south to get some "real" Lento :D

Actually I really didn't mean Lento was dead on Youtube etc. :-) Just thought on Gigi Lives (this is why I posted in this subsection of the Forum :-)). Anyway, thanks for the responses, I guess the thread is not longer needed then :-) 

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