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  1. Great track! Gigi is on fire!
  2. Let's say the title from the track suites the sound! Happy Curious about the other tracks
  3. Gigi says it's not from him..easy if you ask me...
  4. Source https://www.casadag.com/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=536&p=8468#p8468 Song is not available any more...and another artist has been addded... Darja
  5. Hard to belive this is from Gigi...
  6. Both mentioned tracks are on Fastolento, not Treno Lento
  7. Ad I May suggest, start with Treno Lento within a few days. I think we have had enough time to geen ge a proper verdictšŸ˜Š
  8. It's time for some new rounds of 'Song Survivor' Treno Lento Lentonauta
  9. This is fucking awesome!! One of the best release of last time! Also El Dia, formely known as Steps to haven...did not expect that one to be released!
  10. Hell yeah finnaly it's here! After 10 years Gigi hasnt been playing in Altromondo, this was the first song I heard him playing last 25th of August in Altromondo! This is absolutely stunning good song! Happy to see it released!!! Grazie Meastro Dag
  11. Nice Cammino/quello Che mi piace classic
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