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  1. Congratulations for the winner! And thank you hlennarz for doing this!
  2. Yes, I have it. I saw the link in the spam folder
  3. I can ot find the option for the fysical CD?!?
  4. Yeah me2! I Will stay awake to buy myself this album. Finnaly Cielo will be released
  5. This is a truly finale with two La Tana del Suono songs. And it's hard to choose between Moving and Locomotiva... Both have there great and specific sounds, But if I have to make a choice I think Moving should be the winning song, I think it has more dynamic and atmosphere. So this round I'll choose Locomotiva.
  6. Thanks you for mentioning the misspelled topic title, have made a correction on it. I think that Scialescion is two words in one, Scial from Scialadance and escion from selection or something like that😅 Btw I was thinking on what other tracks should be released.... What about 883 - Gli anni (Gigi canta)
  7. I hope for Love has been waiting (tanz), Margherita. And also Essenza (mondo dag).
  8. Gigi has announced a New Album under his alias Scialadance. It's called Scialescion One of the tracks is IL mio canto Libero Forum source: https://www.casadag.com/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=651&sid=e7a04b856ee72227ea4b0bcb08efeb52
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