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  1. henk_jan


    Nice Camminacaso agaian, like this "presentation" of his un-released music! However I do hope Gigi is working on new albums aswell and not only putting energy in making these Cammino's
  2. Wonderful topic, with nice and inspiring music. I would like to share with you a track which defently fits in the profile.. The first is one is a track by Jean Michel Jarre, back in de days I have used this track to open with during DJ sets etc. And it's still one of my favorites, the atmosphere and vibe is just from another world....listen yourself The second is one is from VNV Nation, Nova. Don't need te spend a lot of words for this masterpiece
  3. Well in that case, can you proof those claims? I can't find anything that points in the direction of Gigi, so I'm wondering where to look. 😊
  4. Gigi has definitely nothing to do with "GDC band" expect that GDC band is using L'amour Toujours for their own remixes. Besides all those remixes and so on are more than a year old... So the only one who has to buy licenses is GDC band and they are paying GigiπŸ˜… I'm more than curious where your suggestions are based up on😊
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