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  1. Gigi's time Great tracks for the final round!
  2. Never mind, it was neither one of the names Above... This is the right one...Banger!!!
  3. That was also my first thought, night be Ferry Corsten, Above & Beyond, Gareth Emery or Aly & Fila. But for this moment I did not find anything, so that's why I ask it here, maybe some member knows the artist
  4. Last saturday Gigi has played at Mia Clubbing, Italy. Like the video above he has also played this trance song, and for some reason I like it a lot. Does anyone here on the forum have any clue who can be the artist, or track title from this master piece? I've tried allready Shazam, but no results there (Yes yes, you may say duh)
  5. Wonderfull album, with long awaited tracks on it! Troubles extended!!
  6. 13 tracks is insane! Really hope for Bolgia (2 version) For Troubles, the extended version And for La Resa dei Conti
  7. The chorus of 'Sun is Rising' is built on the melody of Semplicimente!!! Gigi has built a masterpiece with this track!
  8. What an album, did not expect that songs like Pure Rose, let yourself go and Cambia la tua vita are on it! Cammino Contento Malagrazia mix Next album per favore Let yourself go (tanz mix) Grazie Grazie Grazie Gigi!! And herewith the Spotify link
  9. Nice melody intro Like this one, bit of hardstyle influences...nice job.
  10. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10157630882769774&id=33413339773 The CD will be pressed very soon!
  11. And again it's you starting with complaining...always, No mather what Gigi is releasing or publishing or doing in general, you will look and dig till you find something to complain about. I'm about to think that you hate Gigi or something, is it some personal issue? So please please please try to be possitive, it makes life so much more beautifull 😊 About the song, I love this version much more than te one on Suono Libero!
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