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  1. I think it's about time for the next round... Song survivor volume 18
  2. Interesting thoughts here. IMO it makes no sense to release an album only on Youtube. Yes it is a bit strange if you look at Luca's post on Facebook. But again, it is not logical at all to release Smoderanza on Youtube only. Here is what I mean, if they do as you say Above it will result in extreme lack of income for both Gigi and Luca, particularly for Gigi since has no income from live performances due to the whole Covid-19 issues. So his only income now is from publications and music streams. What they possibly can do is release the album Smoderanza on al digital platfo
  3. This is a big Suprise!! Did not expect this one to be published
  4. So with Tidal you can download the files itself onto your device you want? Or is it the same as downloading with Spotify, you can listen offline, But you cannot acces the music files?
  5. And also Smoderanza is still alive For some reason the title Smoderanza missed this topic...
  6. https://open.spotify.com/album/6wxs99HCFVf5TaeZQl3Yi1
  7. Last one.... Waaaayy too short if you ask me...
  8. Old one played on the tribe sets back in 2007!! Basso della meditazione Edit: Found the tribe edition 03-08-2007...track start at minute 3:35... With a nice philosophy about meditation and concentration by our Meastro Lento Violento.... Anyway listen yourselfs and enjoy
  9. Well...it seemed this prophecy was even more accurate
  10. Out of nothing Gigi posted the tracklist on Facebook...sweet goodness this Looks insane!!
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