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  1. 😅 Just announced by Mr Deno on his Instagram page. Out tomorrow and contains 11 tracks https://youtu.be/fSl_aakwPPg?si=G5Cw3tBgOxi0E6K1 https://youtu.be/3B1HMcVgnsi=DfYiZtaLsrxX4EpO https://youtu.be/Wb_J6qeW7iU?si=_CpPLKmHglYM0jNo
  2. https://youtu.be/xbUl9JeR4_8?si=_t0PJP_yWMu21G8t Passacaglia
  3. https://youtu.be/Wb_J6qeW7iU?si=mpIr0VgZMI3Y-v-u Mr. Dendo - Nostalgia (extended)
  4. The word is out, first date for the Romagna coast this summer... 27 July, saturday.... Rimini Beach Arena https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=813209964180448&set=a.636334835201296
  5. Vola Vola (Gigi Dag & Luc On Vola mix) https://youtu.be/TX2O-fHb3Rs?si=ggOewWrtjBL3GLRI
  6. Goodbye Bonsoir (Tanzen Dub Gigi Dag & Luc On mix) https://youtu.be/C6pcdTiLXSQ?si=COjjrSoV71uCT8Li
  7. https://youtu.be/3bqeXFgfwPA?si=w25lkonFgvyqIgsC Tiësto - Lethal Industries (Federico Romanzi remix)
  8. Can you feel it (Gigi Dag & Luc On radio mix) https://youtu.be/B0INfGv1pnQ?si=Q5WmmOmJLJnfKrQd Ps. Nope, this is not the one most of us are waiting for😅
  9. New EP announcement Sound of Love By Gigi and Luca Sound of Love (Gigi Dag & Luc On radio mix) https://youtu.be/j4bHE5qfQZY?si=IqGvApUGn3oozPR5
  10. Lento Violento - Demodag 300G ("Her 41")
  11. Time for a short review Let's start with the fact that it's great to see Gigi is coming back and is recovering from his disease! Producing and publishing new music, and this year he is back on the console aswell! Now back to "Smoderanza 2" At first I did not know what to expect, will this release only contain the new productions from Gigi and Luca? Will we find some older (Lento Violento) tracks on this album, or some of the publications from the youtube mixes Lalaumpa? 01. Colorful (LENTO VIOLENTO & ASTRO MUSICO Radio Mix) Opening track, Colorful it is indeed. Happy and colorful vibe, but the lyrics itself are a bit strange if you ask me,...🧐 02. Suoni Del Sole (LENTO VIOLENTO & ASTRO MUSICO Mix) Yes, this is much better! Sounds and feels like Le Serpent or the older La Tana del Suono sound, Serpent's sister?! Cool track, like it! 03. Goodbye Bonsoire (GIGI DAG & LUC ON Mix) A new track in French language. Nice track, some influences from La passion like tracks. And it keeps echoing in my head. 04. I'll Be with You (LENTO VIOLENTO & ASTRO MUSICO Mix) Glitter with lyrics? Cool idea! 05. Fly in to the Night (LENTO VIOLENTO & ASTRO MUSICO Mix) Funny track, maybe I prefer a instrumental version more. 06. Tuki Tuki (Radio GIGI DAG & LUC ON Mix) Yeaaaahhhaaaa Tuki Tuki!!! Good and nice track! Love it. However it seems like the bassline at the first half is missing or muffled, thats a pitty. I think this track would be better with a proper and deeper bassline! 07. Words of Love (Radio GIGI DAG & LUC ON Mix) Finally the lyrics version! Come let's sing along!! Forever...together!!! Now fingers crossed Gigi will release the live version on a future release 08. I Can See (LENTO VIOLENTO & ASTRO MUSICO Mix) Like the version form Smoderanza 1, nice track. But I don't like the special bleeps and funny sounds. 09. My Dreams (Fluo GIGI DAG & LUC ON Mix) My goodness....what happend here. Gig & Luca, please skip the "Fluo Mix" on future tracks, okay?? 10. Far West (GIGI DAG & LUC ON Mix) Nice one, love the middle part with that Jawharp like sound. 11. Lentanova (LENTO VIOLENTO & ASTRO MUSICO Mix) Good, look. If this is what Gigi & Luca meant with Lentanova I'm good with it. Very nicely done. 12. Amor Valiente (GIGI DAG & LUC ON Mix) Decent track, nothing special though 13. Mente Caminando (LENTO VIOLENTO & ASTRO MUSICO Mix) Let's go! Deep start, nice melodic... 14. Sole Nuvoloso (GIGI DAG & LUC ON Mix) Same as Amor Valiente, nice decent track. 15. Around Down (LENTO VIOLENTO & ASTRO MUSICO Mix) Nah, not for me. Skipper 16. Fisafonica (LENTO VIOLENTO & ASTRO MUSICO 2006 Mix) Didn't expect this one on this album! Lets's f*cking bring back the memories, good vibes and absolute good music from summer 2006...Out of mind Zero-sei! 17. Intorno (LENTO VIOLENTO & ASTRO MUSICO Mix) Second suprise, love this one! 18. Stelle (GIGI DAG & LUC ON Mix) Nope, don't know what, but I skip this one... 19. Fiero Pensiero (GIGI DAG & LUC ON Mix) Good, love this up-tempo track......but it's waaaay to short.... 20. Giramondo (LENTO VIOLENTO & ASTRO MUSICO 2004 Mix) Back to 2004. Great track, love the synth and old style.. Well done! 21. Bella Stagione (GIGI DAG & LUC ON 2004 Mix) Goooodd!!! 22. Domani (GIGI DAG & LUC ON 2004 Mix) Is this track the second part of Bella stagione? Love this one aswell, the good old spirit in this track! Verdict This is another decent album, some experimental tracks on it. A few suprises here and there, not as big as on Smoderanza 1. However it fits perfectly in the Smoderanze theme! For me, the last 7 tracks saved the album, and pumped it! It's not the best album from Gigi & Luca, they can do way better.
  12. https://youtu.be/jixlFhqcwi8?si=OW_QEYUhtvwBKQUe Gigi d'agostino & Luca Noise - Domani (GIGI DAG & LUC ON 2004 Mix)
  13. https://youtu.be/xfssQ4gpEd8?si=UOGvN4KEEbm_Nsed Gigi d'agostino & Luca Noise - Bella Stagione (GIGI DAG & LUC ON 2004 Mix)
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