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  1. Well, to be honest, "Passione Italiana" sounds like a fantastic album titel. Right? And if so, I can easily give some suggestions for the tracklist Il conformista Gli anni Albachiara The "live" other version of Con te Partirò .... Any other suggestions?
  2. And a new EP will be released soon "Tanzen Lab - Double Fantasy" And the first track is Bullit
  3. Allright, so I did a bit of digging into Gigi's YouTube account, and I found some interesting details. Those details suggest some upcoming release Imo Again I was triggered by some edited artist an track titels, like the fact everything is written in capitals. After those founds I decided to check out the description and it seems that they have been updated recently as well. for example some hashtags are added as well as links to the most recent releases. See the list with videos below, I have added some screenshot, so you can see it yourself. Just for the record, this is all speculation and based on a theory that seems to be correct in the past... First "El Condor Pasa" "Gigi's Time" "Make it work" "Radici Dag" "Cerimonia"
  4. Nothing new, same version as previously released under tutto Dag. Only the video differ.
  5. How crazy is this... Someone who speaks a word Japanese?? Maybe we can download it from this site, since the tracklist is the same as the Russian website. What did Gigi & Luca do?!? Edit: The music does not corresponding to the given Tracklist. The website says track 1. Bullitt, but if you listen to the preview you can hear it is "Washer" This is the same for the rest of the tracklist What a mess
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