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  1. Question for those who joined the party... The following movies, are those from yesterday, and did Gigi played those songs?
  2. No I have not...I'll use mostly Spotify in the car, built me own Playlists whit evert single song of all different artist. But that's not the point in this matter...the Album has been deleted from every single store, shop, streaming service and what so ever...that is why it's so strangeđŸ˜‰
  3. The last part of you repley is nonsens imo...for example I listen severall tracks of the Album Very often. Fragile, Mistake, Malagrazia, limpida...and so on...so yes, I do care about it! And I'm Very sure that there are a lot of other People who care...It's a shame and a pitty that everything is offline now.
  4. Also not available in the Netherlands any more... Bit wierd since yesterday I have listened to it
  5. And GFX909 has released a new album, all with covers from old tracks. https://gfx909.bandcamp.com/album/covers-volume-i
  6. Thank you Brian for the rescontođŸ˜ƒ Seems like Gigi has played a great dj set! Hopefully he will play a set like this also next month in Den Bosch. Anyway great to hear you've got so great night!
  7. As you already night know, Magna Romagna has his own official Youtube channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0M5BNOQSuZvU5Z8U8h8Bfg Almost everyday New video's are uploaded! Great account to follow. Newest update from today is the remix from Die Prinzen - Ich will Dich haben... And to be honest, I did not expect this remix was from the hands of Magna Romagna
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