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  1. Additional infomation about the new Youtube channel. https://casadag.com/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=1814
  2. This is a nice Suprise! Might be an interesting year, 2 anniversaries... Some photos and video's aswell.... Curious!!
  3. Yes yes yes!!!! Yeeehaaa... Finaly Dreamer!!!!!!!! Now waiting for the Mantra Dag extended Mix Ooh and Parlalento... Whoop Whoop, Dear diary, today was an awesomelento Day... Sorry don't have time to spent any longer... Have to listen serious lento music... Bye
  4. Dear diary, Yesterday we had a day of, so we could spent a night, doing things we like to do.. But today the lessons start way early than the days before, and the Meastro kicked off with no less then 6 tracks, a nice variation of deep and hard lento (Uomo Suono like) and the more softer and melodious lento we know from the early cammino session. A great Day! Untill the next time!
  5. Darker is Better!!! Great track, good Cammino memories!!
  6. Dear diary, TGIF... Almost weekend and the Meastro his published another typical Lento Violento track. I'm about to start dancing, but Firts let's take a look to the addittion in the titel... Gigi Noise maker Mantra Dag Mix... It Can't be much more inclusive... Bye for now, hope to see you soon!
  7. Oooooh yeah!!!! Finnaly "Cacharpaya" has seen the light
  8. Dear diary, Another evening, and another lesson. This Day we started a bit calmer Than the days before... Curious what will follow this evening. Bye..
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