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  1. New videao Oh God, please let this one will be released on all digitall platforms....
  2. Wraking up in Rimini, and see this song is uploaded to YouTube....feels like a dream... What an intro and what a song, reminds me of 2007 & 2008...wonderfull!!
  3. Seems like Gigi is also enjoying his weekend😅 No New upload today....
  4. Whohooo let's round 15 begin! Happy voting Live in the morning
  5. Difficult one But I'll choose for Terapia Notturna...
  6. This was sooner than I expected to be released!! Song is called Fragile!!
  7. I need to share the following track wich Gigi has played in Altromondo last week. It's such a beautifull and energetic song...so I would like to share a short Facebook video with you! It gives me goosbumbs all over... Well see, hear and enjoy! ---------------------------------- Admin edit: Video @ Facebook page "La Musica di Gigi D'Agostino", 07.08.2019, 21:51 Please do not share live videos in this forum according to the GFU community rules. Please use text like above or share an audio sample with circa 32kbps and max 90sec length! (Pro Tip: with www.vocaroo.com you can record the audio from your browser and get a link instantly! 🙂 ) ------------------------------ One last thing, for me it sounds like a remix of an older track. Does any one reconize the sound? Or does any one know the original? Maybe it's from a movie soundtrack or so... Ps. If this is not the right topic, can someone please move it to the right one, and please don't delete is😊
  8. And yesterday the CD has been delivered...with a slight delay from only two days. So in the end the track & trace seems a bit strange
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