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  1. henk_jan

    Lento Violento - Dark (E.P.)

    What a great start from the year! Unfortunately No sign from the mentioned song below....maybe it's the Dark loco mix....
  2. henk_jan

    Lento Violento - Dark (E.P.)

    I realy hope the song starring at 4:00 will be released this time on Dark Ep... This song is a never ending Journey in my head!
  3. henk_jan

    Lento Violento - Dark (E.P.)

    Gigi has announced another release, Dark (E.P.) The first track that will be released on this ep had Just been uploaden to YouTube and is called "Lost" And yes this is Dark Great way to start 2019! Can't wait for the other tracks!
  4. henk_jan

    Lento Violento & Astro Musico - Treno Lento

    Tracklist; Clock on Rock 2:35 Buena Vida 3:38 Get up 2:44 Stornello (Disco Mix) 3:45 Passo Dub 3:39 Sinfonia in Sol Minore 3:42 Royals 3:45 Cosa Rap 4:06 Canter 3:27 Sali Scendi 4:49 Moving (Mega Mix) 12:52 Locomotiva (Mega Mix) 7:27 Ghirlanda 2:46 Chiarezza 3:18 Movenza 3:28 Tempo Magico 3:12 Stornello (Vision 1) 4:15 Novella 3:45 What an album!!!!
  5. henk_jan

    Gigi D'Agostino's offizielle Homepage

    Gigi's forum has been updated, casadag has a New, fresh looking design. All the old topics and accounts are deleted so if want to join casadag again you need to make a new account. Www.casadag.com
  6. henk_jan

    Lento Violento & Astro Musico - Treno Lento

    A New Day brings a New track...
  7. henk_jan

    Scialadance - Girandola Vol. 1

    The Scialadance train jeeps moving! And as you can see both Gigi's and Luca's face are on the cover. Cool release again! And maybe treno lento will arrive soon...fingers crossed
  8. henk_jan

    Datura - Eternity 25 th Anniversary (Italo Dance Tipp)

    Comes out tommorow on Juno!
  9. henk_jan

    Scialadance - Ways Vol. 1

    You're right, I looked at the wrong place in the Google play store Anyway, this release is stil great!
  10. henk_jan

    Scialadance - Ways Vol. 1

    Tracklist 1. More Than Words 2. La Serenissima 3 . For ever Young 4. Sweet Child O'Mine 5. Cocco Very nice release!
  11. henk_jan

    Lento Violento - The History Of Lento Violento

    Great, absolutely great! The songs starring at 04:00 & 5:54 & 6:54 brings me back straight to Altromondo on 25th of August...goosbumbs all over! Hopefully Gigi will release those songs soon on Spotify. No, this is the original version of Gigi's time
  12. henk_jan

    Is Lento dead?

    Hi Perret, First of all, no Lento Violento is not dead...not at all! Saturday last week I went to Altromondo Studios and Gigi played a hell of a set out there. to ben honest, I think it was one of his best sets I ever heard! Besides For the first time in years I also saw Gigi was enjoying what he was doing, he laught and danced the whole time. He played for about 5 hours, and the first two hours he only played Lento, like you can see in de the posted video above. 2 hours of Lento Violento in it's purest form, deep, dark, intens, i can't hardly find the words to discribe it, he just blowed off the roof! I have spoken to many people from the staff of AMS, and they tolld me that Gigi also played like that on the 14th...So, no Lento is not dead! Also please look at his Lento Violento channels on YouTube, Spotify, Googleplay store etc. he is publishing lot of songs. Maybe the organisation asked him to not play a lot of lento, and Gigi has listened to thier request, like he also does with "back to the 90's festivals"
  13. henk_jan

    Gigi D'Agostino & Luca Noise - Psico Dance

    Wel at least we have an idea now what is ging with Psico Dance. I'm glad Gigi is hoest this time, and also the project not had been canceled. Hopefully it will be released this year, and can Gigi finish it and send the master to Time
  14. henk_jan

    Gabry Ponte - Felicità

    Wow good find! But that melody, it reminds me of another dance/Italo song....