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  1. Both mentioned tracks are on Fastolento, not Treno Lento
  2. Ad I May suggest, start with Treno Lento within a few days. I think we have had enough time to geen ge a proper verdict😊
  3. It's time for some new rounds of 'Song Survivor' Treno Lento Lentonauta
  4. This is fucking awesome!! One of the best release of last time! Also El Dia, formely known as Steps to haven...did not expect that one to be released!
  5. Hell yeah finnaly it's here! After 10 years Gigi hasnt been playing in Altromondo, this was the first song I heard him playing last 25th of August in Altromondo! This is absolutely stunning good song! Happy to see it released!!! Grazie Meastro Dag
  6. Nice Cammino/quello Che mi piace classic
  7. New Album!! Announced this evening by Lento Violento The track Soy Libre, sound good for me excited for the other tracks... Hopefully this time he will release the great track called 'altromondo' Anyway Soy Libre sounds great!
  8. Mr.Dendo has uploaded short previews from all the tracks on his instagram account. More to Dream is 'Obama dream' Other tracks wich have my attention are Magnitudo, Ciubay, Profezia, Maravilla.... Well let's say all the tracks! Great Ep if you ask me🤩
  9. Whohooo and the Gigi's train keeps going and going. A New E. P. is on it's way, and accordig to the title of it we can be sure we get nice tracks on it! One of it Gigi Just has announced on YouTube "keep your head UP"
  10. You can place this release under Psytrance IMO....😴
  11. What a great start from the year! Unfortunately No sign from the mentioned song below....maybe it's the Dark loco mix....
  12. I realy hope the song starring at 4:00 will be released this time on Dark Ep... This song is a never ending Journey in my head!
  13. Gigi has announced another release, Dark (E.P.) The first track that will be released on this ep had Just been uploaden to YouTube and is called "Lost" And yes this is Dark Great way to start 2019! Can't wait for the other tracks!
  14. Tracklist; Clock on Rock 2:35 Buena Vida 3:38 Get up 2:44 Stornello (Disco Mix) 3:45 Passo Dub 3:39 Sinfonia in Sol Minore 3:42 Royals 3:45 Cosa Rap 4:06 Canter 3:27 Sali Scendi 4:49 Moving (Mega Mix) 12:52 Locomotiva (Mega Mix) 7:27 Ghirlanda 2:46 Chiarezza 3:18 Movenza 3:28 Tempo Magico 3:12 Stornello (Vision 1) 4:15 Novella 3:45 What an album!!!!
  15. Gigi's forum has been updated, casadag has a New, fresh looking design. All the old topics and accounts are deleted so if want to join casadag again you need to make a new account. Www.casadag.com
  16. The Scialadance train jeeps moving! And as you can see both Gigi's and Luca's face are on the cover. Cool release again! And maybe treno lento will arrive soon...fingers crossed
  17. You're right, I looked at the wrong place in the Google play store Anyway, this release is stil great!
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