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Most beautiful version of L'Amour Toujours - wedding style

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Hello guys! 😇

I remember that even though this version has not been released yet, I have heard it around ~2012 (in a live? Out of mind? or maybe it was 2009..? [i wonder what is the exact originate of this song in time]) in a much better quality version than this.

Does any of you know a better quality version of this intro at least? This is my favourite LT version since a long ago, and now that my wedding's coming soon it would be a super nice choice in case we would be able to find it... (by the way, I am not sure also what is the GFU codename for this version, if it has any)

(PS.: any other recommendation of the LT I'm happy to read about, could be piano/cello or anything, but without any vocals and snare-drum etc; instrumental only)

Starts at 01:30 min:


Goosebumps! :herz:

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The whole song must be like 12 Minutes long. I do have a constructed ~11min version from 2 live performances. it's not the best quality but I hope it works out. I'll send you a PN

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