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[2024] Gigi D'Agostino & Daniele Gas - Experiments Vol 1 (Vinyl Reissue) (Daniele Gas Self-Released)

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This is a cleanup job (a few hours total for this track, I do click repairs manually with iZotope RX10 on a case-by-case base for each click) I did from a rip I was send years ago by a guy on discogs. (on Youtube: watch?v=nVEIoVoc45s)

Yeah the original record has a rather prominent amount of surface noise. Still i'd say this sounds about a thousand miles better then any "official" digital release so far:


I guess if one had too much spare time he could hunt down the original equipment (Yamaha/Roland/Korg) and recreate these simple tracks himself. :P


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vor 2 Stunden schrieb zabuyaque:

Is your copy visibly scratched or was it dj-(ab)used? If it’s just clicky with a stronger surface noise, I think that it’s normal here. I’ve come across three copies myself and had two other recordings from other people and none sounded really good. I think that this pressing was not that great when it came out.

It‘s just in a bad state overall, but yeah, lots of scratches (and presumably heavy DJ use, too) which result in occasional skippings and many clicks. I tried my best to reduce some of the damage in the recording through post-processing by manually removing the most annoying clicks, cutting out some skips and “sewing” it back together, but it‘s far from ideal. So while the sound quality on this new release is nothing to write home about (and arguably even worse than my original recording), it‘s at least a complete uninterrupted recording with fewer clicks.

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  • 2 weeks later...

From mixed sources....

Giallone Remix is the shortened 9:05 edit from Gigi's "The Greatest Hits" CD and not the full, almost 11min track from the vinyl.

Some of the other tracks are vinyl rips and some have pretty loud static noise (tracks from Creative Nature Vol.2)


The prices he asks for are frankly ridiculous.


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Sehr seltsam… Und das dann im Falle der CN 2 für fast 20 € 🤨

Gerade die beiden Releases mit Gigi sind wirklich mega teuer. Umgerechnet verlangt er hier knapp 5 € pro Song. Bei seinen anderen Releases sind es „nur“ knapp 3 € pro Song.

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Noch ein paar Neue:

Tin Drums - Tin Drums (1994)

Leider sind hier nur 2 von 4 Tracks der Originalplatte enthalten, Noisemaker Snare und Tribaltin Drum.

Smoke - Smoke (1996)

Nur „One“ und „D.Gas Vrs“, „Two“ fehlt.

Nylon Moon - Sky Plus (1996)

Auch wenn es nicht dabeisteht: Track 1 ist leider nur ein verkürzter Radio Edit, nicht die lange Version von der Platte.

Nylon Moon - Heartage (1996)

Nylon Moon - Angels Of Love (1997)

3 von 4 Versionen, Radio Angel fehlt.

Edit: Habe den Link und die Info zu Smoke angepasst, da Daniele den Fehler mit der vertauschten Version behoben hat.

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Am 6.2.2024 um 17:37 schrieb Daft:

That could be the case. Another possibility would be that what‘s displayed on Bandcamp is just some digital artwork and when you order it, you actually receive the version that you got from Discogs. It doesn‘t appear to be an actual photo. Anyone willing to spend 200€ to solve this mystery? :crazy:


No, I apparently got a test pressing. Or Daniele changed the artwork after the controversy:




These are the copies he sells on bandcamp now.


Well, now I might have a valuable copy to sell in a few years. 😆

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I didn’t even know that it’s possible to block a PayPal address. Or has he set it in his shop directly? 🤔 If so, it could be simply overcome by using a different e-mail address, as you can attach more than one e-mail to your PayPal account, though he’d still recognize you by your name and the address. 😁

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