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  1. Honestly, I'd rather see one 10/10 release every three years than ten barely average releases we got over five years or so. I'm all for support, but I can't deny it - it's getting harder 😕
  2. So far this is medocre at best. Fly brings up average a bit, but so far nothing I would listen to twice 😞
  3. Damn, Vaporetto is 9min long and still fades out like a 90s pop song
  4. Guys...just wait for a couple of hours https://store.tidal.com/de/album/236332907
  5. Fine, I'll spoil it for you 😁 VPN to a country that's already on the "next" day (hint, NZ is 10 hours ahead of CET) and check streaming services.
  6. Underrated: Paura E Nobilita Overrated: L'Amour Toujours (fight me)
  7. https://www.facebook.com/magnaromagna/posts/599992114664480
  8. Gonna be honest, hearing those "oldschool" lento tracks only shows how much production quality dropped over the years...
  9. And it's beyond terrible. Seriously, nobody should ever have to listen to this, it's literal torture.
  10. 1 Romantic (L’amour Mix) 2 My Dreams 3 He’s A Pirate 4 Real Trip 5 Holes In The Sky 6 Close Your Eyes 7 Jerusalema 8 I Can See 9 Glitter 10 Better off Alone 11 Proud Of Me 12 Words Of Love (Instrumental Dance Mix) 13 Smoke A Beat 14 Turchese 15 Joyful 16 Smeraldo 17 Telenovela 18 Smoderanza 19 Introspection 20 Ancestrale 21 Rumorosa 22 Lordly 23 Pinball Cha Cha 24 Onde Uonz 25 Savage Love (Laxed - Siren Beat) 26 You Will Shine
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