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  1. A Facebook acount I cannot find (yet), however he does have other social media channels. Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud
  2. Thank you for this nice christmas game! The cd's are most welcome to my personal collection, so yes please, put me on the list henk_jan
  3. Hi all, Frankie Tedesco aka PrezerDJ had post a New video on his Youtube channel. It's the well know Orata track, and hé is asking If hé should make more lento violento music. So hereby, please go to his Youtube channel, subscribe and leave a message u de the video that we need his music!! https://www.youtube.com/c/FrankieTedesco
  4. Gigi has placed an old photograph from himself in 1988. In the hashtag he is telling us that soon Smoderanza will be returned! https://www.facebook.com/278415565493/posts/10164717954320494/
  5. Something similar happend to the album Collection vol. 1, was also unavailable for a short period. After that it was put back online. It's a pitty for Gigi & Luca that almost all thier releases have some issues...
  6. Yes correct, thats why I'm wondering if these versions will see the light on the next smoderanza album. I hope it.
  7. Today I was in the opportunity to listen the album a serveral times. Together with my Sony WH-1000XM3 I can say it was a party, enjoyed every second of it! And to be honest this album is quite a master piece, it took almost 2 years, but it's outstanding! The first half of the album is filled with absolute outstanding music, great emotinal tracks, uplifting and high quality. But after Smoke a Beat something changed, for some reason Gig and Luca decided to change thier philosophy to 'quantity over quality....In my head I heard the voice from the lento violent mixes on youtube..."Round Change, Gigi D'Agostino strange" A hand full of tracks no longer or round the 2 minutes filled the album, and for me this is a bit wierd. Let's take the songs Turchese and Telenovela, Joyful. All these tracks are from high quality, just a party to listen at...but why so short?? In my opinion I think it was better to push forward around 5 tracks to Smoderanza volume 2, or even 3. So the remaining tracks could have been longer. Nevertless also the second part of the album is packed wit awesome tracks, also the short ones. For what I can hear there are no strange cuts, or what so ever. So it might be these are the original versions of the songs and in the future the longer ones will be released. And I have been thinking, but this album is the first one without any remix from old Gigi track like La Passion, Anotherway, In my mind etc. In the credits I found in the credits that 5 track are release also under Lento Violento & Astro Musico. Real Trip, Close you Eyes, Jerusalema and Savage Love... What to expect, or hope for the upcoming Smoderanza album? Can we find remixes like 'Wake me up' and 'Dance Monkey' on it? Will the radio version of Smoderanza and Joyfull will be released? The mix version from Telenovela? Wich is longer and more beautiful? For now my feeling says, anything is possible, so I'm al ready curious about it! In the meantime My headphone will stay onto my head and stay enjoying this terrific album! So a Big GRAZIE for Gigi & Luca, you did a great job with this release And for the future keep this in mind....Less is more
  8. Well...that escalated quickly... And who do you think Violent Music BV is, exactly, the label from Alice Deejay https://www.discogs.com/label/2316-Violent-Music-BV
  9. Was hoping for this song! However I prefer the version played in the september 2016 Mix much more. Start at 11:04 Perhaps that version will be released on the next album...
  10. Complete Playlists, the video's are not yet available.... But But But we see the entire tracklist here! Also Savage love (laxed - siren beat) is on it! Aswell introspection. Don't have a clue what track that might be..
  11. At some points I totally agree with you, especially with 'I can see' That songs was so incredible beautifull on the dag in love Mix, it's a pitty Gigi and Luca has changed it this way. About 'Words of Love' I can't imagine the other version will not be released in the future, to be honest I think the 'singed dance mix' will be on Smoderanza vol. 2 And last, track length, most of the tracks are longer Than 2 minuten... No joking, for some tracks it's a shame that they are not longer. For me it's not a big deal...I'm good with it. Let's see what the remeaning tracks will be like... Will there be a big Suprise?
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