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  1. Well that's quite strange or it's not....in the end everything is TuttoDag
  2. This is not published under the 'TuttoDag' account, but the official Gigi d'agostino Youtube channel.
  3. Gigi has explained on casadag that there are 2 Versions of Hung up. 1 he used to play in radio and during live sets And the other one, the one uploaded today, was for travelling and personal purpose, that's why some mixes have "personal Mix" in the subtitel.
  4. OMG.... Ladies and gentleman, this is one powerful and proper shot of Vitamin is powerd by no other then...Dottor Dag himself!
  5. I Agree with you Yunsung, since there are more tracks with 'fuori controllo' in the mix names, and Gigi use it with the # along with all the other albums from recent years. I'm still hoping for an album release
  6. You can find the topic here: In this topic we share all the findings and thoughts. Feel free to post if you find something new. The list on page 55 is always underconstruction, you can use that list as reference. And welcome!
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