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  1. Some slight changes has been carried out on the tracklist Life is life, is now Live is Life The Mix names of both Hymn and Another Way has been changed into Slowerland Mix
  2. Dear boardmembers, I would like to wish all the best for everyone effecten by the attacks in Wien. I cannot find Words to describe my feelings... To all of you, please stay safe...
  3. In the Netherlands this Album is still not available on Spotify... I was hoping for A release today How is it in your countries, can one of you find it?
  4. Listened it with my head Phone, and I'm agree with Sottosopra, this might be the album of the year!! My favorites so far In my Mind Narcotic Lonely day Alchemico Triangle Hymn Osservo treno
  5. And also Google play https://play.google.com/store/music/album?id=B55ue34awe2vssxxghxxov7wd4m Can anyone find it on Spotify already? Well at least I'm happy to see it is not a Youtube only release
  6. This tracklist is absolutely crazy... Damn. For now Can't wait to (finnaly) hear Encantar Alchemico Another Way (slower mix) Lascia Danzare in Pace Hymn (Slower Mix) Narcotic (Spinto Mix) Bla Bla Bla (Bla Bla Ton Mix Gigi Dag and Luca Noise) In my Mind (Sueno Lento Mix Gigi Dag and Luca Noise) What a great, absolutely great, Suprise!!
  7. Great find! Good work, and thank you all. And with the new release, there is also a New official Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNRIfR_Cj33s9xAm8FqLDUA
  8. Of this is true, it's not bad at all. Do you have a link our source? Have tried several possible search commands, But Can't find anything...
  9. Yes exactly! A 2cd album would be awesome. I hope to see some of the next tracks will be released this time... Sweet dreamer start @45:55min.
  10. Just announced on Facebook by Lento Violento. What seems to be a New album And for me one of the beautifull covers of the latest releases, curious about the tracklist!
  11. I think it's about time for the next round... Song survivor volume 18
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