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Doctor Who

DJ Maldestra

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I'm a huge fan of "Doctor Who" in about only two years (yes, not very long time:)).

And I'm starts watching the series directly from the 11th Doctor :)

I can't say I don't like 9th and 10th Doctors at all. They are not bad, and if I first watched seasons 9 and 10, maybe I would love them more.

But Matt Smith for me is the best Doctor ever. I just can't imagine who could replace him.

Totally agree about the Russel T Davies.

His "Doctor" in many aspects I do not like. I just can't compare him with Moffat. :)

In Russia, there are a lot of fans of the Doctor.

In my city, Novosibirsk, a few times in a month various series are run in theaters.

Our fans even shooting fan-films and fan TV-series based on "Docor Who"! :)

Here you can find more: https://vk.com/dwnskfandom

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I first heard of Doctor Who february or march this year. They started showing the 5th season at danish television (skipping 1-4 completely) at that time, and from the adverts it looked very good!

So I started googling and found out about the first season starting in 2005.

I had heard that the seasons from Moffat was WAY better than season 1 - 4.

But I started watching season 1 anyway, and was impressed. I thought that if Moffat's seasons were supposed to be a lot better I was really in for a treat :D

Now I'm completely up to date. Have all season 1-4 on dvd and 5-6 on blu ray :)

And I've watched the first 5 episodes of season 7. Sad saying goodbye to the Ponds :'(

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Karen Gillan <3 Amy's character is so adorable... she's a nice actress!

In case you haven't seen yet, i recommend to check this video... it's awesome! :rofl:

"Doctoooor, do you like green apples, and can i buy you a SODAAAAAAAAAAA?!?"

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Haha yeah, i agree! Her voice is just perfect for being a Dalek xD But somehow i find her more attractive the way she is in her original role, than as a mutant cyborg from Skaro planet 2014_whistling_and_rolling_eyes.gif :D

By the way i'm actually in the "process" of being a fan of DW - a friend of mine, a female human being (who's also a huge fan of Gigi :D) has introduced me the world of Doctor Who in the first half of the year. I became curious about the show, and started watching S01 in the summer, but to be honest, i found it's script & effects way too funny to be able to watch it without laugh. smiley_shy.gifI just couldn't take it as seriously as i thought i should - moving plastic dolls, the ignorance of the Doctor, and such things - i thought, omg. I know i know, maybe the problem is in my mind tongue_002.gif, but it was just too much for me, and the Doctor's companion's act seemed a bit ungenuine to me. :D

My friend told me to skip to the S05 (where the Danish television started it from as Maldestra said b4), and since then, already watched the whole season 5, and i have to say it was pretty good! =) I plan to watch the older seasons as well, seen the first 3 eps of S04 with Tennant, and i like his style too!

Do you guys have a favourite episode / scene? :) As far as i remember, the one with the last star whale is in the top five for me.

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Bluestar, I strongly recommend you to watch all episodes written by Moffat from seasons before 5th.

"The Girl in the Fireplace" is brilliant, "Silence in the Library | Forest of the Dead" are great...

I'm also love "The Doctor's Wife" and "Vincent and the Doctor" episodes.

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Oh and the The Empty Child and The Doctor Dances :)

The first very good episodes I saw :)

And they are from Moffat, coincidence? :)

Totally agree Kazin, you are mentioning some very good episodes, but don't forget Blink ;)

Silence in the Library and Forest of the Dead are actually both very important if you are watching series 5 and onwards ;)

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Hey I am really surprised that we have some "Whovians" here, that's great! :)

In Germany, Doctor Who is not really well known I suppose. I don't know if the old series from the 60s onwards was ever shown in German TV, but I suppose not. When the new series startet, the private TV-Station ProSieben showed episodes from the first season, but ceased very soon as the interest of the audience has been really bad. But in fact they didn't choose a good place (weekends in the early afternoon) for the broadcast and they didn't promote it very much. As a result, only the first two seasons had been translated into German (very important for a series to become broadcastet here), season three and four have just been ignored by German TV.

About one year ago I recognized Doctor Who on the Pay-TV-Station Fox, they started showing season five with Matt Smith. I watched some episodes unregularly, but as I generally like Science-Fiction, I started researching a bit and found out about the first four seasons (and of the old series and the movie, too). Then I bought a DVD-Set with seasons one to four in English and the collection of the specials (going on after the end of season four). I really consumed these DVDs rapidly and shortly afterwards I also bought season five on Blu-Ray in English (I like the original voices and language much better as a lot of things can only hardly be translated to German).

Watching the complete seasons one to five and also the most parts of season six I really became a fan of that series and I am really excited to see season seven. Just a few weeks ago Fox started showing season three and four in German, they translated it now as a lot of fans asked for it. That's a good sign I think. :)

I can hardly say which of the Doctor's incarnations I like the most. As Christopher Eccleston only got one season it is really hard the compare him to Tennant and Smith, but I like his way of being the Doctor too. Tennant fitted perfectly into this role I think, I tend to call him my favourite Doctor. There are a lot of episodes I really love, but the most of them were already named. I don't know the name of the episode just now, but the one where the robot dog K-9 appears is one of my favourites. I'm just saying: affirmative! :D

Matt Smith is of course also a great actor and a good incarnation of the Doctor, but his companions are in my opinion the best of all so far. I hope the new one in season seven will also be this good.

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Cool, Whovian Fans!! :klatschen1:

I have been a Whovian addict for several years now, starting with the 9th Doctor. They show the episodes here in the US on BBC America but since I am too cheap to pay for cable TV, I bought the 6 seasons on DVD. For current episodes, I watch online streams on the computer. ;)

My all-time favorite would be ‘Blink’ but there are so many more great ones. After three years of David, I needed some time getting used to Matt Smith. At first, I did not think much of his first season but Amy was truly brilliant. But his second season was just totally awesome. Matt seemed more mature in his role and Karen and Arthur totally took off. Moffat’s writing was amazing, giving the story line so many twists and turns.

It is going to be hard to see Karen and Arthur go next month. Hopefully, they will have a good replacement. As far as past companions go, I really liked Donna and Rose.

I also have 2 young boys (5 & 7) and although they are very much into Doctor Who, right now they still prefer the spin-off series The Sarah Jane Smith Adventures. We just finished watching the 5th season and they were totally crushed when I had to tell them that there will be no more adventures since Elizabeth passed away. Fortunately there is more Doctor Who on the way for them and as they get older, they will be able to watch the more 'scarier' ones...

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