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  1. Nobody else wants to share their list?
  2. Years we waited for physical albums like Mondo Reale and most recently Psico Dance. We never got them sadly, however we in recent years we have gotten a lot of digital tracks. So many in fact that all of us easily could fill a double cd album. So here is the challenge Like in the Il Cammino Compilation thread, share your favourite 2 CD album that you would wish to see as an actual release. But this time focus on Gigi's (and Luca's) newer style. I will start off, here is my Realtà Dance (mashup of mondo REALe and psico DANCE) CD 1 01 Gigi D'Agostino - Another
  3. Why is there so much hate against Picchia? Is it because of the added flanger effect?
  4. Yeah I know. That movie just does things to your mind, especially after a glass of wine. So my initial thought was that, and for a second it seamed reasonable
  5. Damn! I think I am trippin right now! Just watched Tenet for the second time, come on to YouTube to see Gigi posting videos of him playing Lento Violento’ish sounds in 1994, and in my mind the only rational explanation is Gigi has inverted himself, traveling backwards in time and creating Lento Violento in the past!
  6. Agree. Quite a confusing and nearly pointless release. Edit: That being said, most of the tracks do not interest me that much, so the short length is not that big a bother. And there are very good tracks with more appreciable length.
  7. Right... I’m going to bed, I’m clearly too tired I have mostly listened to the LVeas version so I sort of forgot how the melody sounded like.
  8. Isn’t Poetica an Il Cammino song? I think I remember the melody from Il Cammino it is written by L. Di Agostino according to Spotify.
  9. It has to match Marani’s pronounciation I cringe whenever I hear The Riddle (Get Up) !
  10. Here's something fun. Anne Cercava L'Amore is a cover of a song from Elli & Jacno. https://www.discogs.com/Elli-Jacno-Inédits-77-81/release/161274
  11. Another Way (Slower Mix) is simply a masterpiece in my mind! This is exactly the treatment I would like to see on all of the classics from LT. And I also love the Amore Lento version of LT. But this is even better, it adds a bit of roughness without sacrificing the gentler sides of the song. I feel the same about Hymn (Slower Mix). Easily the best digital album for me. And regarding Another Way, maybe my favourite song since Some Experiments/Lento Violento e altre storie
  12. And it’s on TIDAL https://store.tidal.com/dk/album/156861601
  13. Holt f**k what a tracklist!! I had trouble sleeping so I went up and checked the net and saw this. Apparently I am sleeping because this tracklist cannot be real!
  14. You can download actual Flac files with no online/offline restriction. You can however only download it once, and the price is quite high.
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