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  1. As DHF previously, brilliantly, stated, you can hear the same harmonies in very, very, very many songs. Like Faded by Alan Walker. However this doesn’t mean anybody is copying anybody. Similarities can be heard in everything. Otherwise you can go on and say “Mondello copied Bla Bla, and Bla Bla copied Huh” all the way back to the stone age. If this is the basis it’s a very thin argument. I dropped a cd with some of my music years ago at a Gigi Live. So I claim now that Lentonauta is made by me and Gigi stole it!
  2. I can see somebody has added Mondello and Viviana as producer on discogs. https://www.discogs.com/Lento-Violento-Lentonauta/release/13287289 Can somebody reiterate the proofs. I get that Vivo Per Lei is by Mondello, it sounds like him. But the rest to me doesn’t sound like Mondello or Viviana at all.
  3. I don’t know yet, need to listen to both some more 😊 I was talking about the song Lentonauta, forgot to mention.
  4. God I love Lentonauta! I’ve been listening at work the last couple of weeks and I am falling more and more in love.
  5. Could we wait a little longer this time? It’s easier to give a proper assessment when we’ve listened to it through and through.
  6. It has been released! Awesome, awesome tracklist!! Defintely the best digital only release yet 🙂 https://play.google.com/store/music/album/Lento_Violento_Lentonauta?id=Beyofgy7idha3pavnlybpmna55q&fbclid=IwAR1J2TvsDAV0ytT3o-YGxihyfRntX2_xIIA_DiaYDpZP4UB3H0fJNl7sXYE
  7. Thank you for the info. I am always very happy when you inform us whether the releases are lossless or not. It’s 2019, why is the cd format, lossless files and hq audio files dying in favor of crappy streaming and crappy downloads??😡 With the current internet speeds everybody in the World is able to stream in lossless quality or download lossless albums in seconds, but the consumers don’t care so Spotify, Amazon etc. don’t offer it and the artists get away with only sending in lossy sourced material. Rant over (no not really)
  8. Found out about this by accident. Awesome Lento track by Ma.Bra. 01 Ma.Bra. - Storm (Ma.Bra. Extended Mix) 02 Ma.Bra. - Storm (Ma.Bra. Edit Mix) https://www.junodownload.com/products/ma-bra-storm/3905510-02/
  9. It’s ZYX, no more explanation needed. 🙂
  10. You’re right, I didn’t think about editing the “I’ll” and “Its”.
  11. Its doesn't matter having doubtI'll givin' advice outI could be right or even wrong... … well, just let's go on…
  12. I agree. Also with Marani's accent, live can sound a little like leave. Here are my suggestions for correction. I am hearing "There's no end to hope", which is also more positive than no hand to hold. Whenever things are goin' wrong don't give up, hold it on Whenever things ain't looking fair, my hand will be there... Its doesn't matter having doubt I'll givin' advice out I could be right or even wrong... … well, just let's go on… This life… made to live and fight… into… We will make it through. Keep your head up lots of surprises are... in store Keep your head up, don't be afraid to ask… … for more. … there's no end to hope... oh no...
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