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  1. New channel with a mix for today.
  2. I had to boot up my laptop, it is slow... It’s Rosewood Std.
  3. Well it didn’t meet my criteria. However I like your list, and maybe I will make a list that includes songs that have been released allready on cd. I think the most important thing, is that the compilation should remind you of what you felt back when Il Cammino was on air. Bring some good nostalgia, which I think your list does for you 🙂 To me that is especially tracks like Passo Folk, Tira e Molla and yes, Il Cammino 🙂
  4. I had the same idea last year 🙂 My focus was on the Il Cammino tracks that was released as digital only since 2009. And of course my own personal favourites 🙂 I was planning on ordering some blank cds with art printed on them 🙂
  5. Nice with Troubles and Segui La Lepre. The rest might not have made an impact on me, if they were on Il Cammino. They don’t sound interesting to me.
  6. Listened to the entire album today for the first time. Enjoyed it far more than I would have thought 🙂
  7. If the releases of last year has taught me anything it is: anything can happen 🙂
  8. Yesterday at Le Rotonde Gigi played a version of Tatto Beato with vocals. Sounds amazing! Edit: Apparently it is not new.
  9. Are you sure? There is no mention that you get it as bonus. Nor did I see anything in my confirmation mail.
  10. 51% No Controles 49% Il Mio Canto Libero Because I can
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