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  1. If the releases of last year has taught me anything it is: anything can happen 🙂
  2. Yesterday at Le Rotonde Gigi played a version of Tatto Beato with vocals. Sounds amazing! Edit: Apparently it is not new.
  3. Are you sure? There is no mention that you get it as bonus. Nor did I see anything in my confirmation mail.
  4. 51% No Controles 49% Il Mio Canto Libero Because I can
  5. I feel the same 🙂 Fantastic song! Please let there be a full version on the album 🙂
  6. Here is something odd I’ve noticed. The recent youtube videos have gotten a thread on Casa Dag, but the threads are in the forum section “CD / Vinili / Digital Stores”. Does it mean the songs are being released properly, or have Gigi just not given it much thought where to place the threads?
  7. Release by Magna Romagna... *** pinch my self *** I am awake!
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