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  1. Agree. Quite a confusing and nearly pointless release. Edit: That being said, most of the tracks do not interest me that much, so the short length is not that big a bother. And there are very good tracks with more appreciable length.
  2. Right... I’m going to bed, I’m clearly too tired I have mostly listened to the LVeas version so I sort of forgot how the melody sounded like.
  3. Isn’t Poetica an Il Cammino song? I think I remember the melody from Il Cammino it is written by L. Di Agostino according to Spotify.
  4. It has to match Marani’s pronounciation I cringe whenever I hear The Riddle (Get Up) !
  5. Here's something fun. Anne Cercava L'Amore is a cover of a song from Elli & Jacno. https://www.discogs.com/Elli-Jacno-Inédits-77-81/release/161274
  6. Another Way (Slower Mix) is simply a masterpiece in my mind! This is exactly the treatment I would like to see on all of the classics from LT. And I also love the Amore Lento version of LT. But this is even better, it adds a bit of roughness without sacrificing the gentler sides of the song. I feel the same about Hymn (Slower Mix). Easily the best digital album for me. And regarding Another Way, maybe my favourite song since Some Experiments/Lento Violento e altre storie
  7. And it’s on TIDAL https://store.tidal.com/dk/album/156861601
  8. Holt f**k what a tracklist!! I had trouble sleeping so I went up and checked the net and saw this. Apparently I am sleeping because this tracklist cannot be real!
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