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  1. You can download actual Flac files with no online/offline restriction. You can however only download it once, and the price is quite high.
  2. I use Tidal since it’s the only place I can buy lossless. Another alternative for lossless in Germany, as far as I know, is 7digital. Otherwise you can use Amazon and iTunes just to mention a few.
  3. I suggest a new thread for Hollywood chart info. And put it into Gigi’s Songs subforum.
  4. Would be nice with a tracklist, that could boost the interest
  5. I dont think they really fit in with a Lento Violento release. We will have to wait for Scialescion Film Hopefully with the Ghost remix
  6. I really like the song. I don’t know to what degree Gigi was actually involved in making it. But it least seems he was more involved than with In My Mind with Dynoro. I would off course also like a remix by Gigi and Luca, but compared to the original In My Mind, the vanilla version of Hollywood is far closer to my taste, and dare I say it, Gigi’s current style. I hope a Gigi and Luca remix will be longer. Regarding “Feels”. It might simply be another way of saying “feelings”. You know like in memes and such where people say “Oh, right in the feels!” regarding something that hurts. ( I suc
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