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  1. Techno Squat - Slow (Compilation)

    Honestly, I am not at all impressed. The bass and kick are cheap and it's nearly the same in all songs. The deeper tones are muddy and it's difficult to hear any details. Especially when there is something going on in the mid/higher tones. It doesn't appear that any mastering has been going on, something that becomes more apparent because of all the clipping. And all the songs are nearly identical. Strip away maybe half of the songs, and the overall impression might have been better. It might be a hard critique, but we're talking about Elena Tanz and Stefano di Carlo!! Edit: One is wondering what Gigi and Elena have been doing together all these years???
  2. Mr Dendo - Adamante

    @Sotto and DHF Have you received yours yet? Since I was one of the lucky winners I would have guessed I was one of the first to receive, but nothing yet :(
  3. Youtube / Facebook / Soundcloud Kanal von Gigi

    It's the second coming!
  4. Ok, didn't know that :) Then I have the one of the first (woohoo :p ) I agree, the ZYX version is utter crap and belongs in hell. Fortunenately I also have a NM/Media Records version :)
  5. Are you sure it's the ZYX version of LT II? I didn't think the ZYX version was in a super jewel case.
  6. Federico Romanzi - Turno

    Gorgheggiando!!! Finally!!! :D
  7. Mr Dendo has released a REMIX SUMMER PACK :)
  8. No you read it correctly :) But it has happened before that the release date was postponed :)
  9. Gigi D'Agostino - B Side 1995-2015

    Am I the only who is pessimistic (realistic)?
  10. DJ Maxwell - Trust No One Part III

    That's a cd shop. Why not just buy a physical version? :S
  11. DJ Maxwell - Trust No One Part III

    I hope it is there under another name, but it is unlikely :(
  12. Suche Titel aus Il cammino

    Yeah it's very good :) Was fantastic to hear it live :O
  13. DJ Maxwell - Trust No One Part III

    Yes. I don't believe a single word he is saying before some of us ACTUALLY have the album in our hands (or bought it online) Maxwell has actually made me not care about the album.....
  14. DJ Maxwell - Trust No One Part III

    Imaginary albums don't need labels
  15. DJ Maxwell - Trust No One Part III

    Still unpinned until something actually happens.......