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Underconstruction 1 - "Filmrollen" Inschrift


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Hat sich schon mal wer gefragt, was da eigentlich Kleingedruckt auf dieser "Filmrolle" der Silence E.P. steht ?

Ich vermute es handelt sich um einen Ultraschall-Film, von dem was ich entziffern kann:


Hier drum geht es:



for blood cells  *************** but replacing the *********** with the **********

original blood cell ***** ***** ***** once again came up with the ****, writing a solution ***


He ****** a setup wich took a model of ****** capilaries, automatically created a control curve *** ***

"tube" to form a network of ***** *** particles **** from fed down the **** **** *** to with




auf dem unteren stück ist noch eine webadresse angegeben, leider auch nicht sehr leeserlich.

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for blood cells in capillaries (which can be 1 cell thick in diameter) but replacing the particles with the real
original blood cell geometry. Jonathan Stroud once again came up with the goods, writing a solution which
would have been impossible in terms of rendering and dynamic computation using any off-the-shelf software.
He devised a setup which took a model of branching capillaries, automatically created a central curve for each
"tube" to form a network of branching paths. Particles were then fed down the paths in single file but with

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