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  1. Yeah, that’s what I’ve wanted to know. When I bought some items on Amazon in the past, for example from the Italian or the French Amazon, the package was sent from Germany in the end, probably they ship it from the closest department when it is available. Though in this case, it will have to travel from the US, since they probably create them just there upon request and they are not stored anywhere else. Actually, the value is set at 22 EUR for items coming outside the EU customs union (including the shipping costs) which is pretty low and it makes impossible to buy a vinyl record from the US, for example, and not having to pay taxes as the shipping itself is already higher than this, that is pretty bad. I consider buying the albums/compilations, too, not so much the singles as the price 10 dollars for a single song which I already own is quite high in my opinion (and it’s not a proper press) and there are many of them, 18 single track CD’s in total if I am right, though it’s interesting the OSSERVO single is there twice with different artworks.
  2. I don’t know if you intend to open them, but can you tell me whether the label on the CD-R disc itself is just a sticker or it is professionally printed like on the Adamante or Dream CD’s? Also did it travel actually from the US (so you had to pay the additional VAT 19%) or Europe in the end?
  3. I’m just reading the old topic here, and people mention that 1004 was a new version of The Mind’s Journey, as far as I remember it did not sound similar, but it definitely contained a vocal saying “the mind’s journey”. I had also recorded these tracks from the site that time, but I lost it among other things with an old hard drive many years ago, unfortunately.
  4. I didn’t know about the old LTII either. As you mention the Silence, I guess it was together with “Amorelettronico”, Coatti Brothers “Lady Oscar”, Love Transistor “Loverland”, La tana del suono “Father”, “1000”, “1002” and “1004” in the flash player at the time, right? I just remembered that, though I no longer remember what these songs sounded like.
  5. I didn’t know that. I thought that just the number 1 in the title led you to expect the second volume. However, it’s likely that all of these were supposed to be followed by other volumes, but things have simply changed. On the other hand, releases like Tecno fes or L’Amour toujours, which didn’t have the number 1 in their titles, got them.
  6. And you forgot to mention Lento violento compilation … dove passa il futuro. Well, it’s clear it was replaced by Lento violento … e altre storie, same like the announced Silence album was just changed to an E.P. and the Laboratorio 4 is Suono libero (according to the SIAE sticker on some early copies). By the way, it’s not only Il Grande viaggio di Gigi d’Agostino vol. 1, though it has the number 1 in its name, another volume has never been released, the same applies for the Progressive Hyperspace volume #1 or the Experiments vol. 1, for example.
  7. - henk_jan - Yunsung - Martin_DK - Wally44 - kazin - csp - Erdbeer Wolf - Sottosopra - hlennarz - Brian - Mattl - zabuyaque
  8. This old version of L’amour toujours was actually released as the “Original Mix” on the compilation Tekno! #17 in 2000, in the past before I bought it I had believed there might be the Extended mix instead only to be found on the US vinyl at that time.
  9. DS 0041776720 By the way, you’ve changed your opinion about adding no-Gigi releases, haven’t you? I remember that you didn’t want to add Maxwell’s Trust No One CD’s to the list.
  10. Of course, I confused Mantra Dag with Lentonauta, meant the latter, sorry. Personally, I also believe there are going to be other EP’s and albums, maybe even this year, but I feel that Happy Go Lucky and Psico Dance are already abandoned (sure, it’s just my opinion). By the way, has it ever been officially stated that Mondo reale and those advertised forthcoming releases from 2004 or 2005, like Underconstruction 1995–2005 or the vinyl Those Were The Days (and certainly a few others) are not going to be released in the end? Just asking, I don’t know … but even if it was not, we practically know that they are likely never going to see the light of day. However, we may be dealing just with names, as the songs intended to appear on Happy Go Lucky and Psico Dance may appear or might have already appeared on a release with a different title, just my two cents.
  11. Since this EP was advertised in April and a month later there were released two new albums Mantra Dag and Scialescion, I do not think it is going to be released any longer, like Psico Dance which was likely replaced by Treno lento.
  12. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was actually either “La Passion” or “L’amour toujours” on the compilation or an already known version of “The Riddle” renamed just on this release, the duration may be wrong, but we won’t know for sure until somebody buys it to check it out.
  13. That’s good to know, thanks.
  14. But on the CD there is written “Gigi d’Ag” apart from something else that has been crossed out. Can it not be a radio edit of his remix?
  15. I don’t know if there is also a dedicated topic to LE VOYAGE ‘96 vs DREAMHOUSE volume one le voyage, I remember it was discussed somewhere here on the forum but don’t know where exactly, the Italian CD is mixed by Gigi himself, but the UK one allegedly by Gigi and Picotto. Now we can see an ad poster on eBay which states “the classic dreamhouse compilation from Gigi D’ Agostino” not mentioning Picotto.
  16. Yet another of those promotional Media Records CD-R’s. DE / VISION-Gigi D'Agostino? - Drifting Sideways-CD PROMO-Rarissimo! EX
  17. Disco Tanz many ways for DeeJay’s… NM 073 - CD DP – S 00000943 Gigi D'Agostino Live at Altromondo COMP 192/CD – S 000039X
  18. Thanks. Unfortunately, I had to buy the second copy of Kaliya as the first one had been damaged (holes in the aluminium coating).
  19. I Chiodi Coração Louco (Cuore Matto) NM 050 CD – S 00000104 Gigi D'Agostino Gin Lemon E.P. BXR 1022/CD – S 00000015 Kaliya Ritual Tibetan NOISEMAKER 014/CD – S 00000X19
  20. A little correction to the items I already provided in the past. Silence: S 00023618 (Zabuyaque) –> Underconstruction 2 Silence Remix Gin Lemon EP (Coloured): S 00005154 (Zabuyaque) –> Gin Lemon E.P. (Black) == and some new stuff CD Mr Dendo – Adamante – DP 0185436544 Wender Feat Gino Lo Spazzino – Alpaca – DM 0179486701 Luca Noise – Discodipendente – T6 0022239462 Euro Dance Compilation – R 00014838 Niccolò Fabi – Il Giardiniere (Remix) – S 03834939 Ago – Put On Your Red Shoes – S 00002882 Various – Top 5 Not Mixed – S 00000236 Luca Noise – WYGO The Mixes 01 – T6 001 4585245 U.P.S. – Christmas Dream '96 – S 00000718 (from eBay) VINYL R.A.F. By Picotto And Gigi D'Agostino – Angels' Symphony (barcode 8 019256 001152) – S 00007895 Gigi D'Agostino – Noise Maker Theme 2000 – S 00000460 Adam Austin – The Way - Motorway – S 00000867 Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby 2001 (EastWest Records GmbH, Germany) – S 00039413
  21. And today we have the digital ZYX Music release where we have got all the three tracks recorded from the picture disc, and Sweetly not only had been cut but also recorded in mono.
  22. einige interessante Artikel bei eBay GIGI D'AGOSTINO GIN LEMON E.P. *** BXR 1022/CD *** MEGARARO *** – EUR 499,00 GIGI D'AGOSTINO bla bla bla [very rare UK 3 track version with Mario Piu remix] – EUR 40,00 GIGI D'AGOSTINO CHRISTMAS DREAM UPS RARE CDM DJ DADO PICOTTO EPIS LUCA ZETA – EUR 29,99 GIGI D'AGOSTINO - DISCO TANZ – EUR 70,00 und für einen recht guten Preis GIGI D'AGOSTINO. GIGI D'AGOSTINO. RARA MC MUSICASSETTA OMONIMO SIGILLATA ! – EUR 14,95
  23. new tracks in the list Federico Romanzi - Aeroplano Federico Romanzi - Animal Trip Federico Romanzi - Contatto Federico Romanzi - Facendo Cosa tu Stai Federico Romanzi - Gam Gam Federico Romanzi - Loop School Federico Romanzi - Partire Federico Romanzi - Scala Federico Romanzi - Somewhere in Australia
  24. I notice they’ve shortened the mix name of the second track from “Mattei & Omich Dark Side Of The Moon Remix” to “Mattei & Omich Dark Side Remix”.
  25. This time it seems that the release is going to be available on Traxsource exclusively, as it's been already a month from the release on Metropolitan Promos and no other shop offers ordinary versions on Metropolitan Limited or Metroplitan Recordings.
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