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  1. It's easy, Years ago, Daniele uploaded all his tracks on his MySpace site, apart from the Hardstyle Producers groups, he uploaded every demo he did (slow violent and hardstyle), and at Casa Dag, Gigi claimed that he had collaborations with Daniele, for example, Angelo Caduto is a creation of Mondello, today he gave it to Gigi, and all the demos that Daniele uploaded and showed to his fans (since 2005), are the same ones that Gigi is releasing (Ghostproduction). Examples: -Controlento - lasciateci danzare in pace - crazy - wild - fastolento - quiquonic -
  2. Wow, Gigi has many works With Daniele Mondello!!! I'm so very surprised With their songs like "escimi tecno, Cassa Basso & Scream" And that amazing collab With Di Carlo in " Il Volto Della Vita", I hope that this year he releases those masterpieces that he showed in "il cammino"
  3. Nice One, now "Angelo Caduto" by Daniele Mondello was changed to Lento Violento - Scream, And the track Cassa Basso has that amazing touch by Gigi & Dani, i hope they continue working together, and reléase tracks like "plastin & conte scabro, among others!
  4. Psichodance exists, but I don't think he wants to bring it out. (although I don't think the tracklist is the same)
  5. Well, That Was to good to be true, Goodbye "Better Of Alone" thanks Violent Records (sarcasm detected)
  6. It is like a marketing strategy, they will think that the long versions will come in vol.2 and we will rush to buy it as soon as it is announced, it will come out this year, so we will die of nerves next month
  7. Discovery sounds like a old song (By Daniele) i Dont remember the Name exactly, but i remember the Word "Mondellata or Mondellada" but this track has Many Frontliner Samples (Like Mantra Dag, Stronger Dance & Many more)
  8. Don't worry anymore for Noisemaker Laboratorio 4
  9. This album, seems like a big collaboration between Gigi Dag & Daniele Mondello, I've noticed that the previous 2 of Mantra Dag have elements that Mondello has used in his last 7 tracks, I hope that in this album you will find those great tracks (of them 2) such as "Conte (Dag), Scoiattolo, Vi Faccio Strada, corto circuito" and others
  10. "You Will shine" Sincerely it caught my attention, but I do not like it at all, I agree with the person above, the orchestral part sounds very artificial, I hope the following tracks are some that come in the previous ones.
  11. Ok, WTF Now, Smoderanza it's an album or an EP? I dont understand, and Where is the Happy Go lucky EP?
  12. This release is filled with weird decisions.Mastering in some tracks is WAY too compressed. "Limpida" for instance turned into 1 massive, undynamic brickwall & has weird pattern clicks throughout the track as well (editing software mistake ?). The Track "For a Few Dollars More" just fades out although Gigi played a complete outro all the way back in 2006. WHY-TF not include it !? Track "Intrepido" is very low-res quality (around 15khz max) BUT has some (later added?) cymbal sounds that are lossless. what the... I mean come on, just release stuff in its original form or leave it ! Tracks 1
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