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  1. Discovery sounds like a old song (By Daniele) i Dont remember the Name exactly, but i remember the Word "Mondellata or Mondellada" but this track has Many Frontliner Samples (Like Mantra Dag, Stronger Dance & Many more)
  2. Don't worry anymore for Noisemaker Laboratorio 4
  3. This album, seems like a big collaboration between Gigi Dag & Daniele Mondello, I've noticed that the previous 2 of Mantra Dag have elements that Mondello has used in his last 7 tracks, I hope that in this album you will find those great tracks (of them 2) such as "Conte (Dag), Scoiattolo, Vi Faccio Strada, corto circuito" and others 😎
  4. "You Will shine" Sincerely it caught my attention, but I do not like it at all, I agree with the person above, the orchestral part sounds very artificial, I hope the following tracks are some that come in the previous ones.
  5. Ok, WTF Now, Smoderanza it's an album or an EP? I dont understand, and Where is the Happy Go lucky EP?
  6. This release is filled with weird decisions.Mastering in some tracks is WAY too compressed. "Limpida" for instance turned into 1 massive, undynamic brickwall & has weird pattern clicks throughout the track as well (editing software mistake ?). The Track "For a Few Dollars More" just fades out although Gigi played a complete outro all the way back in 2006. WHY-TF not include it !? Track "Intrepido" is very low-res quality (around 15khz max) BUT has some (later added?) cymbal sounds that are lossless. what the... I mean come on, just release stuff in its original form or leave it ! Tracks 1 & 2 are pretty pointless. "L'Amour Toujours" is basically the video version with a different outro. "Bla Bla Bla" is literally just the 1999 songs with 2 or 3 tiny edits (some hidden by added cymbals). Why even bother ?Now there are a few good tracks here as well. "La Passion (Solo Musica Mix)", best version of Angel (although I never got the hype for that track in particular, and the outro here seems poorly faded in at 3:00), Starlight ( why not just leave it as "Luce ?"). But some of his decisions just baffle me. Can't get behind his logic there. - unknow user
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