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  1. Haha my bad 😅 I wanted to put "his" but the corrector changed it
  2. I had been waiting for the last song, Doompa, for a long time. To be honest, I don't think Eden's version is the best in his repertoire.
  3. Does anyone know where I can buy the songs from "That is it vol1"?
  4. I buy the songs on Google Play Music 🤔
  5. youtubetomp3music, easy and fast, offers the possibility of choosing various formats and qualities
  6. Original From Youtube Considering the difference in hertz, I don't see any other reason to blame the problem of low quality. The problem lies with the user who uploads the video/audio. If he uploads it in bad quality, it will be downloaded in bad quality. I have to say that it is a detail of GG to upload the audio in good quality. PD: Also highlight the service that is used to download the music, I do not know if I can put examples of this.
  7. Has the name been changed? I can't find it on my list 🤨
  8. Why not directly from youtube instead of that tedious work?
  9. so we must assume that all the songs in this mix are from X-Code?
  10. Only from gigi? Or played from him too?
  11. I hear 'K' instead 'G', so I still thinking he said 'close'. I can be wrong 😅
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