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  1. 16 years of waiting... Definitive masterpiece!!! 💖
  2. worst album ever!!! the only decent things are Pinball Cha cha and close your eyes... Glitter and lordly also... tlenovela and turchese are good tracks but too short.... i hope for the next smoderanza... this time bad work for gigi and luca
  3. per me vogliamo volare = mondello mystical step = gigi (the same groove of equilibrio)
  4. for me Lentonauta is not produced by mondello..there isn' t element of mondello style... soy libre for me is mondello... tipical vocal and pluck lead of mondello.
  5. there isn't intro like lento violento classic in gigis time ☹️
  6. WONDERFULL TRACK!!!! i remember this in a magical night @ casablanca!!!!! <3
  7. i think is the first vision... already played many years ago nel cammino! best version!!!
  8. in my opinion we aren't close to release of psico dance... in siae database some new tracks haven't still a publisher. and other (like "believe always" that probably psico dance should contain) haven't an IPI Code...but i am not an expert of this things
  9. some time ago in a topic on casa dag gigi said that he never do mastering on his tracks... but there are technics and engineers who deal with it. i don't think the mastering is the reason of his problems.
  10. I would like hear others bassline or groove... like uomo suono... or other envelope bass. it seems that now they can't do anything but psy. i don't hear anymore the typical gigi's sound but only an impersonal imitation.
  11. i don't know if here there are fanatics of hardstyle... but last week b-front played at tomorrowland "the machine & adaro remix"
  12. is almost 2 year he plays this shit "lucanoisegroove" version
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