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    As DHF previously, brilliantly, stated, you can hear the same harmonies in very, very, very many songs. Like Faded by Alan Walker. However this doesn’t mean anybody is copying anybody. Similarities can be heard in everything. Otherwise you can go on and say “Mondello copied Bla Bla, and Bla Bla copied Huh” all the way back to the stone age. If this is the basis it’s a very thin argument. I dropped a cd with some of my music years ago at a Gigi Live. So I claim now that Lentonauta is made by me and Gigi stole it!
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    Woops, well Treno Lento for me has: Mouvendo Locomotiva Ghirlanda Stornello Novella Lentonauta on the other hand... other than "El Dia" there isn't a second track I really like. + Revival X at first but now i'm allready tired of it. Besides it probably isn't by Gigi himself, just like Vivo Per Lei... It sounds suspiciously "Rapporto Distorto"...
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    Under the new Discogs-entry, there is the following Post: "Gigi D'Agostino on his forum Casa DAG, viewing this release, says that sites like Discogs or Wikipedia are the worst since everybody can come and add the info they want.Seems he doesn't like the reality that he's not a producer and other people does music for him. Of course all the fan boys are defending him without know the truth or doing the ignorants." With his commentary, he confirms was Gigis say's in Casa Dag. Those who post something like this, without any insured, confirmed sources, are primarily responsible for reputational demage and bad credit. Somebody has used his own unhappiness as an oppurtunity to criticize Gigi's Album. Of course, this entry is not a quotable source that needs to be discussed. Because its unreal and speculative. The Songs are listed unter "Lento Violento" as a performer (and producer). As long as there are no reliable other info's, nobody should say and post anything different in public media like Discogs. Just enjoy the good music!
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