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  1. He has a point. But when we observe things that does not comply with physics, I myself become sure in my beliefs. I might be completely wrong. And that Gigi hasn’t played Trasmission before Again is off course not a proof that Trasmission came after Again, but sure isn’t proving the opposite either
  2. Trasmission is stretched/slowed down. It was not created at 110 BPM, but at around 135 BPM. That is not a matter of interpretation. When samples are stretched/contracted considerably, you can hear it, as the signature, for lack of a better word, becomes skewed and it sounds unnatural. E.g. the cymbals don’t sound like that unless they are stretched. Makes no sense for him to create it at 135 BPM before Again, and then release it slowed down. Also, it uses “instruments”, plugins, effects and samples that were not present in any of his music before Again/the Il Cammino time, and in most cases not available. It might allready have originated as a beat/sample/riff/etc. around the time Again (Gigi Tanz) was created. But Trasmission existing as a fully fledged track before Again (Gigi Tanz)? I simple do not believe so. Edit: Another thing. The egg came before the chicken, since chickens evolved from dinosaurs and dinosaurs also layed eggs, meaning the parents of the first chicken were dinosaurs.
  3. I don’t think Trasmission came before Again (Gigi Tanz). Gigi and Luca has played Trasmission live “recently” (before corona).
  4. Vaporetto is… 9 min long!!! And it is a masterpiece!!! Easily worth the wait of 13-14 years
  5. Listening to this on off the last months and I must say it grows on me Very good EP where I like all the songs
  6. I think because it uses a melody from a Depeche Mode song. Back then it might have been difficult to release properly.
  7. On second listen, very good mix! The vibration stuff should maybe have been spread out more, instead of all at once My favourite is the one at 38:22
  8. Hadnt thought about the duration Since its mastered from cd I dont even want it
  9. Tracklist: Another Way (Tanzen Mix) Another Way (LP Mix) Another Way (Radio Cut) Another Way (Angeli In Festa) Another Way (Tanzen Vision Rmx) Cool to see Angeli in Festa, which beg the question. Why not include the Forte Forte mix of LT on the LT vinyl?
  10. I think the biggest reason is far more boring Many of those you mention were in their early 20’s back in 2004-2008. A normal time for people to try different things and become hooked on a musical style. So what happened? We grew up, and got establised with kids and careers. I don’t have much time anymore as a civil engineer. And Oliver has both family and career The only one that is still very active from that time is Deejay Stella I reckon.
  11. Anyone know where to find it in lossless quality? No show on Tidal as of yet.
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