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  1. Absolutely beautiful. Reminds of Il Cammino in 2006 (the best era in lento, in my opinion). Is it a new version of Gigi’s Time?
  2. No. 21 in Denmark :) https://danishcharts.dk/weekchart.asp?cat=s
  3. Think it’s sweet that you guys think it’ll come out September 7th :)
  4. As I see it Time has not lied. No official information has been released by Time. It's only private one on one conversations between Time Records and fans, which then have been published for all the world to see in fora like this. Direct your anger somewhere else. I find the best thing to do is lower your expectations to zero, then you can only be positively surprised :)
  5. So why call it a tracklist? How are Gigi’s Goodnight and Ein Zwei Polizei the exact same versions?
  6. “it takes time for beautiful things“
  7. If it was a bad joke then why did it work? Yes, you specifically. Everybody else was just a bonus.
  8. I had thought about writing that two of the versions were with backing vocals by Justin Bieber.
  9. http://casadag.com/casadag/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=85850&whichpage=22 http://timerec.it/ Psico Dance will be released April 19th with 33 songs, spread across two cds. The album will include three versions of L’Amour Toujours, and seven versions of Lo Sbaglio.
  10. Well if that guy is interested in selling cds it must be true what he says.
  11. And when Mondo Reale was announced again in 2011 and not released, what did we get in 2012? That's right, nothing! That's that theory. Your optimism is crazy. Yes of course much is pointing to a release happening, but just as much is pointing to it never happening. Just like in the past. But I guess it's easy to stay optimistic when you ignore the past. Can you explain why I should have faith in the release happening? I'm all ears.
  12. Looks interesting. Nice with actual releases rather than Mondo Virtuale and Sick’o Dance.
  13. Actually it is from 2010, not 2016. Does that mean you don’t like any of Gigi’s music from 2010 onwards? Regarding quality. It is stupid to compare something that only has been made ready for upload on youtube and what is released on cd/digital for buying customers. Or do you honestly expect the same level of finish/quality of mastering on the hundreds of uploads on youtube, as is the case for an actual release?
  14. I got banned for pointing out a song was made by DOS :p And they even block your IP address, so when I created a new account it was instantly blocked :D
  15. I completely agree. Most of the time it seems the term "compilation" is forced on just because there is just one song with another/additional artist name. But that has been the case for everything released by Gigi since L'Amour Toujours II. In my my mind Suono Libero is an album. Why highlight something so minor? That's not nice :S
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